Rick and Bubba have officially lost their minds

The recent interview on the Rick and Barner program seals the deal: Rick Burgess and his co-hort Bubba have officially lost their credibility at best, their minds at worst.

If you are an Alabama fan, alumni or supporter, by listening to this program you are supporting some of the biggest Auburn media idiots in this state. And that’s saying a lot in this state.

Recently on their program, the two Aubies interviewed Auburn back-up quarterback and holder Neil Caudle, attributing his jersey number (19), the distance of the game-winning chip shot field goal (19-yards) and the time that happened to be on the play clock (19 seconds) to being some sort of sign from God.

We wonder why people laugh at Christianity. Taking subjective circumstances and wrapping them in our own personal biases yields completely asinine conversations like this one, discussed within earshot of a live microphone.

I guess a conversation about how a player had worked so hard to get where he was, only to be passed over for a JUCO transfer wasn’t good radio fodder that day.

I used to be a daily listener to the show, but the overwhelming Auburn intoxication on the program, along with occasional jabs at Alabama (Rick imitating an Alabama fan saying “Roll Tide” incessantly) and Rick’s brother Greg making his occasional negative comments led me to turn the dial.

I literally would rather listen to Rosanne Barr sing the national anthem for four hours.

Before talk revolving around Auburn’s fictitious national championship* that they will have to vacate in the future because of illegal recruiting practices involving Cam Newton, the previous apex of Auburndom on the show was when Rick used his microphone and an entire segment to make the “announcement” that his son had committed to play football for Gene Chizik and the Auburn Tigers.

It was a stellar moment…especially considering the kid wasn’t exactly on anyone’s recruiting board, or at least none that mattered. SEC schools weren’t exactly keeping the Burgess driveway warm trying to get his signature.

Still, the redneck thought it worthy to make the call on the school where his son decided to walk-on.

In a related note, my son has decided he will play for Alabama in a little over a decade.

This is the same Rick Burgess, mind you, that on several occasions launched hissy fits on-air in 2009 about how the NCAA favors some teams, and that the road is paved for some schools to make it to the top. Bama making its way to Atlanta and Pasadena was under his skin.

Funny how no discussion ever found its way on air about Auburn having all their tough games at home, and facing zero opponents coming off an off-week. Didn’t touch on the flagrant dirty play of a player like Nick Fairley, or an on-field criminal like Eric Smith, who should be behind bars for what he did to that Auburn college student, if not the cleat to the face kick he laid on an Oregon Duck in primetime. And amazingly, didn’t talk about iffy calls in the Arkansas game, where officials would signal one thing on the field and then do another.

And the kicker…for a man of self-proclaimed integrity like Burgess to overlook the biggest story in college football: Cam Newton’s father shopping him to Mississippi State for $180,000…would this man of honesty and virtue have us believe the elder Newton then led Cam to Auburn for free??

You bet he would. He loves him some Auburn, and his son is in the middle of it. Kind of clouds his judgment, don’t you think? Anyone care to lend him an ear? I wouldn’t…I prefer the truth in favor of obnoxious bias.

Listen to the show if you want, but again, by doing so you support two of the biggest Auburn homers ever to hit the media. I think I’ll skip. Using God as a marketing tool for your school is deplorable.

I choose not to worship in the church of Rick and Bubba. Like the church in Sardis, it has fallen asleep, becoming intoxicated with something that isn’t God: Auburn football.

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  1. 1

    Someone at my office plays them in the morning, so I hear it on occasion. What I could not believe was when a caller tried to bring up the scandal they were either ridiculed or ignored. It was a legitimate news story. I have never had any use for the two of them. I have always realized that they took what Johnboy and Billy had been doing for years and ripped it off.

  2. 2

    Can’t believe that they paused talking about deer hunting and their religious beliefs long enough to talk about anything else. Haven’t listened to them in a few years because of that.

  3. 6

    The biggest douchebags in radio – they “cater” to the “conservative” southerner according to their radio company.

  4. 7

    I disagree with this anology of Rick and Bubba because rick is proud of Blake and i don’t blame him. Blake is a good kid and even though I am a Bama fan Rick is not that bad to listen to when they talk sports. He even said he was shocked by the play of Auburn this year just like eveybody else. I wouldn’t keep saying Auburn is goinn to have to vacate the NC until I had more evidence.

  5. 8

    told ya so …clowney and cyrus k to bama to lock up a 3 peat national title run…look it up

  6. 9
    UA Student

    As an Alabama fan and a UA student I pride myself in bleeding crimson and white. I have been reading this site articles for the past 3 -4 years close to whenever it was created. You guys are joke for hating on Rick and Bubba. Do you expect a parent of an Auburn player to do? Your self righteous judgment has me sick. The truth is Cam might have got away with something big deal. We still got our butts kicked in Bryant Denny after having a substantial lead. I was there one of the greatest first quarter in BD i have every experienced, but we lost. Auburn beat us. Man up and accept it. ITK you are just a sore loser who can’t except we got beat. It over we have 2011 to look forward to. We still own Auburn 13-2. Get over it and write articles relevant to Alabama sports because I don’t care what they do at Auburn our class should be above this crap that you write.

  7. 11

    UA student you are right I love Bama and I love to beat not just Auburn but everybody but I like this rivalry between the Tide and tigers but I don’t like itk saying stuff like their players are gay and downing Rick and Bubba we’ve known people like them for a lomg time and been friends with them and I’ll say it again Rick calls it like he sees it and I like that about their show. We all are free to disagree but for the love of all thats good we don’t have to trash them.

  8. 12

    Totally agree. Ricks dad used to coach at JSU and he went to Oxford, which is around my neck of the woods. He tries to act all high and mighty and preaches about Christian values, but then he also has a vulgar side that comes out. It is no secret he is an Auburn homer, and he has used his platform to make snide remarks about Bama and JSU, which he feels done his dad wrong. He is a loud mouth, and I fail to see why he even still has a job. They are unprofessional, loudmouth rednecks, and they represent the Auburn fanbase pretty well. But I can’t stand their goofy show. It is pretty terrible, but their schtick is to appeal to conservative rednecks, and there appears to be an audience for that, sadly.

  9. 13

    Few things:

    tblakney – Nothing wrong with a father being proud of his son. But when he uses his platform to pimp him like he’s a five star recruit, that was bogus.

    Also, I’ve never said any of their players “are gay”. What we’ve poked fun at on this site is the “gay” antics they do. Cam dressing up like a fairy? What would you call that? And jumping into the stands after a home win over Chattanooga? Or circling up to sing “Lean On Me” in the locker room…or employing an offense that is geared to run a play when you’re not yet set…doesn’t get much gayer than that.

    UA Student – Listen to Barner and Bubba all you want. I’m just pointing out the unapologetic bias they have toward Auburn, and am helping my Alabama brethren make an educated decision on who to listen to. It’s their show, but like all entertainment mediums, what they choose to talk about comes with a price, and if they go all orange and blue, those of us who don’t bleed those colors will react, and possibly let their advertisers know how we feel.

  10. 15

    I’m sorry I messed with your cult, Scott. Say anything negative about the god in Lee County and the Scotts of the world come out of the woods.

    Carry on and worship. I’m not stopping you.

  11. 16

    ITK, I like the Report but I don’t think calling their crap gay is good or saying I’m sick of winning is good because stuff like that puts us in a weird place and really feel its beneath Bama Fans.

  12. 18

    If Rick and Bubba want to preach about how God is on Auburns side, thats pretty far out there. Their crude humor lost me a long time ago, and it has nothing to do with what school they root for. But the dressing Aubie up in preacher robes, and Auburn winning is a ‘god’ thing has gotten in to the head of some of the Auburn delusional fans, and it sounds like Rick is preaching the message. And look at the defense of Cam’s preacher daddy, who admittedly tried to sell his son to the highest bidder. Oh, but thats okay, he only tried to sell him to Miss. St. Not at Auburn, because god told him not to, or some other rubbish like that. The Auburn fanbase wins one national championship, and they have all lost their minds. Now ‘god’ is an Auburn fan. You know the sky is blue, the sun is orange. But we all bleed Crimson. What does that mean?

  13. 19

    While we are on percentages lets take a look at something real quick.

    Look back at the “wishiknew columns” and you will notice a trend here. It the last 30 (firts page of his columns. no need to look further it will be the same) “stories” he has posted 22 of the subjects have been about Auburn or related to Auburn. Thats a rate of 73.33% for ol’ wishiknew. Now I have to ask this question. Why does this site advertise “News & Commentary about Alabama Athletics” if over 70% of the stories are about Auburn? Lets take an even closer look at wishiknew’s columns. Yes 73.33% of his posts subjects are about Auburn BUT in an amazing turn of events its over a 90% rate that he mentions Auburn. So in even in the 8 subjects that didnt have anything to do with Auburn he still mentioned them in most of those also. There are some decent Alabama fans here , And Im sure they would love to hear about Alabama from a guy that claims to be “intheknow” instead of hearing about Auburn all of the time. I think its safe to say that “intheknow” is obsessed with everything Auburn. No wonder there are not more Bama posters here. Majority of the people that post here (including myself) are mud slingers that really dont offer any TRUE input about Alabama Athletics. You want all of the Auburn fans to stop with the bama bashing …..Talk about Alabama sometimes wishiknew.

  14. 20

    But I do agree with most of yall The Rick and Bubba show sucks. Cant stand it. Thank God for MP3 players and CDs. LOL

  15. 24

    ITK = Finebaum want-a-be, But with ALOT less talent. To put it in terms that you would understand you are to finebaum what UAB is to U of A. In your mind you think you are just as big and as important as finebaum or other sports writers/bloggers, But at the end of the day you still mean nothing.

  16. 25

    AU Student,
    I have been reading this blog for years now and the one thing that never ceases to amaze me is how many of my fellow AU grads frequent this site.
    ITK is a visionary. And we should all listen up when he speaks.
    Lets face it. Cam cheated his ass off. He took the money and ran into the record books.
    Cecil thinks he is so rich now he can marry a white woman and convert to scientoly of some other newly popular religion.
    Nick Fairly hasnt met a player he hasnt tried a cheap shot on.
    Pat Dye is a drunken mysogenist who is still on the Auburn payroll for doing that thing he does. (What is it again?)
    I got my Phd. through a mail order course at Auburn University. I sent them in a comic book with some highlighted adds for X-ray specs to get it.
    Brother Chette is a world-class pedaphile.
    Jay Jaocbs has Pat Dye’s hand up is a** so far he is literally the human meat puppet.
    The cattle and sheep of Lee coutny are not safe with Trooper Taylor about.
    Trooper Taylor is not a gangster. At least not officially G.
    The best thing that I can say about Lee County is I will never have to come to this sh*thole again once I get my rocket propulsion/Doctor of Oncology Degree.
    War Eagle.

  17. 27
    Alex Hamilton

    You know 334, if you had any phucking sense you and all the other Aubs would ignore this site. Advertising revenue for a dot com site is increased in direct proprtion to unique visitors and frequency of those unique visits. So, the daily visit here by you and the other asssholes that use toilet paper on trees instead of your backside only increases the bottom line of this site.

    But one can never accuse Aubs of letting common sense get in the way of talking shitt bout their team. And that’s why we laugh at all of you. You’re nothing more than douchebag pawns. That’s why Alan & ITK laugh all the way to the bank.

    I can’t respect Rick & Bubba, or anyone that thinks Sarah Palin is POTUS material. She’s a housewife, not a Commander in Chief. But she is a hottie.

    Now go get ten of your friends, and all of you post and run your mouths some more!!!!!

  18. 28

    Well Alex I could say the same thing for the bama fans that come to this site as well. Considering that this site sells “Alabama Athletics” But Delivers Auburn Rumors.As far as your outlook on “Advertising Revenue” I highly and I do mean highly doubt they are making much off of the 5-10 Auburn fans here. How much “Advertising Revenue” (using your bammer tainted math Im sure) do they really make off of 10 little ol “barners”. Maybe buys them a coke at the end of the day? LOL Go look at the real Bama and Auburn sites. They have more visitors and or posters in 1 hour then this site has in a week, Or maybe even more.I posted something on and Auburn message board yesterday , And within 5 Mins. it had been read 82 times and had 15 responses.Thats a shame seeing how many years this site has been around. Now as far as the Advertisers here. PLEASE enlighten me on how the MAJOR Cos. are just beating down ITK’s or whoevers door to have their Logo put on this fine site.Since you want to act like you are now employed by this site maybe you can tell us how you make “Advertising revenue” with no Advertisers? I also highly doubt that anyone is “laughing all the way to the bank” as you put it, Because 1.) 99 % of the stories put up by itk are usually a day late. OLD NEWS by the time he depends on real sites/bloggers to do all the work. 2.) Doubt “bubba’s t-shirt shack” is paying much money to be pimping 2009 NC gear on a “smaller market” website. Still enjoyed you well thought out post alex. With your addition we are up to 7 bammers here. Welcome home turd.

  19. 29

    Yep 334, Alex is right.

    As a rule, not everyone who visits leaves a message; probably true for all sites. There are no counters visible to the public on this site, so how the heck can you substantiate what you said about internet traffic on this site? Just felt like reaching up into your duff and pulling something else out for us today? We appreciate it.

    Now go get twenty of your goat-humping Aubie friends and tell them about capstonereport.com.

  20. 30

    Me and the barbers just paid for ITK’s lunch – especially 334’s claim that 90% of the visits here are from barner’s – must be a good steak! Lmao

  21. 32
    24 points leads aren't what they use to be

    Thugs???? Maybe you should check out ex Alabama football hero Rolando Mcclain from the 2009 National Championship team (Also known as the luckiest team in the country) before you start accusing a player of being a thug. Didn’t he beat the shit out of three Alabama Frat boys at a party? Isn’t he well known in his hometown as a member of a local gang called the Homeboys. Is it not true that while at Alabama he was driving around in a brand new car even though he is from the projects. Let me help you, the answer to all of the above is YES. As for Auburn winning a national title the last time I checked the crystal ball is in Coach Chizik’s office =)

  22. 33

    rolando beat up a faggot frat fag for calling him a ngga – frat fag deserved it ..

    TCU Permanent 2010 National Champs

    Rolando fair on the field – thug fairley cheated on and off field

  23. 34
    24 points leads aren't what they use to be

    Now now don’t be mad because Nick Fairly manhandled your offensive line and destroyed Greg.

  24. 35
    24 points leads aren't what they use to be

    Last time I checked TCU won the Rose Bowl and Auburn won the BCS title game. Unless your saying Boise State won the title over Alabama in 2009 because they won the Fiesta Bowl?

  25. 39
    Alex Hamilton

    334, you have to be the only combination of those numbers that never adds up to “10”.

    First of all, I’ve been here since it was “Fire Mike Shuala.com”. Just because you decided to grow some nuts in early November 2010 and start running your mouth to Alabama fans, don’t think the sun rises and sets with your posts.

    Secondly, you’re the most inept, braggard I’ve seen in some time. You listfully leave long, annoying posts that I typically fall asleep from reading the first two sentences. Get a clue and look up the word “pithy”.

    It’s clear to me that you’re the typical Auburn fan and a vivid example of why the rest of the CFB fans in the United States now despise Auburn fans along with The Crimson Nation. Why? Because you’re AUrrogant. You’re AUbnoxious, or any other perversion of an adjective that you and the bitches at Tiger Rags can fashion on a T-shirt.

    You talk out of your ass, beat your chest, and make wide sweeping statements that are devoid of factual basis in an effort to belittle or demean Alabama fans. Simply put, you’re a condescending assshole that can’t shut up when your team is winning and can’t be found when you’re 5-8.

    From the bottom of my heart, go phuck yourself.

  26. 43

    Naw 24 it don’t work that way. You see we were unanimous NC’s and you weren’t. TCU got some votes too. Plus you cheated and we didn’t. Another thing – Boise St conceded we were NC’s but TCU still claims they deserve yours*. Apples are apples, oranges are oranges and Barnturds are nationally renowned cheaters. ROTFLMFAO! RTR!

  27. 44

    Rick and Bubba are the least prepared hosts on radio
    They don’t prepare, they just show up and wait for a caller to start a conversation

    Kick them and get someone else!

  28. 45
    john edwards

    My wife came upset of their show yesterday……….she said they played a tape of a female reporter having a stroke during the interview, and that they made fun of the lady and asked if she was trying to speak in tongues

  29. 46
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