Hate rules the Auburn Family

Have you ever wondered what the Auburn Family looked like?

Here is your chance thanks to the Montgomery Advertiser. Watch the video below and you will understand the family. It is based on hate. These family members hate Alabama, Alabama fans and Paul Finebaum’s national callers.

Charles from Reeltown and Tammy are the stars of this video and story from the Advertiser. The video starts with Tammy screaming. What else? And the Montgomery Advertiser accurately describes what she sounds like “her screeches can rival fingernails on blackboards.”

“I don’t want to go through them days again,” Charles from Reeltown declared of his resentment of the Alabama days when Bryant owned the SEC. This is perhaps the most honest and revealing thing an Auburn fan has ever said. Auburn fans fear the slide into the valley of irrelevance as Alabama ascends the summit of college football. Auburn fans like Charles from Reeltown remember those days when Paul W. “Bear” Bryant ruled college football, and despite what was said, Charles and Tammy know those days have returned.

As for Tammy, she has put the Alabama Crimson Tide in a difficult situation regarding this year’s Iron Bowl in Tuscaloosa. If Alabama wins, she threatened to leave the stadium naked.

Nobody wants to see that. In fact, it might be best if Alabama lost just to avoid that.

Video below: