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Questions arise about SNAP and the SBC

Victims say SNAP was all about lawyers and they felt like commodities at SNAP event. Why is the SBC getting close to SNAP?

‘I thought it was supposed to be a support group for victims, but the focus was all lawyers and fundraising and lawsuits.’

The SBC has shown it is more loyal to SNAP than to its own people. It added an editor’s note to a story written in 2007—a story that Baptist Press claims does not reflect its journalistic standards. However, questions about SNAP’s ethics have been known for years.

According to the editor’s note, “On May 24, 2022, Baptist Press recommitted to Southern Baptists that we will be a better Baptist Press in the days ahead. On June 10, 2022, the editors of Baptist Press are adding this note to say we do not believe this story accurately represents the events surrounding the meeting between Executive Committee officials and the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests and Clergy (SNAP) and does not meet our current journalistic standards. We acknowledge and apologize for the hurt this has caused Mrs. Brown and the other members of SNAP over the past 15 years since it was first published.”

What is wrong with the story? It happened in public. There are Executive Committee records. There are people who could be interviewed. Why not do that? Why not verify? Instead, the current leftists running the Southern Baptist Convention decided to smear the reporters and editorial team. Why?

And BP’s current journalistic standards?

Yes, that gets a laugh as Baptist Press under Jonathan Howe has lied about the connections between the ERLC backed Evangelical Immigration Table and the George Soros backed National Immigration Forum. Howe was repeatedly exposed as a liar. However, now these “journalists” are attacking the work product of actual journalists and doing so in the most Soviet of ways—rewriting history by claiming something was false without telling anyone what was false about it.

However, what is clear is that there is now some odd relationship between SNAP and the SBC. And that should raise some questions because SNAP does not have the best reputation. Let’s examine what is known about SNAP thanks to an excellent Twitter thread by Megan Basham.

In 2017, the group’s president had to step down over allegations that he accepted kickbacks from attorneys. There are also charges that they sat on victim accounts for weeks before reporting to police in order to create media events.”


And victims tell horror stories about feeling like commodities.

SNAP describe themselves as a support group, but what I encountered was very different. The conference was run by attorneys… “I sat next to Hoatson during this. I asked ‘What the hell is this?’ I thought it was supposed to be a support group for victims, but the focus was all lawyers and fundraising and lawsuits

Michael said he feels orgs like SNAP commoditize victims in their campaigns. ‘While SNAP hosted talks and sessions w/ titles that might sound helpful, I did not observe any activity intended to equip victims for recovery, their welfare, or advocacy.  It was a pure lawyer-fest.’”

So, why is the SBC now so close to SNAP? What political game are SBC Elites playing right now?

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