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Alabama’s Nick Saban plans to be coaching the Tide until retirement

VIDEO: Alabama’s Nick Saban speaks to press about Ole Miss, Marquis Maze & more. Click play above or read a brief summary:
Alabama Football Coach Nick Saban said he plans to continue coaching at Alabama until retirement. “When I came here, I came here with the idea I’d be here for the rest of my career,” Saban said.

The Alabama football coach admitted that some of his earlier moves were bad choices. Saban did not say it, but the obvious inference being his move from LSU to the NFL.

“As long as I feel healthy and excited about coaching and teaching and being around players, I’d like to stay here (at Alabama) for as long as I could,” Saban said.

Alabama Crimson Tide Coach Nick Saban spoke about his team’s preparation for its Saturday game against Ole Miss. Saban said the team has “bounced back well” in practice this week after playing Vanderbilt last week.

When asked to talk about Marquis Maze, Saban said that the team tries to use Marquis Maze’s skills to their fullest. Saban said, “He (Maze) has a little bit of running back in him with really good running skills. He is a good receiver. He has good speed.” Saban concluded by noting how Maze has become one of the productive members of Alabama’s offense this season.

Saban praised the work of DeQuan Menzie on defense. Saban said “he has been a real positive for us.”

33 thoughts on “Alabama’s Nick Saban plans to be coaching the Tide until retirement”

  1. One of the directors of the Saban movie (GameChanger) told me the same, saying Coach Saban had told him going to the NFL was the biggest mistake of his career, and he planned on staying at Bama until he called it quits.

    A comforting thought for any and all Bama fans out there indeed.

  2. Well ITK that’s not quite accurate. One of Saban’s closest friends while he was at LSU and still today (he stayed in Saban’s home the first year LSU played Alabama in Tuscaloosa, told me that Saban told him his biggest mistake was not going to the NFL but leaving LSU.

    Hell even Alabama fans have said he would have several titles if he had stayed at LSU. I think Finebaum said he would have five by now. That’s a little over the top but then that’s Finebaum.

    1. Flash I call BS, I don’t believe one of Saban’s closest friends would even know you much less tell you that.

      1. Well the friend didn’t tell me directly, but thats what I was told that the friend said.

        And I believe that’s what the article was also saying when it says “The Alabama football coach admitted that some of his earlier moves were bad choices….the obvious inference being his move from LSU to the NFL.” It doesn’t say “the obvious inference being his move to the NFL from LSU.”

        But it really doesn’t matter now, he left, he’s gone, Alabama has him now and has to deal with the way he is, like not letting McCarron talk to the press, usually losing one game a year he shouldn’t lose such as UL Monroe, Utha, Auburn last year. UAB, Ole Miss and barely beating Troy 24-20 only after scoring in the last minute of the game, while at LSU.

        I’m more than happy with Miles as our coach. He’s kept won a BCS National title, he’s won every bowl game at LSU except one that was played on probably the worst field a college game has ever been playend on and he has our team ranked No. 1 in the nation now, again. He’s a great family man that is involved with his kids in the community, his coaches and players love him and seem to play very hard for him. By today’s standards his program and players have very little problems and issues. And he’s 2-2 against the so called “Best coach in college football today”.

        1. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ. WAY TO SPIN IT IN YOUR FAVOR. Next, you’ll become an Auburn fan and say, “It’s a God thing. Now go make up some lies.”

        2. Like LSU has went undefeated with Miles. But we can hear you jealousy, and your hate for Nick like a woman scorned very clearly. That is why you are here. I like the way you try to downplay Nicks accomplishments at Bama and LSU in favor of Miles, but Nick has done better at Bama so far than he did at LSU, and he has done better than Miles has at LSU. And our coach is 2-2 against your so called ‘better coach’. Bamas players play very hard for Saban also, and Miles seems to get beat by Arkansas when you least expect it. Why can’t you just say that both coaches are very good at what they do? It should be a good game on the 5th, but you whining like a baby because Saban left you is just pitiful. You ALL were ready to run Miles off in 2009 after Saban beat you on the way to a National Championship. Like I said, we know what a jilted LSU fan looks like, and you are it, my friend.

          1. Now Brando for somebody who whined earlier that I put words in your mouth when I quoted your post word for word, you sure did just do what your were whining about.

            I never downplayed Nicks accomplishments. What I did was highlight his downfalls and failures. There is a big difference, even if you’re not smart enough to discern the difference. And my entire last paragraph, except for the last sentence, had nothing to do with Saban (unless it was in your mind) and only highlighted Miles’s qualities as a coach, father, and member of this community and his accomplishments.

            And your statement that Nick has done better at Bama so far than he did at LSU is correct but barlely. Nick is 49-11 at Alabama he was 48-16 at LSU. And he does have a chance to improve on that for the remaining games of this year, but you can’t automatically give him those wins until he earns it. (read my previous comments to Crimsonite)

            Your statement that he (Nick) has done better than Miles has at LSU is NOT CORRECT. Again Saban was 49-11 at LSU over his first and only five years at LSU and 3-2 in bowl games. Miles was 51-15 and 4-1 in bowl games over his first five years at LSU. And thats all you can use to compare Saban at LSU vs Miles at LSU because Saban left after his fifth year when he went 9-3. You can’t project what Saban would have done after that at LSU as much as you would like to.

            And so since you can’t, what you can do is compare their overall college coaching records.
            Nick is 140-53-1, if you include his 9-2 record at Toledo. That is a 72.17 winning percentage.
            Miles is 96-38. That is a 71.65 winning percentage. That’s one half of one percentage points difference. The big difference is the perception that Saban is a signifacantly better coach than Miles, when the facts and records prove he’s not, and/or that Miles is “mentally challanged”, “lucky” or is not a good coach. But as you can see there is very little difference in the coaching records of both coaches. And I bet you most bammer fans, and college football fans that read this will be shocked to learn this. Maybe not you Brando because you are somewhat starting to come around, but I bet most will, even if their not willing to admit it.

          2. One difference in your argument is Les inherited a solid program that Saban built up. Saban inherited a Shula Bama team on probation. And you proved my point: You are hew-hawing over minute differences between the two, and yet you say Miles is much better. That is your opinion, which I could really care less about. Win or lose against LSU, we won’t be calling for Saban to be fired. If Miles loses to LSU, the crying won’t stop for at least a year, and then we get to start all over with this same debate. Look, root for LSU, put Miles on a pedestal, and beat your chest. I don’t really care. Saban is a great coach in his own right, and Bama has won more games the past 4 years than any other SEC team, including your LSU team. Your ‘research’ and whining is not going to change that.

          3. Brando again YOU put words in my mouth! I challange you to copy and post where I have said Miles is much better! You can’t you are full of shit!

            And this weak ass argument that Saban inherited a week ass team from Shula. Just two years before Saban took over Shula had that Alabama team ranked No. 3 in the Nation until they got beat by Miles and LSU! So quit bad mouthing your own team just to make Saban look better! And Saban won his first title with Shula’s players (if you think Miles won with Saban’s players then you can’t argue with that statement)..

            Again you couldn’t argue with any of the FACTS I presented in my post, instead you have to make these stupid comments like Miles inherited a solid program that Saban built up. Saban won most of his games at LSU with Dinardo’s players then if you want to make stupid statements!

          4. I stated the facts. Are you saying Shula left Bama in better shape than Saban did for Miles. My, how delusional you are becoming.

        3. FLASHyou seem to have forgotten who built that LSU program to where it is . LSU wins in spite of miles not because pf him.he is the one that will jump to the nfl soon

          1. Yea you wish 7andcounting masquerading as 13andcounting! Keep thinking that and Miles’s team will beat your team again this year. In spite of Miles, we’re ranked no.1 in the nation I guess?
            It is eating you guys up that Satan can’t shake Miles or Chizik!

  3. Saban most likely will have 5 national titles before he leaves Alabama…. LSU is no Alabama…… Alabama is one of the most storied and one of the greatest teams in college football… Saban knows he has Gold at Alabama and he knows everyone is behind him… He is in my opinion the Best Coach in college football now… and he will be a legion at Alabama like the Bear….And we will beat LSU this year… and it will be by 14 or more points… LSU’s team will reveal its true colors when they play Alabama and it want be good….Crushing defeat for LSU… don’t get me wrong, I like LSU, they are a great team but they will be no match for Alabama this year… National Champs is where Alabama is heading… Saban knows he has the team this year to go all the way and i agree totally.. Roll Tide Roll…….Alabama 30–LSU 17 what a game it will be….

    1. And what a shame that would be for the man if he’s only won 5 titles when he leaves Alabama. If that’s all he wins, which is one less than the BEAR won at Alabama, his accomplishments will always be in the shadow of the BEAR, and he will not be seen in the “same light as the BEAR” as Crimsonite say in a later post below.

      And he better beat Miles and LSU this year if your “opinion” that he is the Best Coach in college right now is going to be a fact and not just an opnion. You see his overall winning percentage as college football coach, including his first year coaching record of 9-2 at Toledo, is 72.17%. Miles overall winning percentage as a college football coach is 71.65%. However if Miles beats Saban this year and goes on to win the rest of his games and the National Championship game, and Saban wins every remaining game this season except the LSU game but including a bowl game, Miles’ winning percentage at the end of the year would be 73.05% and Saban’s would be 72.64%, and therefore Saban wouldn’t factually or actually be the “Best Coach in College football” right now, Miles would be.

  4. Any rumor you heard like that is pure bullshyt. Either the guy had on too purple of glasses, or was lying because he was jealous, or it was like I said just a bullshyt rumor. While it could be true that if he had not left LSU he might still be there, it’s also true that he might have made a Tubberville, or Nutt like jump across the State Line when we fired Shula. Every one knows he is a power freak and all his moves were planned to climb the ladder to the top. As for 5 titles at LSU that really is bullshyt. He couldn’t even get you crackers to win 10 games in consecutive years, while at Bama he may never have a year he doesn’t win 10. An don’t be a stupid phuck and reference his first year when about a dozen of Shula’s phuckups couldn’t handle the Process and deliberately sabotaged the La Monroe and Miss St games and who didn’t play another down that year against Auburn and Colorado and lost their scholarships. Saban has a goal to pursue the record of Bear Bryant and to be remembered in the same light as Bear. To do that he has to be at the school where he has the best chance. LSWho had never been a National Power before Saban drug your azzes up out of the swamp. Their closest shot were the years under who was it, Paul Dietzel and the Chinese Bandit defense? And regardless of this years outcome, just like in ’08 and ’09 you will fall back into mediocraty again. At Bama he has the tradition, the history, and the Bear Bryant Legend. It was inevitable that he would come here eventually. His pride would have mandated it. Only 2 other teams can approach the tradition of Alabama – Notre dame and Michigan. Both have changed coaches twice since Saban came to Alabama. Both are from his part of the country. But you see where he still is! Even the Dallas Cowboys and probably double his salary didn’t drag him away. I’ll guaranteephuckingtee you the “Mistique” of coaching at LSWho would not have kept him from the Dallas Cowboys! Another thing Flash – It’s none of your phucking business how Saban regulates his players or coaches access to the press. What do you think McCarron might say that would be of interest to a damn Corndog? As for problems, didn’t you just get probation for illegal agent contact and benefits to several players? Weren’t you being investigated for illegal benefits to your great Patrick Petersen? Just asking. Don’t go away mad Corndog – just go away! Oh and by the way, don’t get too exclusive on that #1 shyt. You only have 1/3 of it. Oklahoma has 1/3 and Alabama has 1/3. In 2.5 weeks we’ll have 3/3’s. Bwaa haww haww! RTR!

    1. Oh I’m not going anywhere Crimsonite, I’m like a little nightmare to you always shining light and facts on all the unsupportable bullshit and claims you boast about, so that everyone can see how dumb you really are.

      Like how little you really know your coach to make a statement like “Saban has a goal to pursue the record of Bear Bryant and to be remembered in the same light as Bear.” Saban has a “process” to be the best he and his team can be everyday and not some stupid goal to be pursue the record of Bear Bryant. And even if he did why would his goal to be remembered “in the same light” as Bear? Why would it not be to be remembered “in a better light” than Bear. See that’s the problem with you bammer fans, everybody will always be compared to the Bear? Thats what runs good coaches like Stallings off from Bama. A perfect example of this is your own words Crimsonite, as great as Saban has been at Alabama you make a statement that he has or needs a goal to be as good as bear or seen in the same light as the bear. So to make that statement shows you, and most other bammer fans, so don’t take it personally, don’t think with all he’s accomplished, 42-5 I think you bragged about in a previous post, he would not be remembered in the “same light as bear”. It still has to be a goal of his! He hasn’t done good enough yet!

      And later you do the same thing when you say “At Bama he has the tradition, the history, and the Bear Bryant Legend.” You see he will always be in the shadow of the Bear Bryant Legend. Bear won what six titles at Alabama. Nick has won one in four years. Even if he does win another one this year, and he has a good chance if he can get by LSU, that will be 2 in 5 years. That would mean at that pace he would have to be at Alabama at least 10 more years after this year. I don’t see that happeing under the current pressure to always be compared to the Bear. I could be wrong, I don’t know and neither do you. And heaven knows you have been wrong about a lot of things.

      Like the comment “didn’t LSU just get put on probation for illegal agent contact and benefits to several players?” No they didn’t. You are WRONG AGAIN. They are on probation for ONE player getting unallowed rooming benifits and it had nothing to do with Patrick Peterson. So again you are wrong on two points there. And what’s your point isn’t Alabama currently on probation for several players getting illegal benefits by selling their text books?

      McCarron might say Crimsonite is a inbred redneck and as much as he likes playing for Alabama he hates that Alabama has fans like you! And it my not be none of my “phucking business how Saban regulates his players or coaches access” as you so eloquently put it in a lanquage only a redneck could appreciate, but it is my right to ask about it if I want to. And there’s nothing you can do about that Crimsonite.

    1. To be more accurate Hannah, and not to mislead people with the way you want to phrase things, ONLY two teams had BETTER records, Kansas and Hawaii. And as I’ve previously explained ,Kansas by freak of schedule did not play Texas or Oklahoma that year and they lost to Missouri the last week of the year. All the other five teams (7-2=5) had two losses just like LSU, except for the fact that they all lost their two games in regulation, not in overtime or triple overtime, like LSU did, where the rules are different than in regulation and anything can happen.

      But regardless as an SEC fan I believe losing to a Missouri team on the last week of the season, is worst than loising to an Arksansas team that was loaded that year and had two of the best running backs in the nation that year in Darren Mcfadden and Felix Jones. LSU beat the next best teams in the SEC that year in Georgia and then beat the next best team in the SEC when they beat Tenn. in the SEC Championship game. Kansas lost to the second best team, Missouri, in the Big 12 that year and didn’t even play the Big 12 champion that year, Oklahoma who lost 3 games that year.

      And I know you don’t want to sound completely stupid and argue that Hawaii of the WAC was a better team and more deserving than LSU to go to the championship game that year. Do you? If so feel free to compare there schedules and make your case.

      Otherwise your comment comes across as a jealous bammer fan that really doesn’t think that highly of the SEC.

  5. Just read where ESPN’s BCS Guru said he expects Bama to be ranked #! in the first BCS Poll this Sunday and expects Bama to win Nov 5th. So much for all the worthless early bullshyt polls. And an ESPN poll had 60% of the nation thinking the NCAA is full of shyt saying there was nothing on the Barnturds, So we were in the vast majority in saying that there was (IS). Stay tuned – more to come. RTR!

    1. Key words “he expects” does not make the early polls bullshyt as much as you would like them to be. If bama does in fact win on Nov. 5th, and the polls still have them ranked below Oklahoma and/or LSU, then you can accurately claim they are bullshyt. The regular season weelky polls reflect who the voters think are the best teams are at that time. And even though one ESPN BCS “Guru” says he expects Bama the win, the majority of the voter in the polls think LSU or Oklahoma are better than Alabama. Maybe if you can round up more “guru’s” who think like that on “Guru” you reference and then get them to be selected as voters in the polls, maybe then you will have something to mouth off about. Until then, or at least until Nov 5th, if your team wins, STFU! Everybody has heard your arrogant boast ad nauseum.

  6. You dumbass piece of shyt. When you have the opportunity to say something intelligent you just pull a dick out of your mouth. You don’t have a gaddamn thing. There are three equal parts to the BCS formula. The coaches where Oklahoma is #1. The Harris where LSWho is #1, and the computers where Alabama is #1. While it’s true that the computers have not been officially published yet, the Sagarin column of ELO_CHESS is the composite of all the computers and this HAS been published with Alabama being #1 and having a truly remarkable 5 point lead over LSWho. The reason the man thinks Alabama will be #1 is because of the huge 5 point ELO_CHESS lead. This is truly an astronomical point difference for the computers whose difference is normally measured in tenths, hundreds or thousandths of a point. Yes you have a huge lead in #1 votes in the Harris poll, but the actual point difference between you and us is not that great. Therefore he with his expertise in this area is predicting that the computer difference will overtake the Harris and Coaches difference. So there are currently 3 #1 teams with none having any advantage over the other. Nobody with any intelligence gives a shyt about the AP since it means nothing. If you want to force it to mean something in your own mind then who is more qualified to say who’s the best, a bunch of phucking reporters or an equal number of elite x-coaches and Heisman Trophy winners? I’ll damn sure take the latter whose Legends poll means just as much as the AP and has Bama #1 by as wide a margin as the Harris has LSWho. So you need to Shut The Phuck Up unless you enjoy being a gaddamn fool! RTR!

    1. Well Saban votes in the Coaches poll. I thought he was an “elite” current coach. And all those elite current coaches think Oklahoma and LSU are better than Alabama. If all those old elite coaches new as much as the young, they would probably still be coaching, because unless they are older than Paterno, they are obviously not too old.

      ESPN just showed the mock BCS rankings with Alabama with a .961, LSU with a .951 and Oklahoma with a .950. So you’re right where we want you Alabama! That “huge” 5 point lead in the computers could only produce 10 one hundredths of a point advantage for you? WOW!

  7. at the end of the 2007 season kansas had 1 loss – these have 2 losses and thus a claim to the title lsu socal georgia/strong claims missouri west va ohio state and byu

    1. So you Crimson you do think Auburn has a claim to the title the year they went undefeated, yet didn’t play in the championship game. Is that what you are saying? Come on speak up I can’t hear you!


    1. Kookaid? Is that what you bammer fans drink? Because Bama’s schedule has really been tough right Hammah?

      And who the best team Alabama has beaten besides Arkansas who didn’t even have their best running back?

      The powerfull Penn State? Are you kidding me? Then who Florida! LMAO I actually think its Vandy! Yea Vandy!
      Wow yea the voters must really be drinking “Kookaid”! LMAO!


    1. Hey Hammah did you get that guarantee in writing? Is the the same one you had going into the LSU game last year? Because you know that’s what you bammer fans were saying then…”we run the tables and meet SC in the SEC championship game, beat them and we be in the BCS championship game and win no. 7, oops I mean 14″.

      Did you at least change the flavor of the Kookaid this year?

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