Mefferd: SBC President played footsie with Anti-Israel Imam

National Christian radio host Janet Mefferd pointed out that Southern Baptist Convention President J.D. Greear appeared at an Interfaith dialogue with an Anti-Israel, Anti-Zionist and possibly anti-Semitic Muslim Imam. The event was billed as a discussion of religious liberty and hospitality in a diverse society. It was held at North Carolina State University by the Veritas Forum. However, Mefferd pointed out several issues with the Muslim cleric sharing the stage with SBC President Greear.

Mefferd asked, “SBC president J.D. Greear, CRU & InterVarsity are playing footsie with an imam who’s promoted jihad against Israel, called Israel an ‘apartheid regime’ and keynoted a fundraiser for CAIR. Are you people nuts?”

Mefferd didn’t stop there.

Mefferd asked why Evangelical Elites like Greear have a different standard for dealing with racism.

Mefferd said, “Yes, and it is high time we have a substantive discussion about the growing tolerance of anti-Semitism in the SBC/evangelicalism. The Woke crowd wouldn’t touch even a RUMORED ‘white nationalist’ with a 10-foot pole, but anti-Israel imams are totally fine?”

These are important questions. Why are some sins rebuked and others winked at?

Greear used the event to take a swipe at Conservative Trump voters. As we reported Friday, Greear said a “posture of fear” was driving some evangelical political behavior including overlooking faults of a “strongman” in exchange for political protection.

And as Evangelical Elites condemn Trump supporting Christians, they ignore the rise of Anti-Zionism in Evangelical circles.

As Tom Copeland detailed in Spring-Summer 2018 issue of Providence: A Journal of Christianity and American Foreign Policy“Liberation theology has become the driving force behind Christian Anti-Zionism, inspiring the BDS movement within the mainline Protestant denominations, and making dangerous inroads among evangelical Christians.”

And Copeland wrote, “With the advent of a social justice approach to understanding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Anti-Zionism is poised to shape Christian millennials and the future of evangelical support for Christian Zionism.”

Social Justice Theology is a growing problem. Now, are SBC Elites legitimizing these dangerous views by an interfaith dialogue with a well-known Anti-Israel, Anti-Zionist Imam?

Mefferd thinks so. What do you think? How does the average Southern Baptist feel about their SBC President sharing the stage with a Muslim Imam with a record of anti-Israeli statements?