Rush Propst: Love God

Rush Propst has a wife and family, a secret family (alleged) and now we find out he has had at least two girlfriends (allegedly) at Hoover High School.


Forget football, Rush wins at life.

I find it difficult enough to have a girlfriend and a career, but Rush is able to balance the demands of championship football, his own family, his alleged secret family, and two alleged work mistresses.

And I thought going to the Class 6A championship seven straight times and winning five was impressive.

Rush needs to leave football and become a love coach. He’s got Austin Powers-like mojo.

Watching Propst on MTV’s Two-A-Days, I never thought this was a guy the ladies would want. He wasn’t Brad Pitt. But apparently women find Propst irresistible. He’s the Wilt Chamberlain of the Alabama sports scene.

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The Propst allegations shine new light on our high schools. We thought the high school students were the only ones with raging hormones. It turns out, the teachers have gone wild.

And the school board has gone wild too! If there were any doubt the Hoover School System is over-sexed, just look here! The female members love showing off their cleavage! Even ordinarily dull board meetings are sexy in Hoover!

When you think about it, Hoover High was the perfect place for MTV to film a series. Unfortunately, they picked the teenagers when they should’ve been filming the adults. Now that would be entertaining!