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Two-A-Days: football, drama, cheerleaders

I probably put the list in the wrong order in the headline. The show isn’t football, drama and then cheerleaders. By far, the cheerleaders steal the show; all the best scenes involve Brittany. I still don’t know what her boyfriend’s name is, but I can tell you he isn’t dumb.

In what was the highest drama of the Tuesday night episode, Brittany thought about sleeping in a tent overnight with a few friends (we presume it would’ve been a co-ed camp out), but her boyfriend was jealous and in typical reality show form, threw a hissy fit. The next day over dinner, the couple talk about the fight, and her boyfriend did something it takes most guys years to learn: he admitted he was wrong, apologized and said Brittany was right. Wow. He’s smart. It took me years to figure that was the trick to having a happy longterm relationship. (And in case we have any younger male readers, the secret here is that no matter if you are right or wrong, you always say the woman is right.)

And before our female readers flame me, I’ll admit I’m just joking.

Well kind of…..

Anyway, here are a few pictures of the Two-A-Days “stars” pulled from the archives at To see more, just visit and click on the Two-A-Days link on the right side of the page. You can also find some other games in the archives too complete with game photographs and more importantly cheerleader photographs.

The stars: 

Game action:

The QB:

And one more:

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