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SBC Elites read the Capstone Report and you should too

The ERLC Study Report made news—none bigger than the Capstone Report is read by the Executive Committee and its lawyers.

The newly released ERLC Study Report shows that the Capstone Report was first to report important stories vital to the Southern Baptist Convention. In fact, the Executive Committee and SBC officers learned about multiple issues first by posts on the Capstone Report.

According to the ERLC Study Committee Report, “Executive Committee leadership first saw the ERLC’s December 11 reply to our inquiry on the website, Capstone Report. The article titled, ‘Leaked! ERLC insults Executive Committee, blames Thomas More Society for errors,’ contained a slightly-edited version of the final ERLC response and appeared online before either the Executive Committee or the task force had knowledge that a response was even being prepared.”

You are welcome.

Democracy dies in darkness.

Or something.

And that is not all. Another Capstone Report scoop made the report.

According to the ERLC Study Committee report, “On December 10, the attorney for the ERLC notified the Executive Committee’s attorney that the ERLC was investigating the proper process to notify the court of the error in its brief. On December 11, the Executive Committee attorney requested and was promised a copy of the letter when and if it was filed. On December 14, the ERLC and the Thomas More Society filed a letter with the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals to inform the court of the errors in the amicus brief. The Convention attorneys became aware of this filing on December 17 only when a state convention official alerted them to a December 16 article on the website, Capstone Report, entitled, ERLC Files Motion to Correct Its Lie.’ Convention attorneys immediately contacted the ERLC on December 17 to inquire as to the accuracy of the reported filing. On December 18, the ERLC confirmed this important development.”

Again, you are welcome.

Though, at this point, it makes one wonder why someone on the Executive Committee staff wasn’t regularly hitting refresh on the Capstone Report?

But there are serious matters that we should ponder here. First, you won’t get real news from biased Baptist Press.

Second, the ERLC Study Report reveals something important—the ERLC knew the brief it filed with the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals was false and filed it anyway. Then, it kept the Executive Committee, state convention leaders and everyone else in the dark about what it was doing. Only because of the Capstone Report did some of the ERLC’s actions come into the light.

Again, you are welcome. It is what we do here.

In case you missed it, here is our main story on the ERLC Study Committee Report that highlights how hundreds of conservative churches that give millions to the CP are withholding money because of Russell Moore’s liberal politics and reckless leadership of the ERLC.

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