UPDATE: Will wonders never cease! Alabama responded to media questions about the compliance situation with the Tuscaloosa men’s store. According to ESPN’s Joe Schad via a series of tweets, “Alabama has looked into relationship between players like TRichardson and T-Town menswear. Alabama concluded players did not receive extra benefits. Alabama sent cease and desist letter to company in December.”

That didn’t take long. Auburn’s family is out trying to turn the spotlight off its own cheating. Today Clay Travis reports that Auburn fans are pumping him with information in an attempt to harm the University of Alabama Crimson Tide football team. He says this is a two-way street. Of course, he should be reminded that only Auburn is under a massive NCAA probe at the moment and therefore information about Auburn’s cheating is almost everywhere these days.

It isn’t shocking that Auburn would launch a counterattack. This has been Auburn’s modus operandi over the last decade.

Does anyone remember the Gadsden packet?

Grainy pictures of Sasquatch were more convincing.

Auburn has a long history of trying to drag its rival down with it. And today is no different.

Travis published a few interesting photographs of Richardson signing autographs at a men’s suit store.

Suit store! Is that like the suit store the NCAA is concerned about in its massive investigation into Auburn’s cheating?

Oh wait. Sorry. Back to today’s “news.”

Trent Richardson signed autographs at a men’s store and the owner displayed the memorabilia. Cue NCAA violation allegation now. Trent Richardson. NCAA.

The only real question and I doubt we will ever get a real answer out of the University of Alabama is this: Did UA Compliance do anything about this? Was it aware of the situation or potential violation?

Alabama has a tendency like many other schools to ignore legitimate information requests. Hopefully, I’ll be surprised by this and there will be an actual answer from the University as Travis said he asked for UA’s response.

But this story should serve as an illustration of what Auburn is, and what Alabama fans can expect in the coming weeks.

We know the NCAA has visited Florida and Louisiana about Auburn’s cheating. Montgomery was a recent stop. Is there more to come? You can bet as more bad news comes out about Auburn that we will see more of these types of attacks.

So what do you readers think? Is this a serious NCAA issue or just a minor distraction?

66 thoughts on “Auburn’s counterattack: Target Alabama’s Trent Richardson”

  1. Stupid barners think dozens of pictures equate to proof. Scott Moore has tapes, Danny Sheridan has informants inside the NCAA, and those stupid barners think they can get away with photoshopping? morans.

    1. Looks to me like Alabama is pulling an Ohio State…You Alabama fans are so caught up in wishing Cam was paid, your not even looking at your own university!

      WDE!….oh yeah..isn’t alabama still on probation?

  2. What’s the difference in signing an autograph in a store with a ton of memorabilia and signing an autograph on fan day? As long as he didn’t get free suits like Cam, then it’s all good.

    1. Travis contends the store could be using the memorabilia for advertising purposes.

      It may or may not be a violation. I term the pictures interesting. Nothing more at this time. Could be. Might not.

      The larger story is the Auburn counterattack.

      Is this like Gadsden?

      1. It’s not a contention. There is (or was) a photo of the signed merchandise in the store’s display window. That, my friend, is advertisement.

        1. It will depend on the NCAA’s interpretation of what is an advertisement.

        2. I have sports memorabilia on my business wall. That’s not advertisement, that’s decoration. If there was a sign under the helmet that said, “buy a suit and be like Richardson,” you’d have a point. Step into a Wings sometime and tell me if you feel like all of the memorabilia in there is grounds for an NCAA investigation.

          1. I tend to agree that on the wall is not a real problem. The display window is more of an interesting issue.

            However, the player did not receive an extra benefit so there is no NCAA violation that would deal with the player’s eligiblity.

  3. Oh, this is definitley a serious issue. UA should be scared to death of what the NCAA may find at this shirt store. They will probably leave Auburn alone and just focus on us, now. Why, oh WHY must these pictures be leaked. WE ARE DOOMED!!

    This is Gene Jelks all over again !!

  4. By the way, I feel sorry for any linebacker or defensive back (and probably d-Line) that has to tackle this dude. Geez…..

  5. The more I think about this the more I am convinced they are going after Richardson because he is black. barners are racist, it is their greatest tradition, just ask Charles Barkley how racist they are. Black face makeup? Our athletes deserve more than to have their entire lives put under a microscope and everything they do to be scrutinized by the media. Luckily our compliance department is the best in the nation and will let us know this is much ado about nothing sometime around lunch today.

    1. “Our athletes deserve more than to have their entire lives put under a microscope and everything they do to be scrutinized by the media.”

      In light of what Cam Newton and Auburn have been through without ONE SHRED of proof, this is damned LAUGHABLE!

      1. Dear racist, you must be joking. Everyone knows scam wanton newton took money. Danny Sheridan has the proof. Scott Moore has tapes. Your looking down the barrel barner. Once the FBI takes the muzzle off the NCAA they is coming for you and the money funneled through racetrack debit cards will cause you’re program to loose you’re precious championship.

        1. There WILL be more to come, Bob. But what really takes the cake is that you are still hung up on the FBI, racetrack debit card Uncle Milt mumbojumbo. By all means, you keep hanging on to that. Aside from that, welcome to the site…….It didnt take you long to make yourself at home. We have fun in here Bob, we have little nicknames and stuff for each other. I couldnt help but notice that you pull no punches and I like that. But I have searched high and low here, and have found just one decent post that you have produced. My little nickname for you will be Jenny(867-5309). Now you may wonder why I selected that name for you. It just seems to fit, because both of you are one hit wonders. 🙂

        2. Only one school has ever been told by the NCAA that it was looking down the barrel of a gun. Can you name it?

          Scott Moore and Danny Sheridan? Moore couldn’t put up, so he finally shut up. Sheridan’s backtracking on his sources. And what do Scott Moore and Danny Sheridan have in common? Both are graduates of the University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa. It’s crystal clear what bammer’s modus operandi is, eh, Capstoner?

          1. If the state media did its job then people like Scott Moore wouldn’t have a place in the story.

            However, the New York Times, Fox Sports, Yahoo and ESPN have put people on the story.

            I don’t think many people believe those organizations are tools of the Red Elephant Club.

      2. You are funny.;

        You do know that CECIL NEWTON admitted to shopping his son.

        That is proof. Buddy.

        More proof, The Newton’s were involved with an agent.

        That is more than enough to warrant an investigation.

  6. If you look at the picture of him signing the helmet you will see several daniel Moore pictures and other items on the wall. This is for the store to display. This is a non story.

  7. There is an abc store on hwy 31 with a signed picture of Cam in it from Oct 2010. I guess I news to go take a picture and send it to Clay since it could be consider advertising.

  8. I hope Trent did not get any special gifts or under the
    table hand shakes. Saban say today that both fan bases
    should respect each other any show class, How in the
    hell can any Bama fans have any respect for the cow
    college SOB’S!!!!!!!!!!!! RTR

  9. UA compliance just said no violation. They slammed that door almost as fast as the Brent Calloway rumors. Try again barners. Done, over and complete.

  10. I also saw a picture of Cam signed churches chicken here in town , I bought a 3 piece with a side of mashed tarred and gravy instead of fries oh and a jalepeno pepper cause I saw the pic cause I thought I could make money If I ate the food after seeing the picture. This picture was put up after Aubruwn started winning last season.
    I didn’t eat churches till I saw the picture up in there. Hmmmm .
    The Tideth Shall Rolleth , hold the mustard.

  11. Auburn is not counter acting anyone. Its these moron blogs on both side. Guess what geniuses its called mutually assured destruction. Keep it!

    1. I’d argue it isn’t really the blogs.

      Jeff Lee doesn’t run a blog…he runs a website on the Rivals Network and he started the Brent Calloway sour grapes story.

      The fans are the problem right now.

      However, fans aren’t driving the NCAA & Auburn story. That would be the New York Times and other national outlets. You can’t spin that as a vast Alabama-led conspiracy.

      1. “However, fans aren’t driving the NCAA & Auburn story. That would be the New York Times and other national outlets. You can’t spin that as a vast Alabama-led conspiracy”

        Reports recently state bama fans have sent over 100 thousand emails to the NCAA alleging violations concerning AU. I would say bama fans are directly responsible. Not to mention alabama media such as PF and Sheridan recently.

        1. reports from? I’d like the source on that one please.

          Was that in the Clay Travis piece? The one that showed that NCAA investigators went to Montgomery to probe serious violations reported by HBO’s Real Sports?

          1. Actually, I am not sure where they originated. Hard to tell the way things get passed around these days. Personally, I do not believe it is an inaccurate report however. There are hundreds of thousands of message board posts from bama fans that really shame the entire fanbase (except for the fact the authors are a large significant part of the fanbase to begin with) concerning allegations against Auburn. And from what I can most of those threads constantly encourage and provide email addresses encouraging fans to send any allegations against AU to the NCAA.

            Honestly, any and every allegation AU could possible make for the next 10 years will likely pale in comparison to the allegations of bama fans over the past ten months alone in sheer volume.

  12. “But this story should serve as an illustration of what Auburn is, and what Alabama fans can expect in the coming weeks. ”

    Actually, I would say Auburn has excercised remarkable restraint in not responding to the hundreds of thousands of attacks by bama fans and publications over the past 10 months.

    It seemed liked the Jeff Lee story was a warning shot across the bow as this is good for neither program.

    Now it appears the bama whining and crying has reached a point to where Daddy has decided to take off the belt and spank the petulant baby that won’t stop crying.

    1. KC12,

      The Jeff Lee story was the epitome of a crybaby and everything wrong with the Alabama-Auburn rivalry.

      The Russellville coach was the source of the entire story. The coach is an Auburn fan and attempted to steer the player to Auburn. When that didn’t work out….he got upset.

      I don’t think Auburn wants the Calloway allegations to be seriously investigated. It might harm that program much more than any other one in the state.

    2. The thing is, there is no NCAA investigation going on at BAMA. I have lost count on how many areas they are investigating Auburn. Auburn fans haven’t ‘shown restraint’ because the reports that Auburn has been under investigation for 10 months are absolutely true. Everyone in the nation finds it hard to believe Cams daddy turned down all that money to play for Auburn for free. I can imagine the outcry from the Cult if a Bama player had been the one accused. By all means, Auburn fans, don’t ‘restrain’ yourself anymore. Bring it on, you have nothing on Bama, because Bama isn’t the team in the spotlight for pay-for-play. You have your own ex-players saying Auburn was paying players. The smoke around Auburn is turning into a mushroom cloud, and you blame it on Bama fans. You can only wish all of this is just Bammer rumors and the REC.

      1. BamaBrando,

        I think your “bring it on comment” is a bad one. Unfortunately I think that is exactly what is happening now and I do not think you are going to like what happens next. Also, you seem to be misinformed about Cams daddy. He never turned anything down as he was never offered anything from anyone including MSU. MSU reported the solicitation to the SEC during the recruitment. Pretty sure they would not report if they had an offer on the table that you seem to think Cams daddy turned down.

        Mushroom cloud? As far as I can tell, the smoke you refer to is blowing from one school directly towards another rather quickly right now.

        Carry on…

        1. That is just your wishful thinking. Just a big fantasy like your ‘Auburn fans showing restraint’ comment was.

          You are so misinformed about Cams daddy. He had a payment plan in place, had an MSU booster ready to pay, and an ex-NFL agent runner as a middle man. Sure the deal didn’t go down. Was it because MSU turned it in or because allegedly ‘the money was too good at Auburn’? THAT is what the NCAA investigation into Auburn is all about. If you don’t believe me, ask your man Chizik. He was told the hard way, just like the rest of the Cult will have to find out.

          But yes, when you have players committing armed robbery, ex-players admitting they were paid, like McClover, Auburns history of paying players with pat Dye, who is still involved with the program, and Cams shady dad, all the shady boosters, and the motive of trying to keep up with Bama, I would say that mushroom cloud is only going to get bigger.

          I would say Auburns troubles are in a whole different category than anything going on with Bama. But you keep trying to wish it away, cult member. Nothing that is going on at Bama is going to take the scrutiny off of Auburn, no matter how hard you try.

    3. Jeff Lee is a douche whose words are impotent the second they leave his mouth on account of his unashamed bias.

      He has a clear agenda to protect Auburn, not provide the truth in any regard.

      Therefore believing what he says is akin to believing thoughts on world geography from England prior to Columbus’ maiden voyage.

  13. I think it’s kinda funny everyone is talking about Trent Richardson being in these pics, but nobody seems to mention the fact that Alabama’s #1 star runner for this upcoming season is wearing a MASSIVE ANKLE BRACE on his right leg!?

    Wouldn’t THAT be a story? Is he hurt? Or is he just posing for self-incriminating photos on purpose, just for the hell of it? No…

    1. Dear Moron,

      The pictures in question are from October 2010. He wore an ankle brace most of the season from a nagging injury that he played through.

      Please find a proofreader before hitting “submit comment”.


      1. Sir. Seriously. That WAS MY POINT——how could anyone look at that picture and NOT notice the star runningback was hurt, and not report it?!

        Simple. Because it’s from last year.

        Sheesh. Calm down man. No need to call me a moron—–I guess you just didn’t get it. Roll Tide.

  14. I can understand the fambly being upset about all the bad publicity but Dan Mullen at Mississipi State is the person that started all of this. Alabama didn’t have a thing to do with starting this so please direct the attacks towards Starkville and Mississipi State that’s where it belongs.

  15. Whoever the idiot is that made a comment regarding teams dreading dealing with this beast needs to check Richardson’s stats against Auburn. Hell, check Ingram’s for that matter. I dont want #3 to be held out. He has never done anything to Auburn. Your Heisman got run down by our defensive end last year. Keep Trent In! Tiger Meat!

    1. trent will eat yalls lunch this year. stats dont mean squat.bama is gonna smoke yalls hind end at JURDEN -HARE this year big boy so just be ready.

    2. Trent a a big part to play in the 2009 game. He will run all over Ted Roofs green defense with another chance. Good luck getting to be bowl eligible this season.

    3. #3 was a big reason we won on Pat “gay” Dye (rumors are building that it’s true) in 2009. Watch the tape again.

  16. I haven’t heard any facts that Bama players received benefits. As of today, this is speculation.

    Gosh ..that sounds like the auburn situation.

    Just for fun ….let’s try a logic leap …..Why would the players go to this place, sign autographs and take photos? For money and merchandise …..that’s why.

    My friend that works in that mall actually has a video of the players getting paid for their “appearance” at the shop. She will be contacting the NCAA. If they take too long to hammer Bama, then she will release the tape to the Birmingham (Auburn loving) media.

    See how silly and easy that was.

    1. No Hoopie you still don’t get it.

      Cecil Newton admitted to shopping his kid.

      Four former Auburn football players went on HBO Real Sports and admitted they got PAID by Auburn boosters.

      Big freaking difference.

      But you know that already.

      Keep spinning and spinning and spinning.

    2. Your story loses credibility when you used the word “my friend.” Clearly no one would befriend an annoying douche like yourself.

  17. You;re crying about a “counter attack”? (your words). For there to be a counter attack there would have to be an attack first. So you;re saying Alabama attacked Auburn and you’re pissed because they fought back?


    1. No, I’m saying you guys are dumb as a pile of dog crap. Alabama wasn’t the source of the Cam Newton stuff or the HBO 4.

      Care to guess who leaked the Cam Newton allegations?

      Urban Meyer.

      Even your prophet Phillip Marshall blamed Florida during the first days of the allegation.

      But why are you giving Florida a pass and attacking Alabama?

      Because Auburn fans are lame and have to blame Alabama for every piece of bad luck.

      Very sad.

      Good luck with your NCAA troubles. You are going to need it.

      1. Well Cappy, that and because Auburn fans have been conditioned by their leadership to think about ‘Bama day and night.

        As admitted by Stanley McGlover on HBO. Alabama is constantly on the minds of Auburn coaches and others in power down on the ugliest village on the plains.

  18. Here’s the jist of it. Barnturds – go phuck yourselves, you irrelevant, inbred, retarded Bastards! Nuff said. RTR!

  19. How many GD times do I have to remind you that my sources CLOSE to the investigation tell me Auburn is in a load of shyt? Hoopie, GET REAL

  20. Idiots!!!! It is against rules to use a student athlete for advertisement purposes. Doesn’t matter if they got paid or not. Not an Auburn or even SEC fan. But blaming all this on Auburn is insane. That store screwed you, not your big brother Auburn.

  21. Pathetic – bama fans. I’ve never liked Auburn but y’all are ten times worse than them. Unbelievable.

  22. No you stupid motherphucker, what’s illegal is to pay an athlete $200,000 to play for you a la Cumbucket Newton or $5,000+ a la the HBO four. Additionally if it’s illegal then you better go talk to the NCAA and Feds who allow athletes names, numbers and photos on every kind of team item imaginable including X-Box, Sega etc. But only an Awbie fahg would try to compare signing autographs at a clothing store as the equal of buying players. Suck hog dick. RTR!

  23. Allen Times:

    Sorry, but Alabama is Auburn’s BIG BROTHER. The victories over Mike Shula-coached teams are laughable and are really only worth maybe half credit, per Finebaum. Before you throw more revisionist history our Way, Bryant won 19 of 25 over the auburn hick school, 13 over your do-called legend Shug Jordan. Every other coach at Bama with the exceptions of Curry and Shula (0-7) were either dead even or dominated Auburn (Stallings was 5-2). Auburn people are GD Lying white trash

    1. Here is the lowdown from a legitimate source:

      The pertinent NCAA bylaw is, which deals with non-permissible commercial advertisement.

      A related NCAA bylaw requires student-athletes, or their institutions acting on their behalf, to take necessary action to stop such commercial sales, which prompted UA’s letter to Al-Betar. Although no rules violations have been found, UA compliance has continued to monitor the situation.

      Several former UA student-athletes, but no current UA student-athletes, were depicted in photos on display in the storefront Friday afternoon. Among the former players on display is NFL nose guard Terrence Cody of the Baltimore Ravens, who participated in a television advertisement for the store after his eligibility expired in early 2010.

  24. BREAKING NEWS! Sideline passes were for a practice called A-Day. Try again. Finbaum was the coach for one of the teams, oops he had a pass too.

  25. Why do Auburn fans wear Auburn regalia but continue to jerk off and get wet over everything Alabama?

  26. Just to steel a line from all the Harvey Updyke family from the elephant college. I ain’t over till its over! The investigation is on!

    1. The difference is, Alabama’s compliance department is on top of things. Which Auburn compliance seems to be non-existent since there are multiple Auburn investigations going on. And all are pretty serious, andy one of them could bring the lack of institutional control. Bama will be just fine, once again being respected amongst its peers, another thing Auburn is lacking in.

  27. My nephew had a Cam Newton jersey on today when he came to visit. He walked in the house and went straight for my laptop then asked me for 5 bucks.
    Kids these days.

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