Hack Attack

The worst sports columnist in Alabama is Josh Moon; his columns are filled with half-truths, distortions, and non sequiturs. But despite his platitudinous BS, and serial smears, Moon crossed the line with his Saturday column. Not only did he use the firecoachnicksaban website, but he had the audacity to call other members of the media hacks.

Pot. Kettle. Kettle. Pot.

A few ways Moon’s column offends:
First, Take this Web site, for example. It probably wasn’t started by an Alabama fan, but it’s easy to believe, given past incidents, that it was. We already reported it was created by a Tennessee native, who was attempting to poke fun at a friend who was an Alabama fan. Of course, Moon wants to believe Alabama fans would create the website. The creator of the site said his intention wasn’t to smear Alabama fans, but in the end, it is just what the site did—it gave this lummox a chance to write about it in his column. The most troubling thing is how a Gannett newspaper continues to employ this guy. The Montgomery Advertiser should follow in the steps of its Opelousas newspaper and get rid of this idiot sports writer before he destroys whatever credibility this newspaper once had.

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Second, I’ve heard the criticism of Saban since his comments. Things like, he should be thankful to have such devoted fans or that his assistants are making buckets of cash and should expect to be questioned every now and then. One is forced to wonder where Moon heard these comments. Certainly not from Alabama fans. I haven’t heard one Alabama fan speak in favor of bothering coaches or throwing things. This is just another of Moon’s distortions. Of course, maybe he really did hear those things. They make medication to keep you from hearing voices that aren’t there. You might want to have that checked out there buddy.

Third, Out of all the good, talented reporters out there, the faces of our industry most of the time are the hacks at Fox News and Stuart Scott. Basically, the personification of news bias and a guy screaming “boo-yah.” ROFLMAO. What a freaking idiot. Fox News, while biased, is far less biased than this jackass. What Moon and other hubristic “journalists” fail to see is the beam in their own eye. Moon is biased. You can read it in every column. I’m not a journalist, but I can admit I’m biased. However, I like TRUTH more than fiction. Unfortunately, Moon and most journalists never met a truth they couldn’t turn into fiction when writing their stories or commentary.

Who is the hack? Not Fox News when compared to this guy.