With USC being forced to vacate the BCS title due to NZAA sanctions, the Abarn marketing field team, otherwise known as AU beat writers around the state (and those that don’t like Saban because he’s mean) are working overtime to write or say something…anything…to shift public opinion.

Folks, it is the most pathetic exercise I have ever witnessed as an adult.

Not since our aubie friends printed car tags, t-shirts, underwear and everything else claiming a title in 1993 have I ever seen something so sad yet hilarious.

It truly paints for all to see in living color how badly Abarn fans want what we have.  The Aubsession continues.

Right on cue, they put blinders on to avoid the facts.

Forget that Oklahoma was the team that stood the test of time and pressure the whole 2004 season at #2  while Auburn climbed in from the shadows at #19.

“But we were voted #2 that year!” they say.

Yes, but in the wake of the results of the title game, in which you were not invited or good enough to play.

No, the Sooners actually being the ones in the title game to face the Trojans somehow escapes our little aubies.

And forget that the same USC team obliterated the then #3 Abarn Tiggers in their own yard the year before, 23-0.

As it was, it worked out perfectly for the Tiggers in 2004.  They avoided getting smoked by the Trojans for the third straight year, and could forever crow about being undefeated.

Remember, we’re talking about the same bunch that claimed they won the title in 1993 by going 11-0.  As I recall, probation kept them from being able to participate in the two remaining games necessary to stake that claim legitimately.

But who cares about legitimacy in Lee County?  It’s all about spin and perception down on the farm.

Just don’t mention to Tigger fans the fact that if Oklahoma would have gotten to face Virginia Tech in the Sugar Bowl that year, we’d be talking about the SOONERS claiming a piece of the prize today.

See, that’s the problem with awarding titles in retrospect.  There are too many variables at play to make it work.

Putting it all in perspective, the BCS National Championship for 2004…the only one that really matters…has been vacated by USC, meaning no one is awarded the title for that year.  What Abarn fans are praying for is a piece of one of the other awards given.

And as the Abarn marketing extension works overtime to make it happen, journalism in this state continues to die before our very eyes.

32 thoughts on “ITK: If you can’t win it, buy it”

  1. has a sec team who played for the national championship since the bcs was instituted lost??

  2. Good question. But we will never know. We need some sort of playoff.

    ITK, you and your bama minions like Finebaum are doing the very thing your bitching about to the tenth power. The only time I hear about it is when Alabama slant media have something negative to say about AU’s 04 season. 99% of AU fans DO NOT CARE if we are retroactively awarded the title.

  3. And what is this member (emphasis on the singular) of the Alabama media’s name of whom you speak?

    Flip your percentage and you’re dead on.

  4. There are journalists in Alabama? I just thought that was some queer in a beret, an obnoxious Yankee, and Tommy Tubberville’s gardener?

  5. I honestly could care less if AU is awarded the title retroactively. It’s just funny that you morons pretend that it’s Auburn fans and in-state media bringing this up as opposed to the FWAA. The most hilarious thing is how upset you bammers get at the mere mention of it, and the absolute, blatant, unmitigated, unapologetic, pure hypocrisy you display when you say that being retroactively awarded an NC is wrong. Do you idiots not even know the history of the NC’s you claim? Do you not know that every title you claim prior to the 60’s was “retroactively awarded”? (by such stalwart organizations as Houlgate and the Football Thesarus, neither of which even existed until several years after the alleged NC’s were “won”.)

    ITK, did you seriously just say that AU shouldn’t be awarded the NC because USC beat them a year earlier? Gee, why did Bama even bother suiting up against Fla in 09? After all, they lost to Fla by double digits the year before. For that matter, why is Fla going to even bother playing Bama this year? After all, everyone knows it’s empossible to lose to a team one year and beat them the next year.

    BTW, who claimed a title for AU in 93? I’ve never heard anything about that. Please direct me to the car tags and t-shirts that were printed which say AU won the NC in 93.

  6. Yep, the double standard is overwhelming. Of not for the retro championships all the Bammer t-shirts woudl read something like “Got 5″…..Again, no AU people I know are pushing a 04 championship change.

  7. Well if you SumBitches could ever get a NC the old fashioned way –
    Just get one Julio. Can Auburn do that ? Just one.
    Hell no.

  8. hell if thats the case the auburns t shirts would say “GOT ANY”. 13 or 8 or 5 national titles is still more than 0 and all were won on the field not because of another team being stripped of it. and julio for someone who constantly trys to berate people on intelectual capacity its impossible not “empossible” . badda getta badda getta sis boom bah weegull weegull dead damn eagle kiss us on our butt big blue! now ill wait for you two to get together and attempt to slash and gash good luck jimmy

  9. Doesn’t matter to me if they try to claim the 2004 NC. The Aubies would be the only ones who would recognize it.

    I know, I know…”We don’t care if anyone recognizes it, we know we were the champions…”

  10. First Julia, the correct usage of the phrase is “I couldn’t care less”. However, I think you betrayed your true feelings the way you stated it the first time.

    On your ridiculous Florida analogy, the difference is, until we destroyed the Gators and Tebow last December, I wasn’t taking a win for granted. We were pretty darn good in ’08 and couldn’t do it.

    Now, juxtapose this with every Aubie out there who…with zero burden of recourse or consequence…can flap their gums out of speculation on what would have happened if the Tiggers got to do what they never get to do: Contend for anything meaningful.

    Give me and every other multi-celled organism on the planet a break if you want us to believe you haven’t heard such speculation from your brethren about 2004 and title talk from 1993.

    Engage any abarn fan in conversation about those years and it’s “empossible” for it not to come up.

    As for your stupidity about National Championships…like you’re an expert on the subject…I suggest you call the NCAA offices and inquire with them. It seems they are as confused about it as we are, citing more on our behalf than we even claim.

  11. Kind of like yall do about 7 of them ? Again , the double standard is insane. We COULD say we have 4….But we dont say that. We arent like Alabama. We only count the one that is not up for debate.

  12. I “betrayed” my true feelings?? Wow, I’m sure my true feelings will be very disappointed to know that they were stabbed in the back. They usually just like to be “portrayed”.

  13. Click this link and read definition #4:


    Oh hell, you’re too stupid to follow a link. I’ll make it easy on you:

    4 a : to reveal unintentionally b : show, indicate c : to disclose in violation of confidence

    Guess you shot your wad when you used the word “unmitigated” earlier.

    Why do I even communicate with you?

  14. ooohh, ITK’s breakin’ out the dictionary. Guess he showed me, huh? Why, what I said almost made less sense than “On your ridiculous Florida analogy, the difference is, until we destroyed the Gators and Tebow last December, I wasn’t taking a win for granted. We were pretty darn good in ’08 and couldn’t do it.”

  15. I think I speak for everyone here when I say, “What?”

    So you devote your entire post #15 to calling me out on a term I used correctly but you did’t understand…and then follow it by trying to scoff at a reference to the standard for understanding word usage.

    Your credibility here has fallen faster than Abarn’s title hopes in a season. Any season.

  16. julia the damn e and i arent anywhere near each other on a key board admit you cant spell you illiterate twat! lol hahahahahahahaha hell yall go ahead and claim that pathetic championship its the ONLY way auburn is gonna win one. kenny fomby a.k.a. charles from reeltown is gonna be selling 04 championship t shirts and bumper stickers in his front yard you should stop by and get you one of each hell maybe even SI will put out a magazine dedicated to yall too

  17. Not up for debate? Bulls–t! You were put on probation for cheating that year. Ohio State was the real national champion. You don’t have any that aren’t tainted or debatable. There’s a big difference in being retroactively awarded by merit and politicking like beggars for something you didn’t deserve. We’ve only politicked twice and both times we were f–ked, which is why the NCAA recognizes us as champions both years even though we don’t claim them. Must be a bit-h not having ever been good enough to be retroactively given a pre 1950 championship. I mean according to you they were all so cheap to get, surely you could have come up with at least one! As for Florida, we were as good as them in ’08, just not as deep. We were young and improving, obviously. But in ’04 Abarn and SC were basically the same teams that had already played twice and you lost worse each time. Not to mention that SC had 2 Heisman winners. And they weren’t being paid to play. The agents were simply buying NFL negotiation rights. RTR!

  18. Then take away your ’92 championship, dummy….Remember the probation Langham got put on you because of infractions before the Sugar Bowl ?

    Again, the double standard is a Bama trait, not an Auburn one.

  19. Ummmm, BP? If the NZAA didn’t cite his participation in the Sugar Bowl or make us vacate that Championship, ‘spose we ought to “take it away” just because you thought it’d be neat if we did?

    Like the oil spill, what goes on between your ears is an absolute mess.

    I believe the infraction came after the game.

  20. Look, for a long time Bowl games were treated as prizes for college players. They were intended almost as exhibition games. The Rose bowl, for example, tried to pit who was considered the top two teams in the country to play each other. When they played, the winner wasn’t declared the National Champions on the spot. There was no BCS game, winner take all. It was after the season. The AP and UPI didn’t even have a poll till later. Alabama’s ’25, ’26, ’30 and ’34 Rose Bowl teams were awarded retroactively because of this. During that time, if you won the Rose Bowl you were considered the best team in the country. The recognized polls of the day declared Alabama national champions. Why this is hard to understand for some people is beyond me. They only want to count the AP or UPI polls as if they have been around for 100 years. Its pretty simple. Why some want to dissect in order to try to discredit it just shows their insecurity.

  21. I was thinking the infraction was before the game….Could be wrong.

    And I was saying that just to prove a point to egg. You could even say that I was taking myself out of context ( if thats possible ???).

  22. BP suggesting we take away our ’92 NC HAS to be the “anti-post” of the year and the season isn’t even here yet – holy sh|t – I’ve never read such a ridiculous post in my life (well IndyVol’s up there) but hands down – because Langham met with an agent AFTER the game and/or season – we just need to give it up like a 16 y.o. teenage chick to even the playing field – L M F A O – although 13, ITK & Crimson usually steals my thunder before I can get ahold of the thread – this conversation HAS to be continued due to it morphing into another kind of monster!

    Oh yeah – this usually pisses a lot of folks off in here,


  23. 13, brilliant explanation and right on the money about the bowls.

    Not just in sports, but it’s funny how we seem to think the way we do things today has always been the way it’s always been done. The bowls are a perfect picture of how this isn’t so.

  24. BarnNeck’s are so stupid.1992 in question? Struck a nerve? Bama fans are upset? I’m laughing my ass off.
    I can’t wait for the Laptop Bowl this year when Auburn’s thief faces off against Ole Miss’ thief.

  25. There aint many upset Bama fans that I can see. The only people upset here are the touchy Auburn fans hanging out on a Bama board. I really think that they like being slapped around and called names or they wouldn’t be here. Take Julia for instance, he/she still tries to take portions of the facts to make a case for Auburn. When he/she knows that Bama is the team on top. On a Bama board no less. He/she deserves the beatdowns she/he gets.

  26. 5 star Trey DePriest just commited. That’s 3 5 stars and it’s only July! We are still after 15 5 stars and we are in the top 5 with over half of them, the top 2 with at least 5. If we make it to the NC game we could end up with 8 to 10 and set an untouchable record for 5 star commitments. RTR!

  27. julio Says:
    July 29th, 2010 at 8:16 am
    “I honestly could care less if AU is awarded the title retroactively”

    Bullshit. after hearing that Auburn 2004 was the greatest team ever, (since 2004 from Aubs of course) Aubs would be rolling toomers for a month if any one ANYONE would say that Auburn was the 2004 champ. They would be so pathetic as to pay Tommy Tuberville to come back and claim the erstwhile “trophy”. At one of the finest shindigs People in Lee County can afford and…… They would probably name thier stadium after him even though Tuberville hates Auburn University and quit them because Pat Bobb-eh and Jimm-eh were toublesome meddling son of a bit***.

    Indian. You already come here and try to talk like Auburn is on some kid of equal footing already. Add one fake ass championsip to that and you would be the most arrogant idiot since Chaddddd.

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