Nick Saban the teacher

One thing you hear from players is that Nick Saban actively tries to help the players improve. Sometimes players may not like his methods. After all, Saban has made a professional player cry, and just recently the backup quarterback left Alabama allegeing Saban was mean.

But for every bad story you read regarding Saban, you read other stories with players and recruits who compliment him.

One safety, Seandre Richardson who attended camp at Alabama last week said: “The head coach [Nick Saban] doesn’t just sit around like other head coaches. You don’t see them out there working with the players. He was always in the activities. He was teaching me and trying to make me a better player.”

According to this story, Richardson has four scholarship offers, but none from Alabama at present.

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Wells out

After a disappointing baseball season, Jim Wells announced his retirement after 13-years with the Tide. Wells was the winningest coach in the history of the program.