Ala. player Brandon Deaderick shot in Tuscaloosa

The Associated Press has picked up the story of the alleged attempted robbery that resulted in the shooting and wounding of Alabama football player Brandon Deaderick (see entire story above. The good news is that the player’s condition does not appear life threatening. (For more information on the shooting you can click here. It includes a map of the area of Tuscaloosa where the shooting apparently took place, and some info on the player.)

According to the AP, “The shooting happened Monday night at an apartment complex. Tuscaloosa Police Chief Steve Anderson told the Tuscaloosa News the player suffered a gunshot wound to the forearm. Anderson says it’s not a life-threatening injury.DCH Hospital spokesman Brad Fisher told the Mobile Press-Register that Deaderick is in good condition and was admitted for the night to a hospital room.” (You can read the entire AP report embedded on this page.)


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