A former Alabama football player was attacked outside Ben Hill Griffin Stadium following Saturday’s game against Florida, according to the Tuscaloosa News. Myles was carrying a container of chicken wings when attacked.

There is no word on the whereabouts of Charlie Weis during the alleged incident. However, a chicken-wing lineup could be held soon as police probe the attack. Though, police could be focused on a Florida football player.

Following the Florida Gators 38-10 loss to Alabama, Florida Gator defensive lineman Dominique Easley allegedly attacked former Alabama player Reggie Myles, according to a report by the Tuscaloosa News. Myles claimed the attack came from behind and was unprovoked.

The report also points out that Easley was flagged for a personal foul call during the game for roughing the Alabama quarterback.

Sure, Easley’s personal foul call shows he has a mean streak—something critical to playing winning SEC football. However, attacking someone shows he has that je ne sais quoi to be a real team leader in the conference.

Florida looked soft at times against Alabama.

Nothing toughens up a team like a few fights.

Sure Myles is a former player, but let’s not get too picky. At least Easley tackled the guy unlike most efforts to tackle Alabama’s Trent Richardson.

He even separated Myles from the soft aluminum container containing the chicken wings.

It shows excellent technique—technique only developed through tireless attention to detail.

Florida didn’t show much tenacity on the field Saturday, but one Florida player allegedly did his best to make up for it.

Florida fans should be encouraged. This guy has potential in the rough SEC.

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