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Bowden is old-school, Saban is corporate

Aside from the tone of the article making Bobby Bowden a Saint and Nick Saban nothing more than a Denny’s, the article is very interesting. The best line of the piece comes from Rick Trickett who worked for Saban and now works for Bowden.

“If you’re going to work for Nick Saban,…then you better know what the (heck) you’re doing.”

Here’s the rest of the story from the Orlando Sentinel:

Additional thoughts:
Saban demands a lot, and is more corporate than the bygone era. However, the tired old nonsense about how coaches once stayed in place for decades is idiotic. Before Bryant landed at Alabama he coached at Maryland, Kentucky and Texas A&M. Coaches have always moved around, usually upward on the ladder.

As for why Saban and other coaches like say Tommy Tuberville and Dennis Franchione and countless others are less colorful than Bowden, maybe it is because of fans. The fans won’t tolerate a coach that loses. Football isn’t a game any more like when Bowden was a kid. Football is BIG BUSINESS. If a coach doesn’t win, he is gone. Just ask Tommy Tuberville how fickle fans are.

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An Orlando columnist believes God would not let Nick Saban defeat Bobby Bowden. Yes, that’s how much some people in Florida hate the man.

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