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McLean Bible Church hosts 3rd straight online business meeting

Why is David Platt afraid to face his church?

Why is McLean Bible Church hosting its congregational business meetings online? That’s a good question! Following the explosive business meetings last year to elect elders, McLean Bible Church leadership has run online for the September 2021 meeting, the December 2021 meeting and now the March 2022 meeting.

And someone sent us this excellent observation about the online meeting:

One night only!

Tune in this evening at 7:00pm to watch David Platt and the SBC’s quarterly puppet show.

These online productions began back in September, with a cast of characters gracing the stage. The members of Platt’s church were unaware that many in leadership and a few “pastors” were moonlighting as puppets.

Don’t miss tonight’s prerecorded “congregational” charade that Platt calls a congregational meeting.

You won’t be disappointed. Want unparalleled entertainment? Watch tonight and you will likely see
-Liars everywhere!-Scripted monologues-Rehearsed “prayer”-The phrase “by god’s grace,”-Woke “pastors”-Woke “elders”-Woke updates-Woke propaganda-And corruption only possible by woke wolves.

Here is the official link to attend tonight, admission is free!

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