Rick and Bubba have officially lost their minds

The recent interview on the Rick and Barner program seals the deal: Rick Burgess and his co-hort Bubba have officially lost their credibility at best, their minds at worst.

If you are an Alabama fan, alumni or supporter, by listening to this program you are supporting some of the biggest Auburn media idiots in this state. And that’s saying a lot in this state.

Recently on their program, the two Aubies interviewed Auburn back-up quarterback and holder Neil Caudle, attributing his jersey number (19), the distance of the game-winning chip shot field goal (19-yards) and the time that happened to be on the play clock (19 seconds) to being some sort of sign from God.

We wonder why people laugh at Christianity. Taking subjective circumstances and wrapping them in our own personal biases yields completely asinine conversations like this one, discussed within earshot of a live microphone.

I guess a conversation about how a player had worked so hard to get where he was, only to be passed over for a JUCO transfer wasn’t good radio fodder that day.

I used to be a daily listener to the show, but the overwhelming Auburn intoxication on the program, along with occasional jabs at Alabama (Rick imitating an Alabama fan saying “Roll Tide” incessantly) and Rick’s brother Greg making his occasional negative comments led me to turn the dial.

I literally would rather listen to Rosanne Barr sing the national anthem for four hours.

Before talk revolving around Auburn’s fictitious national championship* that they will have to vacate in the future because of illegal recruiting practices involving Cam Newton, the previous apex of Auburndom on the show was when Rick used his microphone and an entire segment to make the “announcement” that his son had committed to play football for Gene Chizik and the Auburn Tigers.

It was a stellar moment…especially considering the kid wasn’t exactly on anyone’s recruiting board, or at least none that mattered. SEC schools weren’t exactly keeping the Burgess driveway warm trying to get his signature.

Still, the redneck thought it worthy to make the call on the school where his son decided to walk-on.

In a related note, my son has decided he will play for Alabama in a little over a decade.

This is the same Rick Burgess, mind you, that on several occasions launched hissy fits on-air in 2009 about how the NCAA favors some teams, and that the road is paved for some schools to make it to the top. Bama making its way to Atlanta and Pasadena was under his skin.

Funny how no discussion ever found its way on air about Auburn having all their tough games at home, and facing zero opponents coming off an off-week. Didn’t touch on the flagrant dirty play of a player like Nick Fairley, or an on-field criminal like Eric Smith, who should be behind bars for what he did to that Auburn college student, if not the cleat to the face kick he laid on an Oregon Duck in primetime. And amazingly, didn’t talk about iffy calls in the Arkansas game, where officials would signal one thing on the field and then do another.

And the kicker…for a man of self-proclaimed integrity like Burgess to overlook the biggest story in college football: Cam Newton’s father shopping him to Mississippi State for $180,000…would this man of honesty and virtue have us believe the elder Newton then led Cam to Auburn for free??

You bet he would. He loves him some Auburn, and his son is in the middle of it. Kind of clouds his judgment, don’t you think? Anyone care to lend him an ear? I wouldn’t…I prefer the truth in favor of obnoxious bias.

Listen to the show if you want, but again, by doing so you support two of the biggest Auburn homers ever to hit the media. I think I’ll skip. Using God as a marketing tool for your school is deplorable.

I choose not to worship in the church of Rick and Bubba. Like the church in Sardis, it has fallen asleep, becoming intoxicated with something that isn’t God: Auburn football.

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