If you like a mystery, give Untitled Jersey City Project a viewing

This post brought to you by Untitled Jersey City Project. All opinions are 100% mine.

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Whenever I think of online shows, I think of Felicia Day’s “The Guild.” It is an excellent example of what can be done online. Untitled Jersey City Project provides another look at what can be done in online storytelling in a completely different genre. Instead of comedy like “The Guild” this online work is a drama, a mystery. The first episode leaves a viewer with more questions than a season finale of the X-Files or Lost.

And that is a great thing.

The first element of  Untitled Jersey City Project you will notice is the cinematography. Every image increases the tension during this first episode. You immediately have an excellent sense of place in the opening images of water separating you from something—and then it becomes clear as a construction site becomes the setting for much of episode one’s action. However, even the construction site’s first viewing is through a razor-wired fence. This fence once again hints at restraint, almost telling the viewer that not everything has been (or will be) revealed.

The FX website offers this synopsis of the show, “Amidst the burned-out buildings across the Hudson from New York City, a shining new city is being built. Up-and-coming architect Frank George awakes to a cryptic call from Ray Rahne and races to the construction site to see his partner lying dead in a pool of blood. This is the new Jersey City but unfortunately for Frank, the old rules are still the same.”

Jon Prescott plays Frank George. With the first episode of the Untitled Jersey City Project running only two minutes, so much of the action is conveyed by expression. Prescott drives the episode and only utters one word—Ray over the bloodied corpse of his business partner. It is a challenge for an actor to do so much with so little dialogue, but this enhances the mystery surrounding the episode.

Watch the video and after you watch, share your thoughts and feedback in the comments section.  If you have questions, the following seven episodes (webisodes) provide answers and more questions. Check those out too.

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