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Signing Day recap: Saban exceeds expectations

Follow discussion of signing day in our official National Signing Day thread.

About three weeks ago, I said Saban had a shot at a Top Ten class, but realistically a top 12 or top 15 class would be in his grasp. On National Signing Day, Saban exceeded expectations. He landed a Top Ten class, according to two national recruiting services. ranked the Alabama class at #10, according to its website Wednesday evening. Max Emfinger ranked Alabama tied for 10th spot with Georgia. placed Alabama at 19–that was up substantially from the previous scout ranking, which hovered in the low 20’s for much of January. Anyway you slice it, Saban’s first class at Alabama was better than expected. The Tuscaloosa News gives the class a B+.

The University weathered about 37-days without a coach, and Saban personally weathered media generated persecution over the last month. But the storm clouds broke, and the sun shined out the clearer* over Tuscaloosa Wednesday.

Everyone has a player they believe to be the best of the class. I’ve been touting Alfred McCullough. He’s impressive and I can’t wait to see him grow at Alabama, and this staff will cultivate its players. There is much for Alabama fans to be excited about these days.

Applewhite OC?
According to reports from Tuscaloosa from our very own source in the band, Applewhite introduced himself as the Offensive Coordinator at an event this evening. Read all about it by clicking here. That’s great news. Applewhite is a capable offensive thinker, who cultivated his talent while at Rice. With Alabama’s talent on offense, and we hope an improved offensive line, the next season should be exciting for fans.

*Samwise: But in the end, it’s only a passing thing, this shadow. Even darkness must pass. A new day will come. And when the sun shines it will shine out the clearer.

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