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We can’t blame Shula anymore?

This goes in the No-Shit Sherlock file, but what else do you expect from the Montgomery Advertiser?   

L.C. Johnson’s incoherent rant at Alabama, misses on so many levels it really isn’t worth reading or writing about. But, sometimes you just have to examine what the media says about a program.

Johnson is the poster-child for clueless. Case in point this quote from the article:
Some may counter with, “Yeah, but what about the Mississippi State loss?” Well, that team is purportedly on the upswing under the direction of Sylvester Croom, who some suggested should have been the Tide’s choice instead of Shula. Secondly, that game was is simply a byproduct of the evolving culture of the SEC. How else do you explain Vandy beating Georgia, which clobbered Auburn, which pinned the lone loss on Florida?

This guy isn’t very bright. I’m not going to pick on the grammar, because I make more than my fair share of errors, but how could anyone could say MSU was on the upswing? To say that you either have to be drinking. Heavily.

More commentary on Alabama football
I detest Brandt Ayers. He’s the most liberal newspaper guy south of the NY Times. However, he has a superb guest column on the importance of Alabama football in the Montgomery Advertiser.

“Searching through mental clutter for a classical allusion, I came up with: Saban as Beowulf leading fearless warriors against that monster of pure evil, offspring of Cain, Grendel. Nah, Phillip Fulmer is too much of a tub to play Grendel. Antiquity is too distant a place to look for Alabama football legends; they are much closer to home.” –Ayers guest column in Montgomery Advertiser

Ayers is worth reading for a unique perspective on Alabama football.   

I’m going to avoid making any comments on basketball. The simple fact that Alabama is 0-3 on the road and barely defeated Georgia at home is all the commentary one needs. I hear lots of Alabama fans making excuses for the poor gameplay. I’ll just try to ignore that today and make it to the weekend, when I’ll focus more on recruiting.

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