The Boise Debate

Will Boise State make the national championship game? Should Boise make the game?

AP: Now Boise State, which plays in the Western Athletic Conference — a league without an automatic bid to the Bowl Championship Series that clearly isn’t as difficult as the SEC, Big Ten, Pac-10 or Big 12 — seems to be the most hated team in the country. Or the most beloved.

ALSO: “I think they are really, really good football teams. They’ve got all the phases going and they got talent,” he said.

Then comes the respectful qualifier.

“I guess the best way to say it is they’d do well in our conference,” Riley said. “I don’t think their season would be the same competition-wise at all if they were in the Pac-10 or the Big 12 or whatever conference, but I think they can win any certain game at any time.” (read more about Boise State and the BCS in the story below)


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    Used to be in this country the harder one works and the higher one’s risk, the higher the reward.

    Why doesn’t BS just take the risk and join a BCS conference and be done with it? Until that happens or the reason they don’t is truthfully addressed , BS and their suppoerters should shut the hell up.

  2. 2

    Bozo State is the biggest fraud in history. Troy has scheduled 3 times as many AQ’s since 2000 as they have.Bozo State or anyone else who thinks they beat the bigboys is sadly mistaken. OU or OUw were 3 loss teams. When Bozo State beats an undefeated or 1-loss major conference team they will have accomplished something.

    As it stands they have chosen the cowardly, chickenshit path of least resistance. 8 lifetime wins against AQ’s in 15 years is a testament to that fact.

  3. 3

    Big Bad Boise State is afraid of leaving the shallow end, but wants the girls that only go for the big boys that swim in the deep end.

    Bottom line…Sack-up or shut-up. Until then, very, very few will ever consider BS a contender (with the exception of bored sportswriters).

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    I eat chicken wings for breakfast

    Why do people always jump on the Boise State wagon? Its annoying. Boise State plays: Virginia Tech, Wyoming, Oregon State, New Mexico State, Toledo, San Jose State, Louisiana Tech,
    Hawaii, Idaho, Fresno State, Nevada, Utah State. Those teams are WEAK. I’m sure if any other BCS school played teams like that year in and year out, they would go undefeated all the time.

  5. 5

    The Boise debate will never be settled to everybody’s satisfaction. And we at Alabama don’t even need to worry about it. As long as we keep winning, no matter if it’s this year or next year or the year after, we will always stay at #1 or #2 and will have a spot in the BCSNCG. The other spot everybody else can worry about. Our worry this year has to do only with the way the SEC is lining up with 2 teams from the West as the best. Whether or not we lose to USCjr is not near as relevant as Auburn.
    We can lose to USCjr and still go to the SECCG and probably the BCSNCG. But if we go 11-0 and lose to Auburn, the season ends right there. No West title, no SECCG, most definitely no BCSNCG and maybe no Sugar Bowl. Even a failure by 1 phucking point in the Iron Bowl and the whole season revolves to shite. Ya’ll keep that in mind. RTR!

  6. 6

    Sammyjoe, a team can’t just join a bcs conference by choice! I’m sure BSU would love the opportunity if they could to join PAC 10 . In fact bsu is moving from WAC to mountain west next season so hopefully there will be better competition.

    I really don’t get the point of conferences, good teams should play other good teams and the best should play each other in the championship.

  7. 7

    As far as I’m concerned that is exactly what has been happening in the BCS. What I considered the 2 best teams have played every year. Only Abarn has a problem with that, and they don’t count! RTR!

  8. 8

    Well not to burst any ones bubble but does any one remember Utah State.We got our ass smoked.Personally Boise State would scare the hell out of me to play.I have watched them and they are a lot faster than we are.Every one can talk trash about them if you want but if we happen to make big show,i dam sure do not want to see them.Really i would rather see Ohio State. RTR////

  9. 9
    crimson hammah

    proud bozo hater – they are such a fraud and like stealing as much bcs bowl money as they can possibly pilfer.

  10. 10

    JW, I don’t know what the hell game you watched, but I watched BSU in HiDef on a 12 foot big screen against VT and Oregon St and that’s pure bullshit. They aren’t even close to Alabama’s team speed. Next time you watch college football I’d advise against doing it while puffing on the old Mary Jane – it tends to have the effect of speeding up the world around you! Bwaa Haww Haww! RTR!

  11. 11

    I saw Boise in person (VT game)- they were decent. They’re great at playing within themselves and exploiting the undermanned arreas on the field. They never run right at their opponent and weaken them (like UA can do when it puts Ingram in the Wildcat). They would be shell-skocked if they took on Bama.

    And they’ve got a lot of nerve if you ask me. They’re not a victim of the system; they’ve gamed the system superbly by scheduling just enough credible opponents to attract attention but not nearly enough to say they’ve run a gauntlet. And they get a BCS bowl invite and a huge payout which they don’t re-invest in their facilities. They really ought to be a bit ashamed, and so should the likes of Tim Brando for shilling on their behalf.

  12. 12

    Well to me Mr big dog of capstonereport crimsonite” that”s more bullshit.I guess Utah did not have speed either.Maybe it was you smoking the shit not to see Boise running fucking circles around VT and OS.

  13. 13

    tsmonk: I totally agree. I question the blue field thing too. Seems like a cheap way to gain a competitive advantage at home.

  14. 14

    S’matter JW? Strike a nerve? If you want to come on here and look like a fool that’s your phucking problem. You’ll have lots of company with all the Barners we have here. Maybe you’re one of them the way you keep bringing up that farce of a Utah game as if it were actually relevant. Every Bama fan knows what really happened in that game and it damn sure didn’t have anything to do with Utah speed – or why did an injured Bama team that didn’t care to be there outplay Utah over the last 3 full quarters, what was it, 17-10 dumbarse? And what the hell does a game 2 years ago by a Bama team short on experience and talent, have to do with this super team that is the overall fastest in the SEC and maybe in the nation – once again dumbarse? And I’m talking overall. 44 to 66 men in 3 rotations. I’m not talking about fricking 1/2 teams like Abarn with their skinny assed receivers and RB’s running helter skelter all over the field like a bunch of crack smoking jackrabbits. Now go BS someone who doesn’t know any better.

  15. 15

    Oh and one more thing, although I damn sure don’t agree with you, what would it matter if Boise was running circles around VT and Oregon St? They only beat a VT by 3. A VT team who lost to an FCS team. Buster, VT and Oregon St are hell and gone from the class of team that Bama is. Hell Florida could beat VT by 30 points! RTR!

  16. 16

    Seem”s i might have gotten under your skin a little there dumbarse.Do not know where all the name calling came from but i was just stating my own fucking opinion and you start your shit.But any how you act just like the Bama fans living in the fucking past.Let it go dick”””””””””The Bear IS NOT COMING BACK.Take your head out of your ass and see the light.I have forgotten more about Bama football then you will ever learn dick.I was there dick sitting in Legion Field for years watching and learning Bama football.So don”t come on this board and tell me i don”t know what i”m talking about and smoking dope.Sounds to me like you are a jump on the band wagon type guy and then jump off when team goes bad…Well dick i am not and have been on the wagon for a very long time and do not plan on jumping off.So in other words dick do not tell me what i don”t know because like i said dick i have forgotten more than you will EVER LEARN DICK..RTR

  17. 17


  18. 19

    Yeah, right moron. Your assessment of Boise and the Alabama-Utah game really gives creedence to your fantasy about your knowledge of football. No doubt by now you have thousands of believers on this board. Bwaa Haww Haww. And if your going to flame do you think you could at least put together a coherent sentence? I’m not even sure what you were trying to say. About all I’m going to say in reference to your dumbass claim to knowledge forgotten is that I played football at Foley with Snake Stabler and graduated from Alabama in ’71. As far as jumping you for stating an opinion, after the way you made it look like Boise’s speed could run circles around Bama and seemed to think Utah was actually better than Bama; I had no choice but to believe you were just another Barner with a Bama screen name. If you don’t want to get flamed then don’t come on a Bama board and dis Bama. RTR!

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