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The truth about recruiting

The Huntsville Times has a great column today quoting a recruiting expert saying some blunt things about the practice of recruiting.

Here’s a sample:
Instead, he says stuff like: “I can promise you, college coaches don’t worry about recruiting rankings. If they’re worried about that, they’re in trouble.” And: “I don’t like recruiting rankings, personally. A team shouldn’t be so much concerned about how many 4-star or 5-star players it signs as answering the question, did we fill our biggest needs?”

Basketball Preview: Alabama vs. Kentucky
Alabama must rebound from a road loss to Florida when it faces Kentucky Saturday. The team went through a light practice on Thursday. Fan discontent with the team and coach Mark Gottfried continues to build. It doesn’t help satisfy the fans to be leading by 18 points against Florida and then lose. If the team is going to turn it around, it must begin now.

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