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Another Bama meltdown

Just another Bama meltdown is what the Tennessean called last nights loss to Vandy. It would be hard to disagree. Alabama has lost every game to Vandy in Nashville since 1990. And until our coach and team gets focused and learns how to win in a hostile environment, that streak won’t end.

And the SEC is filled with hostile environments.

Of course you can’t take away anything from Vandy. They played a great game.

“The way they shot the ball they could have beat anybody in the country,” Alabama coach Mark Gottfried said. “A lot of times, the shots were contested. Long arms flying at them and they still knocked them down.”

Vandy shot 15-28 from 3-pt. range.

At some point you must overcome a good opponent and be a Top 10 team. Alabama hasn’t done that and won’t, until it finds its defense.

Ever since Wimp Sanderson left the Capstone, Alabama’s basketball team has lacked defense. And you can’t overestimate the importance of defense when playing on the road. Good defense helps your transition game, giving you easy (easier at least) points.

Sanderson used to say he focused his team on defense and the offense usually took care of itself.

There’s some wisdom in that philosophy–especially, when you are playing on the road in the SEC.

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