Getting a head start on 2010 SEC pre-season rankings
By Shane from Centerpoint

Finally, college football’s recruiting circus is over. The real work is about to begin. Off-season conditioning programs, spring training, and eventually fall camp will replace the over-hyped drama of the events surrounding national signing day.

Attention can now be directed towards the 2010 season. SEC squads across the South will be working hard – using the tried and true methods I mentioned above – to prepare for a chance to be called a champion.

The SEC will field several competitive teams in 2010. There should also be a couple that will fare better than expected. And, two programs that have been on top lately will probably remain that way.

Anyway, for entertainment purposes only, I’ve decided to get a jump on the national pundits and post a pre-season ranking of the SEC from top to bottom, with a few comments thrown in for good measure:

#1 – Alabama The Crimson Tide just went 14-0 and won the national title with a senior class that Rivals had ranked 18th. Rivals also ranked the junior class 11th. Alabama actually won because Nick Saban is a master of player development, and he’ll have even better players to work with this year. This is a well-stocked, very talented, dangerously dominant team that nobody really wants to play – anywhere, anytime.

#2 – Florida In spite of the melt down by Urban Meyer, the Gators continue to load the shelves with top-flight talent. Who knows what effect Meyer’s personal problems will have on the team’s win/loss column. Last year they lost the offensive coordinator – this year the defensive signal-caller jumped ship. However, I think the overall physical superiority of the Florida athletes will take them to Atlanta where they will face-off with Alabama for the third time in three years.

#3 – Georgia Mark Richt is a proven winner who seems to have his back against the wall. He’s in a jam, at least from a perception standpoint. Still, I believe that the quality talent he’s pooled the last few years will begin to surface this season. Barring injuries, this is a team that will play Florida for the right to represent the East in the championship game. Richt’s Bulldogs may be good enough to win.

#4 – Ole Miss With the departure of Jevan Snead (Mr. Turnover), the Rebels have enough good players to challenge the best and beat the rest of the conference. They also have Houston Nutt, one of the best game–day coaches in the business. Will finish runner-up to the Crimson Tide in the West.

#5 – LSU Look, we all know that Les Miles isn’t the smartest coach to ever roam the sidelines, but he does have some fine assistants helping him win football games. With the depth of the state’s talent pool to draw from, Miles should be able to deliver nine wins every year. By the way, LSU is set to have a good year.

#6 – Auburn Gene Chizik lost his starting quarterback, his top running back, and has no returning depth on defense. His second year (actually his career) is dependent on young players and a group of highly–rated freshman. Truthfully, Chizik needs time and more players to compete on a consistent basis with the best. Patience with the new coach will probably pay off in the end.

#7 – Arkansas Bob Petrino is a great football coach. However, he is a lot like Chizik, in that both are stuck building depth because the former coaches left their teams short on players. Actually, Arkansas, LSU, and Auburn are hard to place because they are so much alike. These teams are better than the lower half of the SEC, but not as good as the top-tier teams.

#8 – South Carolina Steve Spurrier is running out of time and he knows it. He is a fierce competitor and it must pain him to know that even he can’t attract the better players to the school. The Gamecocks don’t ever seem to have enough speed or power to match up with the upper echelon. After watching Lou Holtz and Steve Spurrier flounder there, I’ve decided to label South Carolina “Coach–killer U”.

#9 – Mississippi State Dan Mullen is an aggressive young coach, trained by Urban Meyer. He has an excellent staff that excels in all areas. Mullen has created excitement around the program, something former coaches could never accomplish. Given time, Mullen stands to raise the Bulldog nation’s status around the league.

#10 – Tennessee The Vol nation was torn apart and their hearts were stolen by the “California Kid”. Lane Kiffin swept in to their lives, then bolted out like a thief in the night. Derek Dooley – Tennessee’s new top guy – has his work cut out. He has to deal with teaching some players who’ve been in three systems in three years. Logic says that Tennessee will struggle through another transitional phase this fall.

#11 – Vanderbilt Bobby Johnson is a very good football coach who works for a pathetic football school. Yes, Johnson has a smart team, but Bobby can’t get the type of players that he needs. He teaches well and the Commodores play solid enough, but it is what it is. Vanderbilt remains an SEC “whipping boy”.

#12 – Kentucky Rich Brooks was a fine coach, but I don’t know much about the new guy except that his name is Joker. How dangerous can he be? Seriously, Kentucky has a great basketball program. On the other hand, the football team is an SEC “patsy”.

So, there it is. “That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!”
Shane writes a weekly column for the Call News and the Capstone Report.

31 thoughts on “Shane: Early 2010 SEC rankings”

  1. Based on schedules, this is more like it.

    7)South Carolina
    8)Ole Miss
    10)Miss State

  2. I know with 6 SEC teams with a bye week before they play Bama, it will be tough to go undefeated again. We’re capable of winning the west, but LSU may be alot better than we think. Their talent may make up for poor coaching.

  3. Excellent column Shane!

    I think your right on the MONEY!!





  4. I’d predict Georgia, LSU and Arkansas in front of AU this season…probably. Will have to watch what happens in Baton Rouge and Athens during spring practice. But, I think in terms of total talent and experience those schools are ahead of the rest of the SEC outside of Tuscaloosa and Gainesville. I MIGHT put South Carolina higher. I’m going to debate about that with myself in the coming weeks. I’m very bullish on Petrino. Bearish on Miles and Richt…Bullish on Houston Nutt.

  5. Mike Raita (ABC 33/40) TOP Alabama Football TV HATER!

    The guy who leads his Disciples Melick, Segrest, Scarby, Goldberg and Barkley to the trough better than Jimmy Swaggart ever could. Of course, since they already drink from the same ORANGE trough and one (Barkley) likes HOOKERS too, it’s not very hard to lead those SHEEP! Raita has been the TV version of Charles Goldberg (ThePamHamNews) for a long time.

    Like the Capstonereport guy expressed on The Finebaum Network, it DOES NOT make GOOD “CENTS” for Alabama Football FANS to support or buy products from MEDIA entities in Alabama that express time after time a negative tone or slant against the Alabama Football program and it’s FANS. ABC 33/40 & “ThePamHamNews” are by far the biggest Pro Auburn MEDIA outlets in the state that KEEPS ON GIVING the Auburn Football program and Trooper Taylor a FREE LIMO RIDE!!!





  6. Cam Newton is every bit the QB McElroy was his first year as a starter, with a lot more experience. Auburn has no problems at QB.

    And I don’t give a shit about lap tops either. If he can help us win, I’m good. I’m glad to see Auburn no longer on the “holier than thou” high road. That don’t win you too many ball games. It was high time we got down in the mud with the bamas and LSUs of the SEC.

  7. Alabama 1/2
    Florida 2/1
    LSU 3
    You never count out LSU or Gators!
    Arkansas 4
    Georgia 5
    South Carolina 6
    Kentucky 7
    Georgia had 1 a bad year,don’t count them out. Arkansas showed potential.The old ball coach will show up this year(with a team). Kentucky will play spoiler for a few teams this year.
    Tennessee 8
    Auburn 9
    Miss State 10
    Ole Miss 11
    Vandy 12
    Tennessee will always be tough but they will need a lil more time to get back. Auburn will start alot of freshman this year. They will need another year or two before they see the top 5. Miss State could be in the top 5 if Mullen keeps them on their current track. Ole Miss “whatever”! Vandy SMH.

    Why can’t we trade Vandy for V-Tech or G-Tech!

  8. Aurox,

    The Barners have been “down in the mud” for a long time (keep it down home cuz).
    Carnell Williams, etc.

    Pat Dye is still allowed to run things at the COW COLLEGE even though it was his teams who put Auburn on NCAA probation that earned “The Lack of Institutional Control” NAME.

    Charles Goldberg of “ThePamHamNews” should come on the Finebaum Network and tell us how and why Trooper Taylor broke NCAA rules.

    Alabama beat writers always come on the Finebaum Network!!!!!





  9. CrimsonBrother……we went 13-0 that year if I recall. Look for more of the same. You’re seriously kidding yourself if you think Saban isn’t doing it as well. He’s just smart about it. He has the booster clubs do all the dirty work. Have you forgotten what LSU looked like before he got there? And he was able to attract top notch talent to that shit hole with his wonderful personality? Come on, now.
    Saban finds himself in an interesting predicament…..he’s up against a school that wont roll over for him, and most importantly, has as much dirt on him as he may or may not have on us. He showed his hand in Gadsden.

  10. 1. Bama …Cant argue with the facts.
    2. FLorida….Would be #1 with Tebow.
    3. Georgia…Richt shows hes still got it
    4. Auburn….The turnaround is full circle
    5. LSU….Miles is showing he dont have it.
    6. Arky…Mallett is a one man show.
    7. SCAR…..As usual middle of the pack.
    8. Ole Miss……Nutt is still Nutt. No Mclester is not good.
    9. Tennessee…..Too much chaos too have any continuity.
    10. Kentucky….They are still Kentucky, only without Rich Brooks.
    11. Missy St.Mullen is a good coach, not a miricle worker.
    12. Vandy…Where else would they be ?

  11. AUROX Says:
    February 15th, 2010 at 1:20 pm
    Cam Newton is every bit the QB McElroy was his first year as a starter, with a lot more experience. Auburn has no problems at QB.

    Newton was the solid 4erg string when he was asked to leave at Florida. For stealing.
    The New Auburn Creed:
    I believe this is a practical world, therefore, I can only count on what I can steal and cheat people out of……

  12. This is a little off topic.
    But so Far I am impressed with Dooley at UT.
    No brash comments. No bragging. No shots at other teams or coaches….
    He is a 100% improvement over “Check out” Lane.
    Congrats UT on hiring (so far) a class act.

  13. Almighty….right on about Dooley. He knows the game. Vince was his daddy. The game? you may ask. Don’t point to many “holier than thou” fingers at other schools, especially in your own conference, because it will invariably come back to bite you in the ASS!” You inbred crimson necks need to learn that lesson. Y’all think you got “Saint Nick” running the program, and you can accuse everyone else of cheating. Wise up. He wasn’t hired to teach Sunday school. Ask Fulmer (or even Kiffin) what happens when you spend more time trying to “out” your competitors, than taking care of your business at home.

  14. AUROX, I think most Alabama fans are simply enjoying having a chance to throw the cheating talk back in Auburn fans’ faces after the last couple of years. (Hey, I know that is the ONLY reason I even wrote that blurb about Arkansas fans being upset.)

  15. This goes to both Bama and Aub fans, if you have proof of cheating put it out there if you do not have proof of cheating STFU.

  16. CHARLES GOLDBERG (“ThePamHamNews” Auburn sports beat writer) needs to go LIVE on the AIR with FINEBAUM just like all the other “PamHam” BAMA beat writers have. Why is CHARLES GOLDBERG getting a FREE PASS?

    CHARLES GOLDBERG needs to explain when, how, and why TOOPER TAYLOR broke NCAA RULES. Why was TROOPER TAYLOR not allowed to travel outside of Auburn during the recruting period?

    CHARLES GOLDBERG also needs to tell us anthing else he knows about Auburn football cheating, since he lives in AUBURN.

    “ThePamHamNews” & ABC 33/40 should stop GIVING the Auburn football program and TROOPER TAYLOR a FREE LIMO RIDE!





  17. Pam Ham News Rox! The bammer front man has done such a wonderful job of ingratiating himself with the media!


    Recruiting (despite an NC)…..Chizik….check

    Coaching (58.5 minute beatdown with 70 scholarship players against the “number 1” team)…..Chizik……check

    What’s next?…….

    Crimson Bro……you just keep reminding everybody of the crimson turd accomplishments……they’ve already been forgotten.

  18. Not even close Shane! Not even close!!!

    Ole Miss lost Snead, McCluster and Hodge on offense. Plus Hardy on defense. Let’s not forget Dave Rader as OC.

    Secondly, Arkansas’s offense is going to be scary good. That will be a game Alabama – with almost a completely new secondary – better watch out for.

    Finally, your Mark Richt reasoning was right but you got the team wrong – it’s Steve Spurrier and USC

    1) Alabama
    2) Florida
    3) Arkansas
    4) LSU
    5) South Carolina
    6) Georgia
    7) Auburn
    8) Tennessee
    9) Mississippi State
    10) Ole Miss
    11) Kentucky
    12) Vanderbilt

    5.south c
    9.ole miss
    11.miss st

  20. Shane, Bama lost 9 starters on defense. Get real. In all honesty, this is how I see it playing out

    1)Arkansas- Best QB in the league, if they get any defense whatsoever, they are in Atlanta.

    2)Auburn- Schedule sets up nicely for the tigers. I see 10 wins best case, 8 worst case.

    3)Alabama- I don’t give a damn how many 10 stars you have, you don’t lose what they lost on defense and not drop some. That being said, I see 9-10 wins.

    4)LSU- The wheels are falling off this bus. What is going to be bad is if they get a real coach in there to coach all that talent they have I see 7-8 wins.

    5) Mississippi State- Dan Mullen gets to a bowl with a 6-6 record

    6) Ole Miss- No Snead. No McCluster. No Greg Hardy. They will do good to make a bowl game. 5-6 wins.

  21. Aurox,

    Thanks for the compliment!

    But I have to say, I will never come close to ingratiating myself to the MEDIA (ABC 33/40 & “ThePamHamNews”) as much as they have to the Auburn Football program.

    I noticed you didn’t have a response to my other points so let’s try again.

    1. Why is CHARLES GOLDBERG the only beat reporter for the “ThePamHamNews” that never goes on the AIR with Finebaum when an Auburn football story breaks out?

    2. CHARLES GOLDBERG needs to explain when, where and why TROOPER TAYLOR broke NCAA RULES.

    3. Why was TROOPER TAYLOR not allowed to travel outside of Auburn during the recruiting period?

    4. CHARLES GOLDBERG needs to tell us anything else he knows about Auburn Football cheating, since he lives in Auburn.

    5. Why does CHARLES GOLDBERG get a FREE PASS?

    6. Why isn’t “ThePamHamNews” & ABC 33/40 concerned about PAT DYE being in control of the Auburn football program, since it was his teams that put Auburn on NCAA PROBATION?

    7. Why does “ThePamHamNews” & ABC 33/40 GIVE the Auburn football program and TROOPER TAYLOR a FREE LIMO RIDE?





  22. EAST
    1) Florida- The road still runs through Gainsville, although like Bama, they won’t be as good…

    2) South Carolina- If Spurrier is ever gonna make a run, this is the year to do it because Florida will probably win another national title in 2010-11. Hand the ball to Lattimore and let the defense win.

    3) Georgia- Georgia should be better now that Richt shook up the staff. But with a young QB, they should still lose 3-4 games. I see 8 wins.

    4) Kentucky- Joker Phillips should transition smoothly, and their schedule sets up nicely with their tougher games at home. I think Joker gets 7 wins.

    5) Tennessee- Derek Dooley will be successful at Tennessee. Just not this year. I see 7 wins.

    6) Vanderbilt- Still Vandy. 3-4 wins.

  23. Compliment? What compliment? The bammer front man I’m referring to is saban. He’s an ass to the media at every press conference, but you guys expect the media to kiss your ass anyhow. That’s just not possible. It doesn’t work that way.

    It’s like a football fan who wants to root for the tide, but not be mistaken for a redneck. It’s just not possible. The two go hand in hand.

  24. YO, AUROX! “A football fan who wants to root for the Tide, but not be mistaken for a redneck?” Have you ever heard of that great AU supporter known as “Charles” from Reeltown? How about “Tammy” who ALWAYS makes me laugh when she calls Finebaum’s show? Take a look around, dude. If you live in Alabama, rednecks come in all shapes & sizes, male & female, crimson & white AND ORANGE & BLUE!

  25. I know, just trying to stir the pot. You always make sense, St. Clair. Can’t argue with those examples. They’re both very embarrassing when they call in.

  26. YO! Thanks for the compliment, AUROX. We have our fair share of embarrassing fans as well. However, we NEED people like that because they’re always good for a laugh after a long day. Later!

  27. Yeah Bammer from St. Clair. We have Charles from Reeltown but yall have the idiot that writes this shitty column. LOL

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