Dumbass Lane Kiffin on notice

From the SEC office:
BIRMINGHAM – Southeastern Conference Commissioner Mike Slive has issued a public reprimand to University of Tennessee head football coach Lane Kiffin for his public comments concerning officiating Sunday.

“Coach Kiffin has violated the Southeastern Conference Code of Ethics,” Slive said. “SEC Bylaw 10.5.4 clearly states that coaches, players and support personnel shall refrain from all public criticism of officials.”

“This is the second reprimand for Coach Kiffin in this calendar year. Coach Kiffin is on notice that for any further violations of SEC policies will subject him to additional penalties including suspension.”


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  1. 2
    Jim McCord

    Lame Kitten is a disgrace to the Conference.He writes checks that he can’t cash by speaking without knowing what he’s talking about.He’s making Al Davis look like Nostradomus.What an imbecile.His daddy better reel him soon in or he’ll be under suspension before the season’s out.

  2. 3
    Indiana Vol

    Hey Bammer Boobs,

    Kiffin will be cashing in a win over Bammer for years to come. Get used to being owned by Kiffin like you cheaters were under Fulmer!!

  3. 4
    Indiana Vol

    Hey Bammer Boobs,

    Kiffin will be cashing in a win over Bammer for years to come. Get used to being owned by Kiffin like your dirty cheaters were under Fulmer!!

  4. 5

    How do you like having a liar (all those lies back in January about firing people and other stuff that were proven) and how do you like having an unethical coach?

  5. 6

    I’ll give you credit for having the nerve to show your face here today, but you are a buffoon. You would think the way you are talking that you won the game. I guess you are just following the example set by your moron of a coach

  6. 7

    I guess indiana vol believed coach lame when he said “we’ll beat em next year”. Yea right,that’s the most used phrase by loser’s across the globe! take your loss like a man and be thankful it wasn’t any worse than what it was. lame acts like a rotten little kid that got close to the cookie jar then got all pissed off when daddy caught him. This guy will take tenn. down even further than they already are, a coach of a major college program should show at least some class, at this point lame hasn’t shown any.

  7. 8
    Indiana Vol

    “This guy will take tenn. down even further than they already are, a coach of a major college program should show at least some class, at this point lame hasn’t shown any.”

    Take Tennessee down further, you should be lucky he tried the FG instead of running another play and scoring a TD. The Vols had Bammer on the ropes all day and outplayed the Crimson Turd. Kiffin and the Vol coaches outcoached your $32 million coach ASSHOLE Satan and the Vols outplayed the Tide everywhere except the scoreboard. The better team DID NOT win on Saturday, but that’s why we play the games. If you are honest with yourself, you will admit the Vols are much better than last year or the previous year and will be a force in the SEC next year!

    BTW, too bad the Vols took your hopes of a Heisman; Ingram’s fumble and the Tennessee D took care of that on Saturday.

  8. 10

    We can identify with how you are feeling from the Shula years. Moral victories are like kissing your sister. If you actually think that Bama won’t be better next year and the year after then you are drinking too much hillbilly shine. I’ll take CNS over wonderboy any day of the week. CNS has a track record and your juvenile coach has shown nothing, except the fact that he has a huge mouth. CLK is going to eat the words he sputtered out about the game next year. By the way, didn’t we win Saturday?

  9. 11
    alex hamilton

    What else should we expect from crybabies that wear clothes in the same color as a creamsickle ice cream.

    Wah, wah, wah, wah. We’re the better team. Wah, wah, wah. We will be a force. Promises, promises.

    Here are the facts:

    Kiffin purposely wasted 50 seconds to kick a 44 yard field goal.

    Kiffin knew full well that his kicker had missed one kick and had another blocked. Furthermore, we’ve all heard ad nauseum that Lincoln had a pulled quad.

    In spite of having the last kick blocked, Kiffin chose to run out the clock and line up for the game winning field goal. He was so arrogant he was ripping the headphones off his head and pumping his fist.

    Then, after the block, Kiffin and his fans decide to say the officiating “took the game away from us.” UT is bullshit.

    Kiffin’s arrogance got his ass beat. And, IndianaVol has no idea about football. UT has dominated the conference only one time in SEC history. And I got news for you douchebag, unless Roy Kramer comes back to power UT will be 2nd or 3rd in the east for the forseeable future.

    Spurrier has a better team and a better program right now than UT. Also, he has a head start on UT. And talk all you want about recruiting this year. We all see what is being done with that #4 class from 2005 and the #3 class from 2007, you’re 3-4. Awesome. Top ten recruiting classes mean nothing if you have a classless coach, Viles.

    And, you can’t spell cUnT without,,,well you know the rest.

  10. 12
    Indiana Vol

    I never said the Cheating TIDE did not win, You boobs were here last week talking smack about how badly the Crimson TURD was going to beat the Vols. DID THAT HAPPEN?

    2 points; that’s the best YOUR mighty TURD could do against the hapless Vols? BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

    Enjoy your win, because the days of Bammer pushing the Vols around are over!!

  11. 13
    Indiana Vol

    “What else should we expect from crybabies that wear clothes in the same color as a creamsickle ice cream.”

    At least Tennessee is not known as the most corupt program in college football whose fans wear goofy houndstooth hats, carry toilet paper on a stick with laundry soap and sport colors that look like a used tampon!

  12. 14

    The more Indiana Vol talks, the more it sounds like he is trying to convince himself he doesn’t have a dumbass for a coach.

  13. 15
    Indiana Vol

    Kiffin came within inches of ruining the season of Nicky Satan and the Crimson TURD!!!

    Great headline: “DUMBASS COACH take $32 million dollar ASSHOLE to the mat!!”

  14. 17

    Anybody who believes Kiffin out coached Saban is an idiot. Coaching doesn’t work that way. There were significant holes in UT’s defense and offense all day. The players did not exploit many things all day. The reason? Sometimes you have a bad game, and sometimes you make mistake, and other times you are just too tired.

    However, you want to talk about dumbass coaching it is Kiffin. Like Alex pointed out, your moron coach played for a LONG field goal with an injured kicker who had already missed one kick and thanks to pathetic blocking and low trajectory had one blocked.

    You sir, are a freaking idiot. But you are a Vol fan, so calling you an idiot is redundant.

  15. 18
    Indiana Vol

    Same goes for the Crimson Turd Moron Nation who still believe the Bammer program is as clean as the wind-driven snow and always has been!

    Talk about freaking idiots; pot calling the kettle….!

  16. 19

    Bama Fans,

    Ask yourselves this question: why did Nick Saban leave the NFL?

    The Answer: Because he could not win there and he knew it!

    Now consider this: Who can compare credentials with Monte Kiffin? Saban can’t and he knows it. think about it in
    the future and remember where you heard it first.

    BTW, i have no love for the Gators, but I would not brag about your boys until you can beat them. What about Utah?

  17. 20

    Smoky mountain idiot,

    Bill Belichick couldn’t cut it with the Browns. Now nobody compares to him…not even your guy Monte. How many super bowl rings does Monte have and how many does Belichick have? If we judge Saban on only ONE stop then we could do the same to Belichik and be fools.

    Now back to Saban. Saban has won in college. National championship and two SEC Championships.

    If you think your brat can beat Meyer, Richt and Saban on a consistent basis then you are more delusional than most fans. Deal with it. The Vols will be playing for third and fourth and fifth place in their division for the next few years…until you fire Kiffin and hire Fulmer back.

  18. 21
    Lame Kiffin is 0-1 against Daddy Saban!


    I wouldn’t brag about YOUR BOYS until you beat UCLA, ALABAMA, FLORIDA, AND AUBURN! Who’s the head coach, Lame or Monte? Last I recall, Saban’s record in the NFL PALES IN COMPARISON to Lame’s.

    But your point is dead on: Saban couldn’t win in the NFL, but at the collegiate level? EXACTLY! Charlie Weiss was a monster in the NFL, and what has he done at Notre Dame?


    Three in a row! THREE IN A ROW! THREE IN A ROW! It figures you’d have an excuse for the loss, but guess what? I have one as well:


    You give us this call, and I’d GLADLY give you a bogus call of which the rules clearly stated once time expires, the helmet removal didn’t matter.

    Sadly, I remember when Mike Shula nearly had Tennessee beaten in 2003. Sadly, I remember when Lame Kiffin nearly had Alabama beat in 2009. Gladly, that’s probably the closest he’ll ever come to tasting a win over Daddy Saban!

    Congratulations on yet another moral victory! I hope you enjoy it because “close losses” is the closest you’ll ever come to beating Saban and Meyer or even UCLA… and of course AUBURN!

    Only two more years until you guys are firing the timid little crybaby Lame Kiffin (who is 0-1 against Saban, and his team the Viles are currently on a 3 game losing streak against Daddy Alabama)!

    Insert more excuses below:

  19. 23

    Kick Kiffin Kick! Rocky Blocked Again! Only a dumbass idiot like Indiana Vol would think his team outplayed anybody when they managed all of 3 points thru 58 1/2 minutes of football,received 2 gifts from on high(fumble + onside kick) and then failed to win.Good luck Rotty Tops on that 10 game win streak you now need just to play .500 ball with us.

  20. 25

    IndianaVol dumbest volunteer fan in the world coming on this bama blog acting like his team won!! What was the score asswipe!! BAMA WINS Motherfucker!! RTR

  21. 26
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    Tennessee fans….You are dealing with Alabama, if anyone knows that its me. But, when you lose, and I dont care how colsely you lose by, you still lost. there are no moral victories. Just winners and losers. You dont hear Auburn poeple spin a loss. You dont hear Bama people spin a loss ( at least not like yall). YOU LOST THE GAME !!!! To quote the great Ricky Bobby ” 2nd place is just the first place loser”….

    YOU LOST !!!! SHUT UP !!!! GO AWAY !!!!

  22. 27
    Indiana Vol

    Talk it up Bammer Morons; you confirm everything the rest of the SEC already knows. Bammer fans are the most idiotic and classless fans in college football.

    BTW, untill your Crimson Turd can beat Florida and win the SEC; SHUT UP!

    Please write this down and see me next year to accept your heaping helping of CROW: THE VOLS WILL BEAT FLORIDA AND THE CRIMSON TURD NEXT YEAR AND AT LEAST 2 YEARS AFTER THAT!!!


    GO GATORS (as bad as I hate to say it) AND KILL THE CRIMSON TURD!!

  23. 28
    E.G. White

    Only an inbred, retarded asswipe from Tennessee (or Indiana) could think UcheaT had Bama on the ropes all day! Yes we had trouble on offense. But because of stupid play calling, not because of Tennessee. The offense was unstoppable when the correct plays were called. Until we turned the ball over twice in final 3 minutes as a series of unfortunate events occured and gave the Volunqueers opportunities they had not earned; they had never been in the game from the beginning to the 3.5 minute mark. They were going to lose 12-3 or maybe even worse. As for Ingram, you dumbass, Sports Illustrated still lists him as #1 in the Heisman race this morning. RTR!

  24. 29
    Indiana Vol

    Hey EGGHEAD,

    What about that might Crimson Turd and its inability to score TDs on the Vols??

    Nicky Satan got OUTCOACHED and the Vols OUTPLAYED the Crimson TURD! Bammer could not even get a 1st down in the 3rd quarter!!!!

    Not in the game, you must have been watching Auburn and LSU.

    Get a life, you pathetic Bammer BOOB!

  25. 30
    E.G. White

    Hey queerbait IV where have I heard that pathetic crying excuse before ‘we beat them everywhere but on the scoreboard’. Oh yeah, now I remember. I’ve heard it from every team that ever lost a close game. Yeah that’s right asswipe, it’s the losers national anthem. Who gives a shit who plays the best. The scoreboard is the only fucking thing that counts, moron! And you other inbred asshole, ask me if I give a flying fuck at a rollin’ doughnut how Saban coached in the NFL. This is the SEC, and we are the University Of Alabama Crimson Tide. We are the undisputed Kings of this conference since its inception and of the Southern Conference which preceeded it; and the Sabanator is doing just fine here. So go fuck yourself, or your sister or whatever. RTR!

  26. 31
    Indiana Vol


    “We are the undisputed Kings of this conference since its inception and of the Southern Conference which preceeded it; and the Sabanator is doing just fine here.” Yes, Bammer has a history of cheating to win. So yes, you are tyhe cheating kings of this conference!

    Until your Crimson Turd wins the SEC; SHUT UP!

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