Did Auburn’s president confirm a complete lack of institutional control over the Auburn Athletic Department?

The Birmingham News reported, “Auburn President Jay Gogue said last week he is uncertain the status of the NCAA investigation.”

Oh, but it gets better.

And more clueless.

Also from the Birmingham News: “I’ve never heard anything about it other than what I read in the newspapers,” Gogue said. “I have not a clue what’s going on. I haven’t heard anything. I just see it’s a constant story.”

That begs the question. What else is Gogue in the dark about involving Auburn’s Athletic Department?

Does Gogue supervise the athletic department? Or does it supervise itself? Does it tell the president what he should know, or does it tell the president want it wants him to know?

If Gogue isn’t following the serious NCAA investigation of Auburn, then it is a clear lack of institutional leadership—and that means there is no real control of athletic interests by the academic side of the university. If you don’t know what is going on in that department, you can’t control that department.

Is Gogue simply a figurehead? A real leader would demand information from his subordinates. And a real leader would get that information.

Without a real leader there can be no effective university oversight.

Maybe the NCAA should talk to the president of Auburn to see how little oversight there really is.

It is unbelievable that a president at an SEC school would get information about an NCAA investigation from the newspaper.

12 thoughts on “Is Auburn’s president supervising his athletic department?”

  1. Yet, it took them 48 hours to investigate, do chemical analysis, and formulate a plan of action for a couple of tree’s.

    Gogue knows enough that he doesn’t want to know (if that makes any sense). Plus, all he has to say to the NCAA “I didn’t know”. It worked for CAM !!!

  2. And it took half a day for sCam to be reinstated although the public wasn’t informed he was ineligible to play, just that’s he’s been ruled eligible. There is so much lack of ins control that it cant be lumped into 1 category.

    And that’s the main reason this investigation is dragging on an on.

  3. I don’t pull for either big program in the state but it’s obvious that this reporter is trying to “create” a story or breathe life into a fading story. He needs to go work for a tabloid newspaper….or maybe he already does.

  4. Which reporter are you referring to dude? If it’s the ones quoted in this blog that’s fine, they are supposed to professionals. But if you’re referring to this blog then you’re as full of shyt as a Christmas turkey. Cause this is nothing more than an internet blog and the reporter can say just about anything he wants too to create interest and hits. Soooo, if you don’t like what he sats then you’re also free to say just about anything you want to also. Have fun! RTR!

  5. I really enjoy how the only information he gets on the investigations is from the Birmingham news. of course he doesnt know whats going on!

  6. Possibly trying to distance himself from the fray. Its going to hit the fan within a few months. There is a very incriminating proof of communication between a current member of the Barn and a former member to go along with all the other stuff, i.e. LA, south FL, south GA, Cecil, AR, etc. This will not be pretty for the folks on the plains.

  7. I agree Bama28. I CAN’T WAIT to rub shit in the face of FYI and Hoopie. I’ve been telling them months this is not going to be good, but they deflect and defend that trashy University at every stop

  8. The ncaa has never had auburn under any investigation. The only person to implicate auburn is Danny sheridon and he knows as much as everyone else, nothing. Even after he spoke with the ncaa they came out and said he knew nothing. The only people under investigation was miss state for the recruitment of cam NOT AUburn. War Eagle

  9. You truly are a dumbazz dude! Didn’t think it was possible for even the most azzbackward retard in the country to be that stupid, naive, ill informed, blind, etc in this age of instant information. Bwaa haww haww haww, Auburn has never been under any investigation????? Ok azzhole I’ll bite. What’s the punchline? Here’s one for you – NCAA investigator to CheezeDick with sarcasm – “I’ll let you know when the investigation is over!” What a typical Barnturd dumbazz living in denial! RTR!

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