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McLean Bible Church wants to hide evidence from the public

David Platt divides McLean Bible Church with Critical Race Theory

McLean Bible Church decided it does not want to risk the public finding out what its leadership is doing. Thus, McLean Bible Church requested a “protective order” to keep secret depositions and other evidence in the discovery process involving a lawsuit where David Platt and church elders allegedly cheated in a church election. On Friday, a judge granted the order allowing David Platt to continue hiding from the public.

According to the Save McLean Bible Church page on Facebook, “The judge in Fairfax County court agreed to the protective order motion requested by McLean Bible Church to keep disclosures and depositions secret. While this is very common, we are saddened that MBC continues to refuse to be transparent. We trust in God’s Word. ‘For there is nothing covered that will not be revealed, nor hidden that will not be known.’ Luke 12:2.”

We’ve noted before that David Platt and his leadership team at McLean Bible Church are doing everything they can to avoid discovery.

It is clear the church leadership team is desperate. David Platt and McLean Bible Church even offered to redo last year’s elder election—though the church attempted to stack the voters eligible to vote—something that the lawyer representing the dissident members rejected.

“The proposal from the Board of Elders fails to be even a pretense of a good-faith offer to resolve the case,” Rick Boyer said. “It is instead a continuation of the Board of Elders’ determination to avoid transparency and accountability at all costs.”

This does seem to be how David Platt and McLean Bible Church is acting—they refuse to be transparent about everything. They refuse to deal honestly with last year’s elder elections. They do not even reveal how much the church is paying David Platt.

This is unhealthy.

What sparked the lawsuit was Platt’s reaction to losing the first round of an elder vote in 2021. Platt accused opponents in the church of being racist. Platt and McLean Bible Church elders then attempted to cheat by eliminating secret ballot and expelling longtime members in order to deny them their vote.

David Platt and the MBC leadership team continue to avoid transparency and accountability. The latest lawsuit development is proof of this.

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