SEC: Georgia auditions for ‘What Not To Wear’; LSU dominates Oregon

The Georgia Bulldogs appeared in college football’s version of “What Not To Wear.” Next time the Bulldogs should eschew fashion advice from a shoe company and instead rely on sartorial experts. Maybe the people from T-Town Menswear could help?

But, someone should help before Georgia appears on another show—How Not To Coach with Mark Richt as the star. Is there anyone who does less with more than the Bulldogs coach?

It is inexplicable since Richt coaches in a state rich with talent, and has landed more than his share of top caliber talent. All you need to do is look at the NFL or at the recruiting services to see that Richt knows how to recruit talent.

The question is whether Richt is tough enough to mold that talent into champions.

One of the larger complaints with Richt’s management of the Georgia football program is the reliance on gimmicks.


New uniform styles.

Those things are fine, but one begins to question if these are distractions for Richt and his football players.

Richt is a good football coach. His record proves that. However, his chances of salvaging his career and this season are looking worse and worse. For a detailed breakdown of what Georgia looked like in the game check out the best Georgia blog—Blutarksy’s observations from the Georgia Dome post.

While Georgia looked weak, LSU looked dominate.

Perhaps all those Les Miles jokes are on us now? Just like the Pakleds, there is something sinister behind the bumpkin facade.

OK, maybe not. The guy eats grass.

But he can coach. He can prepare a team.

And this LSU team dealt with adversity. It was an impressive win.

While the game against Alabama remains in the future, LSU served notice that it intends to have a seat in any discussion at the national championship table.