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Video chronicles David Platt’s ‘Hostile Takeover’ of McLean Bible Church

David Platt preaches against American affluence while buying a $1.1 million home with a $5,817 per month mortgage.

McLean Bible Church member: ‘David Platt is weak. David Platt is a coward.’

MBC members: ‘We were lied to from the pulpit.’

MBC members: ‘David Platt is a great actor.’

A new video released tonight interviews a diverse group of McLean Bible Church members attacked by David Platt for raising questions about finances and the independent church’s association with the Southern Baptist Convention–an association banned by the church constitution. The video published on Facebook and associated with the website The Real David Platt contains important information about the entire Platt fiasco. Also, the website teases a longer form documentary coming in 2024.

The highlight of the video is how the diverse members of McLean Bible Church talk about how David Platt infected with the heresy of Critical Race Theory (CRT). As we pointed out before, McLean Bible Church was a flourishing and diverse church long before David Platt new anything about it; however, Platt was determined to divide the church by the promotion of racial identity politics.

One of the best moments in the video is when David Platt runs away from some of the members wanting to talk to him. So much for Matthew 18 Conflict Resolution. But hey, who are the little people to confront Big Eva rock stars like David Platt?

In fact, Platt’s running away from questions is the theme of his entire time at McLean. As the video details, people were kicked out of the church for asking financial questions. Also, as the discovery documents reviewed by the Capstone Report reveal, Platt and others in church leaders made a decision not to talk about how much money was being funneled by McLean Bible Church to the Southern Baptist Convention because it might cause outrage among the congregation.

Follow the money

Appearing in the trailer for the forthcoming documentary is lawyer Chap Petersen. Petersen represented some of the McLean Bible Church members seeking financial disclosure about the relationship between Platt, McLean Bible Church and the Southern Baptist Convention.

Another interesting point raised in the video, is just how much money was being sent from McLean Bible Church to David Platt’s own Radical ministry.

Just as the corrupt SBC Elites influenced the disaster at First Baptist Church of Naples, Florida, this new documentary details the corrupt way the Southern Baptist Convention was involved with David Platt’s “hostile takeover” of McLean Bible Church.

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