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Not going to repent: Ed Litton Administration & SBC mock God

In a sign that liar and thief Ed Litton—the star of Sermongate—has no intention of doing the Christian thing and repenting, the SBC President hired a new Associate Pastor at his Saraland, Alabama church to assist in his duties as SBC President. It is a sign that Ed Litton will not resign. The only way Ed Litton will leave office is if SBC Elites force him.

Reformation Charlotte was first to report that ERLC employee Joshua Wester was joining the staff of Redemption Church.

According to a post on Twitter, “I will be moving to Mobile where I’ll join the staff of Redemption Church as associate pastor. My primary focus will be supporting @EdLitton in his role as SBC President… after getting to know @EdLitton & @kferg16 better over the last several weeks, I could not be more excited about this new opportunity. As the pastor of Redemption Church for 27 years, Ed has proven himself to be a faithful and dedicated servant of God’s kingdom.”

Ed Litton has proven himself to be a faithful and dedicated servant of God’s kingdom?

The guy who steals and then lies about it?

Lest we forget, Ed Litton plagiarized not only J.D. Greear sermons on Romans, but in 2015 Litton preached a J.D. Greear sermon on Acts and in 2012 Litton preached a Tim Keller sermon.

That is hardly the model of a diligent workman Paul had in mind when the Apostle penned II Timothy 2:15.

As Lenski explains of the verse, “When we present ourselves to men (“those hearing us,” v. 14) as preachers of the Word we must ever be conscious of the fact that we are also presenting ourselves to God in everything that we say or do (doctrine and practice) in regard to his Word. How this thought ought to drive out even loose carelessness, to say nothing about arrogant opinions, following human authorities, popular errors and practices!”[1]

Loose carelessness is the best description of lazy Ed Litton’s approach to handling the Word of God.

And every day Ed Litton is allowed to remain as SBC President shows that SBC Elites and even SBC pastors who are not demanding Litton’s resignation approve of Litton’s lies and plagiarism.

[1] R. C. H. Lenski, The Interpretation of St. Paul’s Epistles to the Colossians, to the Thessalonians, to Timothy, to Titus and to Philemon (Columbus, OH: Lutheran Book Concern, 1937), 798.

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