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BREAKING: Sex Abuse Task Force Chair attacks CBN

Bruce Frank attacks Conservative Baptist Network.

Frank shows that he is a hyper-partisan.

Tweet discredits work of entire Sex Abuse Task Force.

Bruce Frank’s tweet illustrates Iron Law of Woke Projection.

The chairman of Ed Litton & Grant Gaines Sex Abuse Task Force attacked the Conservative Baptist Network in a partisan tweet last night on twitter.

Bruce Frank was appointed chairman of the Sex Abuse Task Force by discredited Ed Litton. Franks tweeted, “Institutions are good as long as they are sending and missional. When they become power structures, they turn inward & bad, often corrupt. #SBC #Church #CBN.”


What does the Conservative Baptist Network have to do with anything involved in Frank’s tweet?

As James Lindsay often points out, when a Woke Leftist attacks something, it is often what describes the Woke.

According to Lindsay, “Iron Law of Woke Projection: the woke tend to confess by projection.”

That perfectly describes Bruce Frank and those who put him into leadership. It is he and his crew that are corrupt.

Perhaps Frank needs to grasp that the powerbrokers in the SBC are not outsiders like the Conservative Baptist Network. The insiders are men like him—men appointed by other SBC Elites do their political dirty work.

Frank was appointed by Ed Litton—someone connected to the darkest places of the SBC’s Bureaucratic Swamp.

Litton is the disgraced liar and plagiarist elected President of the Southern Baptist Convention with the direct aid of Kevin Ezell—the head of the North American Mission Board (NAMB) of the Southern Baptist Convention. Ezell has filed false briefs with federal courts.

Grant Gaines is an SBC Elite, son of a former SBC President and someone that a sex abuse survivor claims used her as a political prop.

In other words, these are thoroughly discredited, partisan men who cynically used sex abuse survivors to further their own political goals. It is enough to make Nancy Pelosi blush.

Now that Frank opened his mouth on Twitter, it has revealed his heart. And his heart is just as cynically dark and un-Christian as Litton and Gaines.

Rod Martin was right to observe, “The not-at-all-partisan chairman of the Sex Abuse Task Force. In case you were wondering what he plans to write. If I were his committee I’d be upset right about now.”

Martin is right—Frank revealed who and what he is. A partisan using his position to harm those he believes are political enemies.

Frank’s report will be a Russell Moore inspired set of partisan lies that nobody can trust.

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