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Tuesday news

Saban has completed his staff, according to various media reports. The final addition to the staff was Clemson’s Burton Burns, another respected recruiter. The staff should look something like this: Joe Pendry, offensive coordinator; Major Applewhite, quarterbacks; Burns, running backs; Ron Middleton, receivers; Steve Marshall, offensive line; Kevin Steele, defensive coordinator and linebackers; Bo Davis, defensive line; Kirby Smart defensive backs; Lance Thompson, defensive line, according to the Mobile Press-Register.

The coaches, including Saban, are respected recruiters and together with the facilities at Alabama teamed for a strong recruiting weekend. According to recruiting expert Andrew Bone writing in the Tuscaloosa News, Saban impressed several recruits with commitments to other schools.

The attacks on Saban continue from media outlets, this time the LSU Daily Reveille joined in the attacks, comparing the coach to the vain Macbeth. The sometimes passionate, often inane ramblings of the editorial said it was fine when Saban left for the NFL, but coming back to college just made him a traitor. OK. I guess that isn’t in any way contradictory. I guess your attacks on Saban have nothing to do with the fact that Miles is an idiot, who you wish you could get rid of and replaced with Saban.

And poor Tommy Tuberville just can’t get any respect, writes Paul Finebaum in the Press-Register. Finebaum points out four of Tuberville’s five straight wins were over Mike Shula: “That’s like whipping France in a war.”

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