Auburn fans celebrate win in Hoover

Auburn fanatics within the Hoover community have claimed what they feel is a victory against Alabama with the ouster of Richard Bishop as principal of Hoover High School.

Why would Auburn fans take such joy over the dismissal of a high school prinicipal?

Sour grapes.

Petulant Auburn fans spoiled with recruiting success while the Tide was on probation were furious that Nick Saban salvaged Alabama’s 2007 recruiting class; Saban’s class was helped out nicely by landing several players from Hoover.

And in typical Auburn fashion, some mid-level boosters and fans cried foul.

The howls within the Hoover program were fueled by an Auburn-bias amongst many political and educational leaders. In additioin, Rush Propst’s acerbic style has made numerous enemies within Hoover High School, within the Hoover community and within the Alabama High School Athletic Association.

With enemies surrounding him, it was only a matter of time until a cabal formed to take on the coach.

There is also a culture clash between some Auburn-fan political leaders in the Hoover community and Propst. This culture clash hears certain persons compare Propst and the present Hoover style with the old days of Berry High School and its football coaches and program.

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To hear the Auburn fans, the old Berry coaches had class and Propst doesn’t.

There are legitimate issues within the Hoover High School athletic department, the high school proper and the school system. However, the problems go beyond football, and are political, that is to say factional—factions are battling for control of the school system and city politics—this is the latest battleground.

Auburn fans (and I’m not talking about the program’s real fans, but the rogue fanatics which mar every SEC program) should think carefully before launching into the character assassination engaged against Propst and other “enemies” of the Auburn nation.

There can be little doubt that Auburn fans were fueling the flames behind the revelations of Rush Propst’s alleged infidelity.

Such nuclear actions come with a price, Auburn fans don’t want the same type of scrutiny applied to high schools in south Alabama, where allegations of steering players to Auburn have long been a staple of conversation.