According to this press release from Nike, the Alabama Crimson Tide football team will wear a new uniform for its November 13 game against Mississippi State. According to the release on the Miami website Alabama’s uniform will feature a “Houndstooth check pattern incorporated into the uniform in tribute to legendary coach Paul ‘Bear’ Bryant.”

Other schools getting new designs:
Miami: Tonal Fir palm-frond print emblematic of South Florida incorporated into the jersey numbers, pant and footwear.
Boise State: Reflective, Game Royal Bronco head on the uniform echoes the famed blue turf of Bronco stadium.
Florida: Alligator-skin motif used in the jersey numbers, pant, gloves and footwear inspired by menacing Gator mascot.
Ohio State: Stylized script numbers, a replica U.S. flag on the jersey sleeve and the camouflage-print base layer honor the WWII-bound Buckeyes, National Champions of 1942.
Oregon State: Retro design revives a look worn by the victorious 1967 “Giant Killers.”
Pittsburgh: Notched Team Gold jersey numbers and stencil stripe on the helmet evoke steel I-beams in reference to Pittsburgh’s steel industry.
TCU: Icy lizard-skin pattern used throughout the uniform inspired by the scaly body armor of TCU’s horned frog mascot and a memorable quote from celebrated coach Leo “Dutch” Meyer.
Virginia Tech: All-black uniform references the cadet gray-and-black regalia worn by Virginia Tech’s original football team and honors the school’s current Corps of Cadets.
West Virginia: A headlamp-like line running front-to-back on the helmet and smudged Black pattern on the uniform pay respect to the region’s coal mining industry.

According to the release, “The participating schools all rank in the preseason top 25. The teams plan to wear the uniquely designed uniforms for the games listed below and any other games they may determine at a later date…” For Alabama that is November 13.

“The Nike Pro Combat System of Dress merges innovation and inspiration to deliver the lightest uniform in the industry,” said Kris Aman, Global VP and GM of Nike Athletic Training, which includes football. “The designs incorporate cultural cues emblematic of each team’s identity and heritage. They’re more than uniforms, they’re expressions of pride.”

Responsible for this monstrosity (ok, maybe it isn’t as bad as it sounds) are Nike designers. According to the release, “Nike designers studied each team’s past, present and vision for the future. They immersed themselves in the community and culture of the universities. As a result, the special-edition uniforms capture the soul and spirit of each program.”

Perhaps the responsible party in all of this is the University of Alabama and its athletic department. Where was the leadership necessary to protect Alabama’s unique brand? Instead the University has chosen to sell out its distinctive uniform in a way that has delivered the worst possible design conception. The University and Nike should be ashamed.

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  1. Wow… that just sounds disgusting. They better not suit up in those damned things every year after this. F*ck it, the US should paint pretty flowers on our ICBMS, and the Marine’s new uniforms should be pink.

  2. What irritates me about this is the obvious exploitation of the fans. This is a brazen attempt to sell more merchandise by altering the traditional uniform.

    The shameless exploitation of the fans is wrong. Alabama and all of college football long ago lost its virginity, but do they have to be such obvious whores?

  3. You’re claiming it as a hideous new design, yet you haven’t even seen it yet. They’re not unveiled until tomorrow. Poor journalism reporting here.

  4. It is an opinion. The opinion is this: Anything with houndstooth on the Alabama football uniform is a joke. Pathetic. It sucks.

  5. I have no problem with one minor league sec game in a hideous or non-hideous new uniform – a one time deal only with a purpose (whatever heck the purpose is I dk). I have more of a problem with the dang pink stuff – support breast cancer organizations but there is no room for pink at a football game or on a football field and my biggest problem is with the regular uniforms looking more red than crimson.I am old school as anybody..

  6. I remember houndstooth being subtly added to the trim of the uniforms in years past., and I’m ok with that. But beyond that, I’m pure traditionalist. I really, really hope this doesn’t look stupid and obnoxious. Part of why Alabama is Alabama is the plain, simple uniform. (Same with Penn St.)

  7. My god people you havnt even seen the damn uniforms and its not fukn up to you guys any damn way… Saban himself said there were no major changes. So wait the fuk and see..

  8. Don’t mess with the uni’s man…..I remember Terry Bowden messed with ours in the 90’s and I hated it. Leave that crap for the Oregon’s of CFB.

  9. Here’s my two cents…Nike makes great sports gear! I just bought a Nike putter and it’s the best club in my bag. The point is, wait and see if you like it. And when I say wait, I mean until the game. None of us will really know until we see all players wearing them on the field.
    @Crison Hammah..MS State is not a minor league game! The Bulldogs will beat Aubarn and give us a tough game. Mullins is a great coach!

  10. Denny knows what he is talking about. Aside from Alabama and Arkansas, MSU is the best coached team in the West.

    There is no reason to change the Uniform other than Robert Witt is a money whore. That’s why all the bathrooms will be locked on Saturday. That’s why you’ll have to park on the side of Jack Warner at 7:00 am to park your car for free. And that’s why you sit in Traffic til midnight trying to get home. Robert Witt has made a lot of stupid decisions in an effort to improve the brand. The only good thing he does is get out of Saban’s way.

    And Robert Witt’s bull excrement, along with that Pimp Gene Hallman, are why I am taking my family to Florida this weekend.

  11. “Denny knows what he’s talking about.” He doesn’t even know the name of the freakin’ coach. It’s Dan Mullen not Mullins.

  12. Way to overreact, drama queen. It’s hardly that much different. Yeah, that American flag sure is hideous. Sure ought to be ashamed of THAT. Thanks for popping off on something you hadn’t seen yet.

  13. I have seen the pictures of the uniform and to me, it looks great! It has not pulled one bit form Alabama’s traditional style of the uniforms at all. In fact, Saban in an earlier published statement said that the change would be very subtle, due to the fact that he is a conservative traditionalist himself. Personally, I would have liked to see the helments have the Alabama A on the side. Anyway, there is not that much difference in these new uniforms versus the old ones to get so bent out of shape. The tradition of Alabama coninues, even with these new uniforms.

  14. I don’t like the look. I understand the “tribute” factor in this — but as mentioned before — this is just another way to merchandise. Obviously this will be a CBS game. Just my take.

  15. Well, then Coach Bryant’s hat was hideous using your “logic.” Good God, loosen your panties already. It’s football, not Project Runway.

  16. If it doesn’t affect the way they play, then who cares? It is cloth. I don’t really think it affects the scoreboard.

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