Will Dre Kirkpatrick play against Va. Tech?

Did Alabama Crimson Tide coach Nick Saban reveal something about the depth chart at his Thursday press conference? The Bama Beat wonders if cornerback Dre Kirkpatrick could see the field. According to the Bama Beat, “Freshman cornerback Dre Kirkpatrick has missed the past two practices and is ‘day-to-day’ with what Nick Saban called a ‘pulled muscle.’ Saban declined to elaborate on that, saying he didn’t want to tip-off Virginia Tech (Hmmm … so Dre is in line to play Sept. 5, is he?).”

It is an interesting way to parse Saban’s words.

It might not make Alabama’s coach happy that sportswriters and fans spend so much effort reading between the lines, but he has himself to blame. People wouldn’t need to parse every statement if Saban were a little more open. It is understandable why Saban is secretive, but such tight compartmentalization of information encourages an atmosphere of speculation.


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    “Tight compartmentalization of information encourages an atmosphere of speculation.”

    A well-turned and most accurate phrase!

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    I think Dre will see the field on August 5 if he’s healthy. Probably won’t play a lot, but I hope to see him out there. I think Saban has a good philosophy of putting talent on the field.

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