SICK! MBTS Professor equates violent Leftists with Donald Trump Voters

A Southern Baptist professor at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (MBTS) compared the “radical Left” with conservative, Christian, Make America Great Again, Donald Trump voters.

The professor paid for by your Southern Baptist tithes and offerings said, “The radical left and hardcore MAGA folks both share a profound streak of anarchism. ‘Nothing is working so let’s burn it [pull it] all down.’”

Reminder: The Radical Left are idiots—in Tucker Carlson’s words. The Radical Left are tearing down statues of the Great Emancipator and men who died to free the slaves all in the name of ending racism.

The Hans Christian Heg’s statue was toppled by these lawless idiots. Heg was an immigrant who served as Colonel of the 15th Wisconsin Volunteer Regiment. Heg fell at the Battle of Chickamauga.

And the radical Leftists are tearing that down.

Yet, in the perverse mind of Dr. Thomas S. Kidd—Trump voters are the same.

This is the problem of the American Elite. This is the problem with the Evangelical Elite.

The system hasn’t worked for the average American. The US is in worse shape today than it was at the end of the Cold War.

America faces endless wars in the Middle East—withering US power and wasting lives and treasure—on an idiotic Wilsonian-inspired quest to make America safe by spreading democracy.

America faces ballooning debt. It continues to bear the burden of defending rich Europe and the richest countries like Germany shirk their duty. They want American taxpayers to pay to defend them while they invest in their own social programs. No thanks.

America’s political class is disconnected from the experiences of the average citizen. Kidd exemplifies this with his idiotic equivalency. Conservative MAGA voters use the peaceful political process in an effort to shakeup the system. The Lawless Left beats people and tears down statues.

There is no similar streak of anarchism.

Why are Southern Baptists paying to employ professors like Kidd—professors who slander the good, conservative voters?