Alabama Signing Day update (9:45 a.m.)

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Even on signing day there is time for a cheerleader picture!

It is National Signing Day 2010. This year doesn’t seem to hold as much drama as 2008 or 2009; however, there are a few players to watch as today unfolds.

Here are the players who have faxed in their LOIs as of 9:45 a.m. today: (source: University of Alabama; highlights and bios available at the link)
Brandon Lewis DL 6-3 265
Cade Foster PK 6-1 213
Jalston Fowler RB 6-1 245
John Fulton DB 6-0 178
Chad Lindsay OL 6-2 288
DeMarcus Milliner DB 6-1 180
Austin Shepherd OL 6-5 315
Phillip Sims QB 6-2 224
Darius McKeller OL 6-6 319
Petey Smith LB 6-1 245
Anthony Orr DL 6-4 270
Alfy Hill LB 6-4 245
Adrian Hubbard LB 6-6 227
C.J. Mosley LB 6-2 225
Blake Sims ATH 6-0 195
Brian Vogler TE 6-7 242DeAndrew White WR 6-0 180
Jay Williams P 6-3 208
Deion Belue DB 6-0 170
Keiwone Malone WR 5-11 165
Nick Perry DB 6-1 193
Harrison Jones TE 6-4 235
Jarrick Williams DB 6-1 203
Ronnie Carswell WR 6-1 180
Dequan Menzie DB 6-0 195

One of the highlights of this class is quarterback Phillip Sims. Sims is considered one of the top quarterbacks in this class by some services (Rivals has him ranked #2). Sims made the Virginia All-State team. Here are a few highlights from the Virgina television station. Story: Oscar Smith’s Phillip Sims, the AAA player of the year tops a list of 10 players that earned all state honors.


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  1. 3

    What excuses? It was you guys led by Phillip Marshall making excuses when you thought you were going to lose him. Pretty funny, and pathetic if you ask me that a career “journalist” says a 5-star recruit wasn’t going to hurt AU’s class.

    That would be like me saying losing Allen wasn’t a blow to Alabama’s class this year.

    Unlike you AU guys media outlets, I have principles. 🙂

  2. 6

    Looks like signing day is pretty much going to be over early.

    No drama like in year’s. That is both good and bad. Good in that most of the class was done early, but also bad when you lose someone like Allen.

  3. 7
    alex hamilton

    Also, there’s one other point to understand about having a top 3 recruiting class, like the Barn’s 2010 class.

    USC, Tennessee, Florida State, LSU & Notre Dame all had top three classes from 2007 to 2009. And, all of them lost at least four games in 2009. Only LSU finished this season ranked.

    You see Barners, you’ve got to actually have a great coach to have those recruits translate into wins. Les Miles proves that point annually.

  4. 8

    Cappy, I don’t “follow” Marshall. And when I saw he posted that, I called him out on it. I thought it was a stupid article and told him so. I knew all along that Coleman was going to sign with us. I posted it on your site the other day. YOU were the one who bought into Marshall.

  5. 9

    CHECK MY POST – BAMA NEVER WANTED COLEMAN – I NEVER WANTED COLEMAN….POOR WORK ETHIC,AT 6 7 HOW IS HE UNDER 300#…bama got interested after we lost juwan james and possibly stone…i’d rather save some schollys for the big 2011 class

  6. 13
    Ballplay Indian

    I actually agree with you Alex. Its a combination of coaching , discipline, and talent. You gotta have all three.

    Anyhow, just wanting to get some opinions on here about something. What positions are the hardest to recruit ? O-line and quarterback IMO. Out of all the 5 star players since the star system began, O-line has to have been the least succesfull as far as a player panning out. Sure, you would rather have a higher ranked player, but sometimes they are just to hard to figure out.

    After that , quarterback has got to be next. Mitch Mustain. Kodi Burns. Star Jackson, and on and on and on….Just so much to learn. Its got to be a killer to recruit a solid Q.B.

    Easiest postions to spy talent on ? Running back. Got to be the easiest position. Next. Im thinking wide reciever. But thats just my opinion.

    Whats yalls ?

  7. 14

    Great questions Ballplay. I can’t wait to read the responses!

    Tommy Tuberville mentioned this last year when he was doing the Under Armour All-Star Game; he said evaluating quarterback is the toughest. I’d agree because so much of the QB is mental. You have to study film. You have to know what is happening and then make the reads and execute the plays. Evaluating all that in such a short period of time is tough.

    I think OL might be one of those hit or miss things too. I’m not convinced it is harder than QB because you can judge balance, footwork, and work ethic. (Those things are important for QB, but add in all the other jobs and I think you just have to give the nod to QB as most difficult position to scout.)

    I agree about RB and WR being easier.

  8. 15

    Bama had a great class!! It did not end the way I had expected. but we have been spoiled from back to back No 1 recruiting classes. Glad we got Arie yesterday and his brother is going to be a beast next year!! Give the cow college a tip of the hat for a
    very good recruiting class!! RTR

  9. 16

    Alabama has another great class. It’s a good thing that we are disappointed with “only” having the 3rd or 4th best recruiting class. We are back to the good ole days! We’ve got a few more titles on the way, boys!

  10. 17
    Ballplay Indian

    Cap, good points. O-line is more physical. QB. is more mental. It has to be difficult to judge a 17 – 18 yr old and know if he can take on the next Mt. Kody. Just as it would be difficult to size up the mental aspect of a QB . Pick your poison.

    And I would not have a problem agreeing that Tubbs had a hard time judging a QB. He only had one that was great in Jason Campbell. And that was for ONE YEAR !! Though he always could pick the lineman.

  11. 19
    Ballplay Indian

    Na….The truth is the truth. I always said that Auburn has nenver been able to coach a quarterback. Al Borges Made Campbell a first round pick. He also madeBrandon Cox a much better quarterback than he really probably was. Other than him, go back to Pat Sullivan. I just read that Tubbs hired Steve Ensminger at T Tech….What is he thinking ?

  12. 20
    Ballplay Indian

    Cap. What do you make of the class Auburn is putting together ? I know (just like alex said), there is more to just getting talent (see Les Miles)…You have to coach and discipline them. But surely you can admit that this was a step in the right direction. If we can improve (dramaticly) on defense, dont you think we are going to vastly improve ?

  13. 21
    AU Forever

    Just heard the Gene Chiznick victory speech on Jox radio station, He is claming victory and very proud. He says it wont be long until we climb to the top of the ranking to number 1. Its all over for the Tide but the crying now boys. The state is Aburn today, The way it has been, and the way it should be.

  14. 23

    First of all to the Aubarn nation:

    WE DON’T GIVE A FUCK ABOUT YOUR http://WWW.RIVALS.COM status on beating us in two spots.

    I don’t even know where to start with this post — first you got to be able to COACH THE FUCKING TALENT — fuck off with your “HoMeY” coaches Luper and Trooper — at the University of Alabama, we don’t encourage the “swag(ger)” team — Saban is old school — if you commit, you commit — I think he learned a valuable lesson on Keenan this year — that recruit bullshitted left and right and Saban had enough of it — Alabama is a product itself — Aubarn had to sell itself as some sort of a product (ranked equal to ‘Made In China’ — cheap, fast and will break in the future)

    Like Saban said — rankings on recruiting classes don’t mean shit — just because position players give you more ‘stars’ and ‘points’ in the formulation — doesn’t mean you had a bad year — we had to replace 9 Defensive Backs — DB’s are not rated as high as a WR or a RB or a QB —

    I’m extremely proud that we gave scholly’s to a punter and a kicker — these are key position players that MAKE or BREAK a game — if Leigh Tiffin didn’t have the family connection — who KNOWS where we would be —

    Just remember barner’s — the tide is not crying — we are filling positions that we need — not numbers for a HiGh SkOoL offense —

    The only National Championship you fuckin barner’s will get this year is 3rd place in recruiting behind Texas and Floridumb. Something tells me I ain’t finished with this — let the barner nation “feel like they’re important” for the time being.

    Can’t wait ’til we put your 18 year old true freshman in the dirt with a limp due to his “lack of experience”.

    To be continued….Crystal bitches…

    & more….

  15. 24
    Alex Hamilton


    Didn’t we all hear day in and day out from the Barners in 2008 that the recruiting rankings mean nothing? Isn’t it funny that now they live and breathe recruting? The Barners should remember their words. Recruting rankings mean nothing til you win on the field.

    So Barners, what will the excuse be in November when you finish 7-5 again? A little advice from a fan of a University that has “been there and done that”. It took three great recruting classes as well as remolding the blue chip talent that remained from the old regime for Saban to win the SEC and the National Championship. There was more talent at Bama in January of 2007 than was in Lee County in January of 2009. You are still three years behind Alabama and you are four years behind Florida.

    Chiznik will never win the SEC, much less the BCS Championship.

  16. 26
    Ballplay Indian

    Our defense gave away 3 games…Kentucky, Georgia, and yes ALABAMA….If we get our dfense fixed, we will be knocking on the door to the SEC championship very soon. But thats a big if.

  17. 27

    Sho ’nuff Alex — these are also the same people who “boo’ed” their head coach when he arrived. Just can’t elaborate any further — the facts are stated by you and me.

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