Evangelical Elites including Southern Baptists Daniel Akin and Karen Swallow Prior at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary (SEBTS) and Russell Moore of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) released a new statement For the Health of the Nation that justifies Christians voting Democrat. It is another wicked attempt to legitimize the sinful casting of votes for baby murder candidates.

We invite all followers of Jesus — whether Democrats, Republicans or Independents — to join us in seeking the health of the nation for the good of all people,” the statement declares in its preamble.

Wait, a Democrat is not a follower of Jesus. To imply that is to deny the clear fact that no baby murderer is a true disciple of Jesus. To vote Democrat is to aid and abet baby murder. It is sinful.

In fact, anyone voting Democrat should be under church discipline.

If they have made clear by voting Democrat they do not have God for a Father, then why should they have the church for a mother?

They should not.

Anyone voting Democrat should be excommunicated pending their repentance.

But Big Evangelicalism refuses to be blunt about Democrats. So, it falls to men like Pastor John MacArthur to tell the truth—No Christian can vote Democrat.

And we’ve repeatedly argued church discipline is the only response to any church member voting Democrat.

The statement has over 1,300 signatures as of Monday, October 12, 2020. Signatures include Big Eva names like three top leaders of World Relief along with Leith Anderson, the President Emeritus of National Association of Evangelicals, and Dan Darling, a former ERLC employee and current Senior Vice President of Communications, National Religious Broadcasters.

The statement argues for a “a biblically balanced agenda” that embraces what appears to be womb-to-the-tomb type social programs to help the poor and other favored identity groups. The statement engages in typical anti-Christian, Democratic Neo-Marxist rhetoric about unjust systems and helping other classes favored by Democrats including immigrants (illegal ones?), refugees and the poor.

“Despite the example of Jesus and the teaching of Scripture, many of us have not adequately opposed the unjust systems that fail people of color, women, children and the unborn. We have not always fulfilled God’s commands to protect the immigrant, refugee and poor. We have not always treated those who hold different opinions — both inside and outside of our faith — with dignity.”

This is what Southern Baptist churches are supporting as long as men like Russell Moore are paid by the Cooperative Program of the Southern Baptist Convention. He attempted to derail Donald Trump’s election in 2016 and continues to promote these types of wicked statements that refuse to condemn Democratic voters.

If you are wondering just what they are teaching at Southern Baptist seminaries, then you should check back later—we will post a little about the Woke Hermeneutics infecting Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary.

3 thoughts on “Southern Baptist Elites Moore, Akin, Prior sign wicked political statement”

  1. We are associated with a Christian school sponsored by an evangelical church that is part of one of the most conservative denominations in the country. And we are in Alabama.
    The school decided it was a good idea to use Karen Swallow Prior’s new book, Cultural Engagement, for some of its bible classes.
    Some of the parents – one actually – discovered the book was being used (and that was based on how the topics were presented, not necessarily because of the author) and eventually the book was pulled from use.
    It is really sort of discouraging how we are going out of our way to cut our own throats.

  2. Democrats promote policies proven to reduce the number of abortions. Republicans oppose policies that reduce abortion demand.

    If abortion is such an important issue, then people who vote for DC Republicans should be placed under church discipline.

    1. Precisely what are the Democrats doing to reduce abortions other than demanding free birth control and sometimes to the Nuns? This answer should be interesting. We are all ears.

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