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Evangelicals helping Democratic Party import more voters

Importing more future Democratic Voters is immoral, but the Evangelical Immigration Table, a Soros-funded group, is working hard to make sure key swing states shift. Is your church helping? If you are Southern Baptist, the answer is yes.

Russell Moore’s Evangelical Immigration Table pressures states to accept more refugees. The states? Conveniently, states Democrats want to shift: Wisconsin, North Carolina, Texas & Georgia among others.

More Refugees=more democrat voters. It’s that simple, and this is how a National Review article explains the calculus: “An estimated 70 to 80 percent of Latin American immigrants will vote Democratic. So with enough new voters from Latin America alone, the Democrats would essentially be assured the presidency and Congress for decades.”

And it isn’t just Latin America. How do you think many of the Muslim refugee and immigrant communities vote? Well, just look at the Squad and you know the answer.

Time to admit it: Open Borders Could be immoral

In fact, if this is true, then consider that supporting more refugees and more open-border immigration it could in fact lead to more immoral policies. We all know the Democratic Party is the party of infanticide and oppression of Christian religious liberty. If this party gets even more voters, then any chance of Christian and conservative Pro-Family policies end—perhaps forever.

Why are so many “Christians” so interested in helping out the Democratic Party?

Some are ill-informed. They read English translations of Hebrew terms and then don’t bother to do the research. (They ignore the nuance of ancient languages that show that Israel wasn’t an open-borders fantasy. Read Prof. Hoffmeier’s essay on this and then read his book.)

Some are former Democratic staffers. (Look at who leads the ERLC.)

Some are employed by organizations who are paid by the federal government to resettle refugees. Is it any shock that someone who’s livelihood depends on refugees supports growing that market?

After all, “It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it,” as one writer observed.

“Evangelicals” pressure Swing States to take more refugees

Southern Baptists working with the George Soros funded Evangelical Immigration Table pressured governors of 14 states to accept more refugees. The letters were sent to the states including Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Washington and Wisconsin.

Democrats are very interested in shifting Arizona, Georgia, Wisconsin, North Carolina and Texas through any means. Watching recent election results, it won’t take many newly imported voters to change the electoral calculus.

And so-called conservative evangelicals are helping.

A total of 2,669 signatures were collected on letters sent to governors urging the states to tell the Trump Administration they want more refugees. The Evangelical Immigration Table and World Relief want the states consent to the continued settlement of refugees. A requirement of the new Trump Executive Order on Refugee resettlement.

The letter to North Carolina thanked the Democratic governor there for accepting more refugees. But it is worth nothing that the letter featured leaders of Southern Baptist Convention President J.D. Greear’s Summit Church. (See the letter here.)

Signers of the North Carolina letter who were members or leaders of J.D. Greear’s The Summit Church in Durham, North Carolina included a self-identified Elder and a self-identified pastor. One signer, John Pearson, identified himself as an elder of the church. Roger Neely identified himself as a pastor at Summit Church. A review of the Summit Church website shows that Neely is listed as “one of the Church’s Elders and heads the Summit prayer ministry in Spanish.”

The head of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) of the Southern Baptist Convention is Russell Moore. His group is heavily involved in promoting refugee and immigration reform through the Soros-funded National Immigration Forum and the Soros-funded Evangelical Immigration Table.

So, inevitably, your Southern Baptist church offerings that go to the Cooperative Program are helping the long-term goals of the Democratic Party.

How do you feel about that?


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