Could Alabama or Florida stumble and play for title?

AP: Could Florida or Alabama lose a game and still reach the national championship game ahead of an unbeaten team?

One of the arguments against a playoff is that it could render late-season games meaningless because top teams would have already secured spots.

But if Alabama loses a close game to Auburn in its regular-season finale, then goes on to beat No. 1 Florida and earn a trip to the title game on Jan. 7 ahead of unbeaten Cincinnati — or maybe even unbeaten TCU — hasn’t the Iron Bowl been rendered, essentially, meaningless? (read the entire story embedded in this post)


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    alex hamilton

    Check it out. This is what the article says above:

    “the furor that rose from the South when prefect Auburn got left out in 2004”

    I looked up the word “prefect” in the dictionary and the defintion reads:

    “a condition where a group of people proudly display citrus fruit for no apparent reason; typically in a delusional, irrational fervor.”

    So that’s why all those stupid fucks had oranges in their hands during that rainy game, which Alabama should have won had the Tide had a quarterback. I sincerely believe that poor ole Spencer was worse than Chris Todd.

    prefect Auburn….exactly. Y’all were prefect. Prefect “paper champions”.

    Honestly, as long as I’m playing the “what if?” game, I’d really like to have seen Auburn play USC in 2004. Just as it’s better, Julia, to keep your mouth shut and appear to be a dumbass, rather than open your mouth and remove all doubt….it’s also better for you to not have played USC and the most highly paid amateur in recent history. Now, you morons can sit back and say that you would have given USC all it wanted. Yeah, you would have given up 500 yards of total offense to Leinart, Bush, White, et al.

    USC would have destroyed the Barn just as they decked Oklahoma. I mean, Matt Leinart threw two or three touchdowns at Jordan-Hare-Dye-Chizik-Field at Tubberville-Bowden-Sullivan to Beasley Mural Stadium, as a first year player. Who in their right mind can possibly think that AU would have kept it close against USC in 2004?

    That’s why you’re a bunch of GD frauds. Go to Hell Auburn. A bunch of disrespected frauds.

    Auburn goes 12-0 and wins the SEC and can’t sniff the Championship game. Alabama wins 9 games in 2008 to start the season and is elevated to #1 in the human and BCS polls.

    Maybe “prefect” means irrelevant. I must have had a bad dictionary.

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    Bama had better worry more about Miss State than Aubie. Bama wins some games on talent and not coaching/play-calling. State is playing great defence against the run and gave FLA all they wanted. Had their coach not thrown the game to his ole buddies on the fake punt try, State could have won that game and Bama cannot take them for granted.

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    Oh alex, you silly little bammer. Had USC and Okla lost a game before the 9th game of the season in 04 the same as Okla, Texas, and USC did in 08, then AU would have also been #1. Had any of those teams NOT lost in 08, Bama would have been on the outside looking in just as AU was in 04. Are you truly so simple minded that you don’t understand that? See, Bama didn’t do anything in the regular season in 08 that Auburn didn’t do in 04. Do you understand that now, or does someone need to draw it up for you with majic markers on your Sesame Street notebook?

    Your analogy that AU couldn’t have beaten USC in 04 b/c they lost to them in 03 makes a lot of sense. By that rationale, I guess it’s a good thing that Bama didn’t have to play La-Mo again in 08 or they would have lost like they did in 07.

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    E.G. White

    Julia has PMS and is showing her – its stupidity again. Don’t pay her – it any attention and she – it will go away! RTR!

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