By Shane from Centerpoint

After watching the Alabama Crimson Tide football team physically whip the Texas Longhorns – the second most talented squad in America – an old, yet familiar air of confidence began to envelope me. You know, that winning attitude every Alabama fan carried like a badge during the seventies, a 10-year era when the “Bear” guided the Tide to 100+ victories and several national championships. Alabama’s final two games this year were truly Bryant-like performances. Like Bryant, Nick Saban has the capability to create a dynasty. In other words, if Saban stays 10 years, the Crimson Empire should enjoy another magical run.

Some might say that Saban and Paul Bryant are total opposites. My opinion is far from that. From a football perspective, I believe they approach the game from the exact same mindset.

Back then Bryant had – and Saban now has – a team nobody wants to play.

The Alabama players in the seventies were bigger, faster, and stronger than everybody they played. Bear had an abundance of quality depth at all positions, with fierce competition for playing time serving as their motivation for achieving excellence. Coach Saban has duplicated every characteristic mentioned above. He’s used high-caliber standards to form a unit that matches every aspect of those Bryant–coached teams.

From the day he arrived on campus, Coach Bryant was successful in creating a winning environment. Nick Saban has done the same.

In fact, Nick has lead Bama to an SEC championship and a national title, while delivering an NCAA record-tying 26 wins in the past two seasons. Thinking Bryant yet?

Additionally, Coach Saban has basically out-coached the entire league for two years. He currently “owns” the two teams that Bryant believed were most important. Tennessee is three games under Saban’s thumb, with Auburn now two games back.

His legacy leaves no doubt that Bear Bryant was one of the best recruiters in college football’s storied history. I have no doubt that Nick Saban will stand beside him on the podium when all is said and done.

By the end of next year reality will inevitably sink in for the rest of the SEC. The Tide has risen back to the “elite” status they enjoyed during the reign of the greatest coach of all time.

Teams like Tennessee, Auburn and LSU are about to return to the back of the bus, where they were accustomed to sitting during the Crimson Tide’s glory years.

Ole Miss, Mississippi State, and Arkansas will suffer even more than in the past.

Good teams like Florida will have their championship hopes crushed when they move across divisional lines and face the Tide.

Non-conference competition will dwindle as coaches try to avoid a potential loss that could drop their team in the polls.

Truthfully, SEC programs were neurotic during Bryant’s tenure. In those days many coaches entered the SEC with high hopes and ended up with a moving van in their driveway.

Amazingly, Coach Nick Saban has already forced complete overhauls at Tennessee, Auburn, and Mississippi State. He even made the great Urban Meyer quit! Who’s next? Stay tuned! There will be more to come.

In the midst of his dominant reign, Bear consistently kept conference opponents off–balance by keeping their programs in turmoil. Coach Saban seems to have that same effect.

Actually, Alabama’s legendary championship tradition was created before Paul William Bryant took the job, but he took winning to unprecedented heights in his 25–year career.

Saban, by winning the national crown in his third year, has only scratched the surface of his potential at Alabama. He has the ingredients in place to dominate his competition for the next 4-5 years and I see no change on the horizon.

Sure, Bryant and Saban are two totally different personalities from football eras that are literally worlds apart. Yet, they have one trait that forever links them together as one – winning.
Shane writes a weekly column for the Call News and the Capstone Report.

67 thoughts on “Shane: Saban could be Bama’s next Bryant”

  1. Correct me if I’m wrong, Shane, but didn’t you predict the Tide would win the NC prior to the season?

    If memory serves me correctly, the barnrats declared open season on you for it.

    Talk about getting the last laugh.

  2. “Teams like Tennessee, Auburn and LSU are about to return to the back of the bus…”. Well, that’s about the most classless metaphor I’ve heard used in quite a while. What are you gonna say next Genius, that Bama will “Bull Connor” or “lynch” the rest of the SEC??

  3. the leprechaun and the drunk are a lot alike.they both cheat,saban will be caught and bama will be hit with once again with very serious probation. dead bear cheated but was never brought to justice. dead bear was about 2 ft taller than the leprechaun. the ncaa is looking into all the vilations as we speak.

  4. The term “back of the bus” wasn’t a racial comment jackass. But it seems that in this country people like you would have every comment ever made be racially motivated so that you will have a crutch. You are the type of person who believes that you can say any damn thing you want, yet you pick out a general term and try to twist it into something else. I guess that’s what we should expect though.

  5. Banditt, when are you gonna learn, daddy’s home and everybody’s getting ass whippins from here on out. Go cry somewhere else about cheating. And before you make any more comments just remember there is only 1 SEC school with a winning football record against ALL other SEC teams.








  7. Oh gee, I’m sorry big red…is there another way of looking at the term “return to the back of the bus” that is still derogatory yet not racial?? See, you probably didn’t get far enough in school to learn about this, but the civil rights movement was born with the Montgomery Bus Boycott which resulted after Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat and move to the back of the bus as she was then required by law to do. Please explain this other “non-racial” way that the phrase “return to the back of the bus” has been used.

  8. Would Coach Bryant have called a fake punt on 4th and 23 from his own 20? It wasn’t even original as Coach Williams of Yale tried and failed at the same lark in November. Luck covered Coach Saban’s indiscretion as McCoy was injured before Texas could score the “gime” touchdown.

    Would Coach Bryant have gone for another touchdown with a ten-point lead and a first down with time running out, when he could have just as well taken a knee and run the clock out? (If Texas uses their last time out, then go for it or kick a field goal.) Coach Bryant had more class than that.

    Coach Bryant won National Championships with good sense and class. Coach Saban won with good luck. There really is no comparison.













  10. The real NC was the SECCG. It’s delusional to think that Texas is a better team than the lizards.

  11. Julio, don’t concern yourself with my level of education. Terms are only what you make of them. I am positive at this point that you are a HUGE racist and will never let anyone forget that. So here we go, Shane from Centerpoint is racially biased in his articles because he referred to Bama returning to the front of the proverbial “SEC bus” not the one Rosa Parks rode on. I don’t think the way you do so everything to me is not racially motivated.

  12. Give Me A Break, shut the fuck up turd breath! You don’t have permission to talk about Bear Bryant, much less give opinions about what he would or would not do, asshole! You yellow, retarded, inbred, jealous bastards are just pissed because a 10 point game would have allowed you to run your cock breath mouths and say Bama was lucky and McCoy would have beat us. But a 16 point win is a beatdown and you can’t say a goddamn thing without sounding like the retarded piece of shit that you are! Even Texas isn’t complaining about the score, shit for brains. What’s more, we were playing for the National Championship – not babysitting the Longhorns. Fucking dumbasses. RTR!

  13. Yoyo…..Shane has been predicting undefeated, championship seasons for Alabama ever since I started reading his “commentary”, and that’s been several years. He was finally right this season…, what a prognosticator.

  14. I wish Mr. Hankey would of let me to continue to use the Citadel krEdIt KaRd while I re-visited my roots. I felt right at home in Southern California where I claim my allegiance, not from Tuscaloosa where I went to school at. I’m a true USC fan because I “acted” for 8 months in Los Angeles and played the dead guy flapping about in the gutter in a D-List flick. PSA? Sell radio ads to get ahead.

    Folks always remember LT here AGAIN for weatherguard. That’s right, get a $15,000 tax credit for weatherguards all metal roofing. Hurricane season is here, even though it’s January, and you don’t want to depend on fly-by roofers and shade tree repairmen. Do what I did and call weatherguard because Mr. Hankey got him a “free” install at his own HoUsE.

  15. Hey Big red A,
    After your last comments, I went back and read the article again and no where in it does Shane, as you say, refer to Bama returning to the front of the proverbial “SEC bus”. HIs exact words used in the article were “Teams like Tennessee, Auburn and LSU are about to return to the back of the bus.” I guess maybe you are one of those historcial revisionist or just want to pretend things are different than they really are or maybe you’re just an Alabama graduate and just cant read. But at least have someone go back and read it to you, Shane does not say anything about the front of the bus. He specifically states “return to the back of the bus”. If you’re not intelligent enough to realize that is a racially based statement then I hope you didn’t actually get a degree from the University of Alabama or any institution of higher education for that matter. I challange you again, as Julio did earlier, give us a meaningful refrence where the phrase “return to the back of the bus” was coined or first and since used that didn’t get is meaning from the Rosa Parks or Montgomery Bus Boycott events. Come on Big red A, support your argument with an intelligent response. I will give you this, it may be so ingrained in Shane’s personality that he didn’t even realize that it was racist when he wrote it. Then again he could just be another white man using his position to try and keep the black man down. Hey I’m white by the way.

  16. Hey Big red A,
    I got another question for you. If you don’t think Shane’s comment was racist do you think Sentor Reid’s comments where he called Obama “a ‘light-skinned’ black man ‘with no Negro dialect unless he wanted to have one.'” were racist?

  17. Saban fill the shoes of Bryant?
    That’s a big belly laugh. Saban is a cold hearted “b” who has an insatiable appetite for winning and not an ounce of loyalty or integrity, just the opposite of Bryant. Saban may eventually win more games but he’ll never take the place of Bear Bryant. If I was an UA fan, I wouldn’t get too use to him being there long term. He’s like a $10 ho, if someone offers $20, he’ll be gone and making out with another school.

  18. Everyone that really thinks Alabama could have beat Texas with Their All American quarterback that averages over 300 yards a game, 70% accuracy, and the leader stand up. Texas almost beat Alabama with a really green freshmen at quarterback, with Colt McCoy in they would have ripped up UA’s defense. I see Texas, full manned, a 2 touchdown better team that than Alibami High.

  19. Roll Call,
    How many Alabama fans on here are proud that – Crimsonite from the planet Crimson in a galaxy far far away. FormerlyE.G. White – is an Alabama fan and thinks that he represents your fan base well?

  20. You assholes are the reason this country can’t move forward. I do not believe for one second that Shane’s comment was racially motivated. People like you in the U.S. of the offended would have anything in which you don’t agree “racist”. Please have someone pull your heads from your asses so that you don’t have such a shitty outlook on everything. If you will grow up and step out of the past everything won’t knock the huge chips off of your shoulders, maybe then you can find something credible to whine about. Who cares where a phrase was coined. Why does it matter, considering he in no way attacked any race or creed of people. But I wont mention busses since they are a sore spot for you. As far as senator Reid’s comment, he’s actually an asshole, just like every other politician. He’s in it for his own benefit, jus like Obama, and if you think otherwise, you’re dumber than any words can describe. I’ll change it for Shane though, the other teams are going to the bottom of the barrel. Is that racist?

  21. You barnrats really need to get a life and go find something else to complain about. Life as an auburn fan must really suck, but you don’t have to show off your inbredness on a Bama forum all the time. Go out in the backyard and bang on tree to get your hostility out and then shut the **** up! You better gets used to “sitting in the backseat” especially in this state! Times have changed boy!

  22. Thank you tider2, you are smart enough to figure it out. It is not about race, but knowing your place. biatch.

  23. I’m proud of all of Saban,s children, cream squeaser, even the really stubborn ones. You MUST be a dilusional Aubie who thinks that your team is relevant. The polls, stats, and recent history have told the story of big brother coming home and kickin’ lil bro’s ass all over the house.

  24. LT here to annouce that my non-cheesy coach Pete Carroll has left the building. I am so disappointed that WE are about to finally go on probation our OUR coach left for the seahawks, just wish it was for the Rams. They used to be in LA and thats why why i pull for them. i was so embarrased by you Tide fans in south cal. embarrassing folks. Do what I did and call guttercap. You will be no good to the wife and kid if you fall off the roof and DIE! BTW, all images of Ian have finally been removed from my website. See RT photos! Chris Vernon is coming folks. The gangstas will rule brook highland again. Peece in the middle east. Go dodgers, rams and SC!

  25. hmmm….
    Lets see…
    Pat Dye on tape.
    Pat’s cronies are back in town.
    Suddenly, recruits who had never had a thought about Auburn in their life are jumping to play for a Head coach with a losing record, An offensive Coordinator 3 years out of high school, Ted friggin Roof, and an offensive line that couldnt block a toddler.
    And some idiot wants to point the finger at Bama and say “cheat!”
    You gotta be shitting me.
    Go milk a cow Barnie. And re-read that Auburn creed that you only remember when it comes time to bullshit someone into thinking you are actually a decent person….

  26. the answer to your question is, he already cheats like the drunk bear. he drinks but not as much as drunk bear.he is a very short boy, drunk bear was a man.he wont be in ttown but one more year. drunk bear was there for 25 years. he is better at cheating than both dubose
    and stallings but the ncaa has bama on their agenda.

  27. Dreamweaver challenges Big red to formulate an intelligent response, so he responds with a barrage of obscene language and hollow insults that fails to even address the question that was asked. Boy, I’m impressed.

    If you change the phrase to “bottom of the barrell” as you suggested, there are certainly no racial implications. But why on earth would you need to change what he said if there was nothing wrong with it in the first place? And by the way, we aren’t the ones that pulled out a bigoted phrase from the 1950’s so spare me the accusations about “living in the past.”

    P.S. Big red, why don’t you walk up to a black man over the age of 60 that is a Bama fan and tell him that “Saban is gonna make these other SEC teams return to the back of the bus” and see what happens. You might want to keep your distance, because he’s probably gonna take a swing at you.

  28. Cheating says the bandit?

    I’m curious, how does a 5-19 coach come to a backwoods program, whose only tradition is throwing toilet paper in a tree, give who you call “the cheaters”, which is Alabama a run for their money. Heck we even had a recruit decommit from us only to commit directly to you. However, you claim a coach who is a celebrity in a sense, cheats?

    Keep those masturbatory fantasies alive because even someone with less than half a brain could tell you there is absolutely no way an unproven, 5-19 coach could give prove SEC teams a run for their money in recruiting doing it “the clean way”. Aubarn’s known for playing catch-up with Daddy using illegal methods… are they doing it again?

  29. Tider2 said “Times have changed boy!” The “boy” part offends me. Who can I take this grievance to?

    I got one question for all of you—-Every one of us on here have used “inbred”, “redneck”, “white trash”, “you fuck your sister, etc.” to describe each other’s fan base. Where was the outrage then??? Are those not all “stereotypical” remarks about white people?

    As for “moving forward” in this country, that will only happen when we all figure out that 1)racism against white people is probably more prevalent now, than the other way around, and 2) we need to quit being so damn sensitive. Do y’all need tampons?

  30. kosmocramer

    I’m happy to know the Bear cheated in the delusional minds of the Barnies. I realize it’s your only way of coping with the fact that no Aubarn coach could ever beat him or equal 1/4 of what he was able to accomplish.

    Even the almighty Slug Jordan cheated AND STILL had his mediocre ass handed to him by his father, Bear.

    I’m sorry you’re not Alabama. I’m sorry you’ll never be Alabama. But the false hopes of Saban leaving and the delusional methods of coping with the fact that you’re a loser and you always have been. You’re not Alabama so get over it (and again you’ll never be 1/4 of what we are).

    Slug Jordan cheated (proven). Pat Dye cheated (proven). Tuberville cheated (proven – Sociology). And how Mr. 5-19 is running a clean program, but ranked THIRD in the SEC in recruiting? Give me a freaking break…

  31. I agree with you Shane. I also picked us to win it all this year, as well as last year. I think we have a solid chance to repeat, although it will be tough to win at UT and LSU, but I think we can handle it. Our offense will be better, defense at least as good as this years, and we will have plenty of experience and leadership. Losing Tiffin and Arenas are big losses and we need a good kicker to step in immediatley. Oh well, we still have Saban so all is well. Aubies, you just saw how to win a National Championship. Keep watching cause we’re gonna do it again! RTR

  32. Pretentious political correctness reigns with some wannabe intellectuals on this forum and others. “Political correctness” will be the downfall of this country where freedom of speech is being derided and challenged whenever there’s a remote possibililty that someone will be “offended”. Someone somewhere can find something “offensive” in just about anything anybody says, but I say, “What the hell difference does it make?”, and “Who the hell cares if someone is offended?” – as long as there was no “intent” to personally insult a particular “person”, in which case the “particular person” can complain specifically to the guilty party. Where there is no “intent” to offend, to hell with “political correctness”!

  33. More CRIMSON TURD BS from Shane the MORON!

    Here is some humor for the National Champs who became National CHUMPS by displaying their trophy at Wal-Mart:

    Buy 1 BCS trophy, get 2 free! Bammer knows money can buy everything (players, etc)

    You might be a redneck if your team wins a National Championship and displays the trophy at Wal-Mart!

    Where was the trophy placed in Walmart, between the toilet paper and the Tide boxes?


  34. Dream Weaver: I will endorse Crimsonite (E.G.) any day of the week to represent our team — the University of Alabama — Crimson Tide. Roll Tide Roll and it will keep on rollin’.

    Crystal & more bitches. (rick james the hand)

  35. Because if my sux vols ever even get to play for one , let alone win one, we will place ours between the toilets and the oranges, because we suck and make our living inspecting toilets. go sux vols!

  36. Don’t worry about Indy Vile — his head coach left him to go to Southern California — now he can scratch his head wondering what kind of program he has.

  37. Can it be true? The lame kidding and his entire staff bolt the sux vols for the left coast.

    Indy sux vol, like we have been telling you for some time now, your beloved sux vols are gonna get what they have had long coming to them, and I Love It!!!

    Eat me toilet inspector and RTR!!!!

  38. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha



  39. Sorry for the late entry Julia, and cream squeaser, I was way too busy being a racist bigot. Seems like AUROX pretty well summed you girls up. Check your panties I think the pad’s leaking “Me me me my pussy hurts” and as far as intelligent responses, you both avioded my point at all costs. So take those $2 words and that $.50 education, go down to the closest convenience store and get yourselves som cold coca-cola and shut the fuck up, boring ass morons.

  40. Saban, chapter 7, verse 15 says “all lame ass kiddie coaches will depart from the land” and the Crimson Sea parted and the lane asses and posers were sent west never to be seen in the holy land again.

  41. Again Shane, you have embraced your inner-moron. The days of Bear were completely different (no scholarship limitations). Talent is too spread out for any one team to dominate. Saban had absolutely nothing to do with Meyer’s health problems. He has tumors on his brain and was hospitalized after the You really should look into getting your brain examined too, not for tumors, but to see if there is one in there.

  42. Again Shane, you have embraced your inner-moron. The days of Bear were completely different (no scholarship limitations). Talent is too spread out for any one team to dominate. Saban had absolutely nothing to do with Meyer’s health problems. He has tumors on his brain and was hospitalized after the SEC title game. You really should look into getting your brain examined too, not for tumors, but to see if there is one in there.

  43. Ahhh, I just love it. UT=back to square one, while their recruiting class is getting pillaged while I type. Suddenly, the SEC playing field got a little more level. UGA is a train wreck about to happen, UT is in turmoil, South Caroclunker is South Caroclunky, Kentucky is starting over, somebody needs to buy Les Miles a watch (or maybe he is truly the moron we all thought he was), Ole Miss has lost their top players in Snead and McCluster, and what the hell is going on at Florida??? Looking like a 2, maybe 3 horse race in the SEC West for years to come, with Alabama, Auburn and Arkansas making the most noise, IF Petrino doesn’t go to UT.

  44. I was Mr. Birmingham in 1989
    Played on the NC team in 92
    Lettered for 4 years
    Co-wrote Beer Drinkers and Hellraisers with Wayne Mills.
    I currently am a 32 handicap.
    Involved with All State around the South.
    Can I get a hell yeahaaaaaaaaaah!

  45. Is the Prophet being censored? I posted and wrote a column about Shane. It’s missing. I like Shane. I just didn like his last column. Shake ups a jox have begun. Waiting…straw dominating LT today. He knows he was shafted.

  46. We are way removed from the day Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on the bus. If this statement had any relevance in today’s pc world, there would be no back of the bus.

    The reference to riding in the back of the bus would be clear to anyone that has ever ridden on a bus. The ride is rougher the further back you sit and the diesel fumes will make you sick to your stomach.

    It is clear that those not understanding the back of the bus line never played sports at any level.

    What a genious piece of writing to get the pretenders to show cards.

    Maybe it is ia!

    No wander you pull for the barn. It helps to have working knowledge.

    It sux to be an aubarn tiger!

  47. I had to get out of there. I was getting dumber by the minute just sharing the air with those hillbillys.

  48. crimsonite and big red must be 2 queers in lust with each other. these homos get on here and act like they know football you 2 dildos know nothing. as far as bear bryant goes he was a cheater
    and a drunk. case closed faggy boys

  49. Bamaborn, you are truly saying with a straight face that he was using the term “back of the bus” simply to infer that other SEC teams would be having a rougher ride and smelling diesel fumes???? You truly don’t think he meant that other teams would be relegated to an inferior and demeaning position, much like black people were in this state prior to the bus boycott??? Of course you know what the term actually implies. You’re just such a freakin’ bammer homer that you can’t even bring yourself to call out a stupid racist comment if it means agreeing with an AU fan and disagreeing with a Bama fan. That is truly pathetic.

    P.S. I’ll give you the same challenge as I did earlier. Walk up to a black man over the age of 60 that is a Bama fan and tell him that “Saban is gonna make these other SEC teams return to the back of the bus” and see what happens.

  50. Yes, Julio, with a straight face, I do not believe Shane ever implied racism in this article. I know you would like to demean Shane at any twisting of his words you can dream, but calling someone or their words racist in this context is over the line.

    As a BAMA HOMER, I read the article and never saw the racism you see. I woujld not have seen racism no matter the author or his bias to a college. In days gone by I rode more miles on a bus than I care to remember. The back of the bus was always reserved for the under classman. By the way, the skin color was both black and white. Not once was race ever a part of where you sat. You paid your dues to sit in the front, and that is the way anyone that has ever spent time on a bus heading any distances to play football will understand the comment.

    By thinking the position of seating on a bus is racist in 2010 is laughable. By noting the thought, is it possible that you are racist?

    It sux to be an auburn tiger!

  51. Ohhh, BB, you master of trickery you. Did you just pull the Jedi Mind Trick of turning the tables and calling me a racist?? Wow, that’s really original.

    Are you so freakin’ stupid that you don’t even realize that in your pathetic attempt to dream up a justification for Shane’s racism that you gave two different definitions in two different posts?? The first post you said it meant that the back of the bus was a rougher ride and had diesel fumes. Now in the second post you are saying same BS about underclassmen sitting in the back and upperclassmen sitting in the front. Which one is it?? Rough ride and diesel fumes, or upper classmen/under classmen??

  52. Isn’t it funny how the bammers were all calling everyone related to Auburn (administration, Board of trustees, the fans, etc.) racist when Chizik was hired over Turner Gill last year, and since then, 3 different SEC coaches have been replaced by white guys, and not one word about racism????!!!!

    Talk about “twisting facts” to support a thesis, just because you hate a rival school. Fuck You Bammers.

  53. Julio,

    For someone to read so much into Shane’s words, how do you not understand the reason for the under classman riding the back of the bus?

    By paying their dues on the bus, the rough ride and fumes is what the under classman paid. Just as the uppers did in years prior.

    It sux to have the reading and comprehension skills of an aubarn tiger!

  54. and if you don’t get it, we all know you never played a down.

    In your twisted racist mind you really thought you had something on Shane.

    To bad you did nothing more than out yourself. Being a racist may be part of your idenity crisis.

    It sux not knowing who you are, but that
    sums up an aubarn tiger!

  55. There’s nothing racist about the back of the bus you idiots. Yall that are belly aching about it are either black and you holler racism everytime you open your mouth while your sittin on the porch waitin for your check or a bunch of bleeding heart liberals that love to holler racism cause its the politically correct way to act or to make yourself feel like youve done something good. Try to get a state job or a civil service job in the state of Alabama good luck if your white cause you WILL NOT GET IT UNLESS YOUR BLACK. Now thats racist you fucking morons !

  56. YO! Just a few thoughts…ITS GREAT TO RETURN TO THE TOP OF THE MOUNTAIN! MT. EVEREST NEVER FELT SO GOOD! GET READY FOR THE STATUE! All this and TENNESSEE gets FRANCHIONIED! Life is good & things are back to NORMAL in the World of College Football. THE TIDE IS #1! THE TIDE IS #1! I love it! ROLL TIDE!

  57. Let’s review Alabama’s National Championships.

    1925 – Dartmouth was named national champion in 1925. The Houlgate pole was started in 1927 and the Helms pole was started in 1941 – both retroactively named Bama champions. I would say this is untrue title #1.

    1926 – Bama tied Stanford 7-7 in a bowl game. The Dickson system crowned Stanford National Champions. The Helms pole, which started in 1941, once again retroactively awarded Bama the title 15 years later.
    Untrue title #2.

    1930 – Notre Dame was crowned by 6 poles in 1930 as National Champions. Parke Davis, an individual, 2 years later, started his own pole and stated that Notre Dame and Bama shared the title.
    Untrue title #3.

    1934 – Bama finished 6th in the Dickson pole, the main pole of that era. Two individuals, Dunkel and Williamson, retroactively started their own poles and named Bama NC. Also, the Football Thesaurus, 12 years later, also named Bama national champions.
    Untrue title #4

    1941 – Bama finished 20th in the main pole of the day. 14 teams had better records, and 3 in the SEC had better records. Football Thesaurus – 12 years later named Bama national champions.
    Untrue title #5.

    1961 – 1st true national championship

    1964 – Crowned NC before the bowl games were played. Bama split the title with an undefeated Arkansas team. Bama lost to Texas in the Orange Bowl, while Arkansas won their bowl game and beat Texas during the regular season.
    Split title #2

    1965 – 3rd National title, although Nebraska, Michigan State, and Arkansas finished with better records than a 9-1-1 Bama team. The Tide beat Nebraska in their bowl game, while the other 2 teams lost their bowl game.

    1973 – The AP named Notre Dame National Champions. Bama lost their bowl game and finished 4th in the AP. UPI (United Press International) named Bama national Champs before the bowl game.
    Split title – 4th NC title

    1978 – Bama lost to Southern Cal during the season, but claims a split title with the Trojans. SC finished with a 12-1 record versus Bama’s 11-1 record.
    Split title #5.

    1979 – 6th National title

    1992 – 7th National title

    2009 – 8th National title

    Of course, as everyone knows, all titles are just popularity contests until there is an actual playoff system.

  58. YO! Well said, Carl. Here’s a FACT for “Jet777.” ANY TEAM that has been awarded a National Championship from WHATEVER organization will recognize that championship as VALID. As far as the championships from the 20s & 30s are concerned, FOR SURE there is room for debate but the fact remains that certain teams from bygone eras have recieved recognition by knowledgable people. Let the naysayers speak, but HISTORY can’t be changed. It was and IS HISTORICAL what the 1925 team accomplished. That 20-19 win over Washington LAUNCHED Alabama football and Southern football onto the National Scene. It was a different era, but people listened to the radio and read the newspapers. Information was available and NO ONE before that game was played gave ‘Bama a chance in that game. Afterwards when people talked college football, Southern teams weren’t overlooked ANYMORE. More than just a football game was won. Probably the GREATEST accomplishment of the 1925 Alabama Crimson Tide was the RESPECT that they earned for theirselves and an entire region.

  59. Very well said St. Clair. As usual no one wants to talk about the ones that Bama was screwed out of for whatever reason. Some easily put the total at 17, but everyone in the football world, unless they have a bias will agree Bama now has 13.

    Make of it what you want, but just as was well put above, you can’t change history, and as I have said on here before, the longer times last, if you don’t learn from past mistakes, things will remain the same. For that reason and many more, Bama can look to earn several more in the coming years.

    This is not an ending, just a new beginning.



  60. Bear Bryant will never be the man that coach Jordan was. Shug was no drunk, cheater or gambler and womanizer. Dream on bammers. He does represent what the rest of you are. Rednecks who claim they have class.

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