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Republicans are bad too!

While Republican Gov. Bob Riley tries to clean up the mess in the Alabama two-year college system, one Birmingham Republican is doing more than Paul Hubbert to keep corruption possible—his name is David Byers.

Simply put, Byers is against removing legislators who did little or no work from college playrolls. Why? It makes one wonder what relationship he has with the AEA and Paul Hubbert. Hubbert is the most powerful person in the state with something to lose by cleaning up the two-year system, and Byers looks to be carrying the AEA’s water on this issue.

I wonder how nice the AEA campaign contribution will be in the next election cycle for Mr. Byers?

Here’s the last election campaign contribution list. And guess what, a PAC called A Vote donated $15,000 to Byers campaign. According to the Secretary of State’s website, the PAC’s information is:
AL Voice of Teachers for Education
Dr. Paul R. Hubbert

Support election of friends of public education. To influence the outcome of public referenda, education related issues. Associated with Alabama Education Association.

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