By Shane from Centerpoint

With seven minutes left in the 2009 SEC championship game, the television announcers were attempting to keep people tuned in because it was evident by that point that the game was over. CBS’s Verne Lundquist finished by pointing out that Urban Meyer and his Florida Gators’ 22–game winning streak was over and Alabama was now turning its thoughts to Pasadena and the national championship.

That night there would be no appearance by “Superman” in the fourth quarter. He had already been neutralized by Alabama’s “Crimsonite” defense. Tim Tebow’s last shot at college football glory melted away as he kneeled on the sideline and cried while the Crimson Tide used its brutal running game to extinguish the remaining time left on the clock.

Truthfully, the overall dominance displayed by the Tide Saturday was phenomenal and its fundamental execution was textbook in nature.

From holding the Gator’s offense to 88-yards rushing, to ripping the nation’s number-one defense against the run for 253 yards, Alabama took the Florida Gator linemen behind the woodshed, whipping them all night on both sides of the ball.

Bama quarterback Greg McElroy stole the show from Florida’s “golden boy” Tim Tebow. While Tebow looked intense as he sprinted in the pre-game warm-ups, McElroy brought his killer-instinct to the field for the battle. He threw with deadly precision (66%), made some beautiful key runs, and even threw big blocks for his runners. Tebow only ran for his life.

Alabama’s first Heisman trophy winner-to-be, Mark Ingram, earned the right to claim the prize Saturday in Atlanta by serving as the Tide’s main weapon in the nation’s most dangerous pro-style arsenal. He is the most important player on the number-one team in the nation. His 29 touches produced 189 yards and three touchdowns – all against the best defense in the country.

The receivers were stellar as well, providing McElroy with crisp routes. And, Julio Jones – who had modest numbers catching the rock – was like an extra tight end in the running game, leading every long gain by knocking defensive backs on the ground. He is a leader by example, playing his role to perfection.

Alabama did all the little things well against Florida. They were 73% on third-down conversions, had only one penalty, and did not turn the ball over.

The Crimson Tide defense cancelled the Gator’s main weapon – the triple option, and pressured Tebow relentlessly every time he dropped back to pass. It nullified Florida’s speed by holding Demps, Rainey, and James to a combined rushing-total of 25 yards.

Actually, Nick Saban coached a perfect game and made Urban Meyer look (Les Miles) clueless at times during the contest. Bama offensive coordinator Jim McElwain also made the Gator defense look like its defensive signal-caller Charley Strong had already left for Louisville.

The Florida offense was mostly bewildered from the start. However, Tim Tebow made some great throws in the first two stanzas. Florida even held on – showing some fight – by trailing only 19-13 at the half.

But, after Alabama defensive coordinator Kirby Smart and his top G.A., Nick Saban, made adjustments the party was over. Defensive quarterback Rolando McClain took their plan to field and shut the “fighting-Tebows” out in the second half.

As the end neared, the Tide’s new field general, Greg McElroy, proceeded to execute the most beloved play in the Crimson Tide’s playbook – the “victory-kneel”, a true display of class.

Meanwhile, across the field, Tim Tebow wept as he felt the agony of defeat — his teammate holding his head. He had the look of a man who was realizing that a new sheriff is in charge. A devastating loss in his last SEC game sent him the message loud and clear.

This victory and SEC championship are very big. Alabama’s done it 22 times now. Admittedly, Tide fans should be proud, considering a program of Florida’s quality has only eight titles. But, at Alabama, SEC championships are expected.

Understanding that, Nick Saban will give his guys a few days to enjoy being the conference champion, then he’ll begin to prepare them for the grand prize – the national crown.

By the way, I don’t think Saban will miss the one big stat that should motivate this team – the Texas Longhorns are one of the few teams the Crimson Tide has faced and never beaten (0-7-1).

Do I think that – or anything else – will factor into the championship game’s results? Not really. Saban is far too lethal when he has a month to custom-design a defense for an opponent.

In the championship game, Longhorns’ superstar-quarterback Colt McCoy will probably suffer the same fate that broke Tim Tebow last Saturday. Simply put, if Alabama shuts McCoy down, Texas is toast!
—Shane writes a weekly column for the Call News and the Capstone Report.

76 thoughts on “Shane: Florida no contest – Texas is toast”

  1. I love that fact that the Media is going to jump on the Alabama wagon as they did for USC in 2005. The Texas team will get 30 days of this, and be ready to respond.

    Don’t you think that Texas players have won more BIG games than BAMA.

    Maybe you forgot who invented TEXAS TOAST!!

  2. If Alabama plays on January 7th the way it played on Saturday it will not matter how Texas responds. That is the most complete game against a quality opponent I have seen since Miami dismantle Nebraska in the 2001 NC game.

  3. To David Klaus:

    I seriously doubt that the current Texas players have won more BIG games than Bama. How many teams in the final top 25 has Texas beaten? And, how many teams in the final top 25 have Alabama players beaten? I think the answers to these questions will discredit your claim???


    Insert the Bammer rammer-jammer hammer into Nicky Satan’s ass and pound the dirty, cheating, classless Crimson TURD into the California Turf.

    To the Bammer Moron Nation, you lack of class showed true with the rammer-jammer cheer after the game. As always, you are a low-class bunch of idiots!

  5. Congratulations to the Tide, you got it done this year. Good luck in the BCS title game. Keep the streak of SEC schools winning it all alive!

  6. Klaus…this isnt the 0 Texas team, or the 06 trojans. Bamas defense is better than Nebraskas. Yes , its true. But who knows what can happen. If Bama shows up in a funk like they did in the Iron Bowl , you could win by 21….Though I doubt that happens.

    I just love the way Shane has awarded Ingram the Heisman and Bam the BCS title already. Same ole crap, different day / year.

  7. Tebow is still the man. Bama QB just gor lucky for one game. I look for Texas to whip his little tail and no-class Ingram will be crying at the end of that game. LMFAO over and over again.

  8. I am a gator fan and I am obviously debastated with the loss and the way we lost that game. I have to credit Bama
    for playing a flawless game. There was one real team on the field. I think Alabama will bit Texas in January.

    I do hope Bama does not lose focus though. I hope the team does not assume they won’t have to fight for the title.
    The team looked mighty on Saturday, but they really had no opposition as the gator defense and offense was nonexistence. If Texas somehow stops the run, McElroy will be forced to throw and create winning situations. I know he looked great and played a great game, but the reality is that he looked better than he really is. The Crimson Tide played exceptionally well but do not forget how they looked against TN, Auborn, LSU, when the run was stopped or contained.
    Plus, Texas is a great team with great players, great tradition, and a lot of time to prepare. The Tide may indeed face an opponent in the championship game….Please stay focused and bring another title to the SEC.

  9. Love the fact that my Horns will be underdogs. Just like 2005. Keep talking. See what happens when you underestimate Texas! Hook ’em!!!!!

  10. I love the fact you Texas fans (probably aubs, viles, corndogs and swamp rats in disguise) come into a Bama site for the first time today. If Bama shows up (I did say if) the way they did on Saturday Texas would be best suited to stay home. Remember only two things come out of Texas!

  11. Where are all my “B I A T C H E S” at TODAY ?



    I don’t see some of my “B I A T C H E S” up there though.

    I-MAN aka I-MANURE

    THAT’S SOME “CERTIFIED” “BIATCHES” right there !!!




    STRIKE THAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  12. Indiana, you and crimsonbrother both post well thought out and educationally instructive post. Keep up the good work.

  13. I hope the Viles and Aubies enjoy their 7-6 seasons after their bowl losses.Not even a remote chance they’ll follow it up with a 12-2 though.

  14. Taxman if you don’t like it you can leave!!!

    Taxman, I guess I have to put your DUMB ASS in your place, again. Do you remember when you told everybody to feel sorry for Bobby Lowder & his employees for going BANKRUPT!!!

    Remember I told you Colonial wouldn’t have went UNDER if it wasn’t for BOBBY LOWDER’S “GREED” !!!!!!







  15. Here we go again, this time it’s Hook ’em’horns. Don’t you people realize de-nile ain’t just a river in Africa! Bama is gonna kill Texas. They have no shot at all. they might as well just stay home and save themselves the embarassment of this ass-whoppin. Get used to it because we aren’t going anywhere for a loooooooooooong time. RTR

  16. Who has Texas beaten the last two years? NOBODY, that’s who. We’re gonna shut down McCoy and his boyfreind just like we did Tebow and his. RTR

  17. ” … # Melissa Says:
    December 7th, 2009 at 1:12 pm

    Love the fact that my Horns will be underdogs. Just like 2005. Keep talking. See what happens when you underestimate Texas! Hook ‘em!!!!! … ”

    Bitch please! Colt McCoy ain’t Vince Young and this is a new era in collegiate sports all together. Our time is now — not your “we got an extra second from the paid refs” to kick the field goal to embarrass Nebraska who deserved to win. Bo Pellini is meeting with BIG 12 officiating and the commish as we speak. Even though it won’t make a damn — it’s worth looking in to. You guys got an ass-kickin’ coming to you BIG TIME.

    Just like the barners, volunqueers and floridumb gators — spew your vomit elsewhere.

  18. Oh and BTW — shots out to “Bengal Tiger” for being a realist here. I got mad respect for you bro.

    I love when opposing team fans are being real and not spewing vomit.

  19. To the normal Alabama fans, I say congratulations on a great season and championship game. Saban and Alabama has now won something and you should be proud, but not arrogant like Crimson Brother and elephantstomp. It is people like them that give Alabama fans a bad reputation among other college football fans. Good luck in the championship game. You now have the burden of upholding the SEC tradition of the SEC winning the national championship everytime we’ve played in the championship game.

  20. I think Texas does have a shot. This IS the National Championship game so you know that both teams will bring their “A” Game.
    If Texas shuts down Bama for the first 3 or 4 posessions this will be a tight game.
    I wish the Longhorns luck. And I hope that their fans and ours have a safe trip and enjoy the game.
    Roll Fuckin’ Tide!

  21. BTW Folks.
    This is not a divisional rivalry. With Classless and Clueless Wannabe U. fans.
    This is on the Big Stage. Lets try to conduct ourselves with the class and grace southerners are world renowned for. Texas fought a good fight to get to where they are and they have won 13 games this year. Lets please be respectful of that and of their fans.
    While we have had a rivalry (of sorts) with Texas. Let us be the ones who show the same class that the Darryl Royals and Bear Bryants have shown in the past. Lets try to keep this game a classic matchup between 2 of College football’s most storied programs.

  22. Elephantcunt, I am only arrogant to all these stupid haters (including you) coming on here every week pulling for whoever we’re playing next. Don’t come on here now praising us and stating the obvious dude. We know we played great. Last week, you were talking about last years SEC game and Sugar Bowl and how Charlie Strong saw the Iron Bowl and was gonna shut Ingram down. How did that work out for him? Yeah, I’m gonna be arrogant because I can. We are gonna whip Texas’ ass too and then who are yall gonna be on here cherring for, Penn State? Get a life and a team and stay outta here if you don’t like it! RTR

  23. YO, “almightytmc1!” YOU SAID IT! All us Bammers SHOULD be respectful and show class. What did Coach Bryant teach his teams? “Show your CLASS, not your ASS.” The Longhorns have a grand, storied history just like ‘Bama. I don’t have all the info at hand at this moment, but the 4 previous contests between these teams took place during the Bryant Era. The 3-3 tie took place in the 1960 Bluebonnet Bowl. The still-disputed 1965 Orange Bowl, a 17-21 loss is one of I’ve read about & seen interviews & highlights of several times and PROVES how CONTROVERSY is nothing new in Major College athletics. The same could be said about the 1973 Cotton Bowl. Texas won 17-13. That game was billed as the “Battle of the Wishbones.” A Texas back got loose on a long run & during the play he “stirred up the chalk” but WAS NOT ruled out of bounds. The last time these 2 teams played the final score was Texas 14, Alabama 12. No controversy in that 1982 Cotton Bowl; the ‘Horns won that game fair & square. These days we have instant replay and I’M HOPING that we see a controversy-free, hard-fought contest…with THE TIDE VICTORIOUS!!! ROLL TIDE ROLL!!! Later!

  24. With Saban having a full month to prepare for this game,…Texas is in trouble…far greater trouble than Florida ever was.

    And I don’t see any relevance to the fact that Texas has beaten Alabama in all of their prior clashes. That’s history, not a stat that has ANY basis at all on current events. None of the current players,..or coaches for that matter, were playing in any of those games…from either team.

    But I guess if you are a true Texas fan, that’s the only stat that can be found that gives promise for a game that isn’t looking so good in terms of what’s going on in 2009.

    Roll Tide!!

  25. To the fine,respectful Texas folks coming to this board expecting intellegent conversation,,,,run for your lives…..The example given by Elephant turd and Crimson beeooottcchhh , are the norm for the Bama fanbase. St Clair is an exception to the rule. But he is one in a million.

    Again, these are the standard Bama fans…You have no idea for the onslaught of toothless inbreds you are about to witness.

  26. “Ballplay Indian Says:
    December 8th, 2009 at 7:22 am

    To the fine,respectful Texas folks coming to this board expecting intellegent conversation,,,,run for your lives….”

    Listen to this guy — an Auburn guy meddling on an Alabama site because obviously there’s not a whole lot going on with his own program — he has to “be a part” of something that IS happening. Maybe I can understand that in a weird way — after all we carry the state name nationally.

    Want to talk about class — class is out of session. I will never forgive the barner’s for the fingers and the stomping on our A in the middle of the field at Bryant-Denny.

    Until a Texas fan can come on here and explain to me WHY their team has ANY CHANCE of beating us (not just coming on here and saying “Hook ’em Horns” and “we’re going to beat Bama!!!”) in an intelligent manner — I’m going to roast the horns. Simple as that! I’m on a roll like the Tide.

  27. BP, spoken like a true cattle humper from a 2nd class program. LOL! Some Texas idiot said the Short Whornes have played in more big games than Bama. Not! The current 4 year class at Bama has played in 3 bowls, in 2 SECCG’s, 2 Kickoff Classics in Atlanta, against 3 eventual national champions, and against #1 Florida! What has Texas done lately? As for past history, it isn’t even close. Bama has 12 NC’s and Texas has 4. Bama has the most all time bowl appearances and Texas isn’t even close. So don’t come over here spewing your ignorant BS. Do some research first. And Bob, them aint apples in that tub, fag! RTR!

  28. the last time texas played for the championship in the rose bowl they upset a very good sou cal team. this uat team is not near as good as that soc cal team.
    texas will have the heisman trophy QB throwing tds for the national champion longhorns. the leprechaun has never went undefeated and he wont this time.i hope all the sec teams win but 2.
    the georgia thugs and the criminal terds.

  29. You clueless nerfherding Horns! Man, the Tide is gonna work up a number six on them. Colt McCrap’s stats are helped by playing crap teams. He’ll probably win the Heisman though, simply because the biased ESPN pundits drink his friggin’ bathwater and eat his dandruff.

  30. COLT MCcoy will win the heisman because he did it on the field. colt 45
    had one bad game against neb.mark ingrane
    had a pitiful game against auburn that has no defense. tim tebow will finish 2nd in the heisman just because he is the best player to ever play. ingrane will come in 3rd or 4th. the voters dont like to vote for a sophmore unless you are mr football tebow. texas over the criminals.

  31. Colt McCrap will win because of ESPN bias and playing non-SEC caliber teams which upped his stats. He will get it because it will be wrongly received as a “lifetime” achievement award. He will get it because he has a fifty-cent name that rolls off the tongue: “Colt” McCoy. If Ingram’s name was something like “Magnum” McCormick he would have better chances. If Ingram played for Texas, USC, Michigan, or Notre Dame he would have better chances.

    Mark Ingram had multiple great games against great defenses: LSU, Florida, Tennessee.

    The Tide is gonna work up a number six on the Horns!

  32. After the Iron Bowl — I thought for sure that Colt McCoy was going to get it due his “career”. Even though it’s a single season individual award — the Heisman has changed. A lot of the ballots were cast BEFORE the SEC Championship game — that’s the problem. Some voters didn’t want it to come down to one final game but little do they know that the last game DOES factor in to voting for the Heisman.

    This year is a complete mess on the Heisman — even the experts can’t give you a definite. It’s up in the air.

  33. egghead white you dont uat history. uat has 4 out right national championships texas has 3.elephantchit you are full of chit. texas longhorns over the cheating thugs criminal tide.its rolling baby its rolling.

  34. I hope Ingram wins it but honestly I think Suh might be the best player in the country. That gut is a one man wrecking crew. If McCoy gets it, so be it, he’s worthy as well. Ingram will have another shot next year along with McElroy.RTR

  35. The only reason why Suh is in the Heisman race is because of ONE game — that being the BIG 12 Championship game. 4 sacks.

    and that’s a fact.

  36. Zion, can you really honestly tell yourself that Texas will beat Alabama? They beat OU without their two best players and OSU without Dez Bryant. Alabama has beaten 8 bowl teams, including the 2 who have won the last 3 NCs. We will take McCoy’s butt-buddy aka Shipley out of the game and Texas won’t do shit. They don’t have a running game at all. We’ll keep the ball for 40 minutes and beat them by 3 or 4 TDs. Everybody who knows anything about football thinks so too, except Auburn fans. Go figure. RTR

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    So you don’t like me playing the game like most of you (use) to do. That’s just so “SURPRISING” to me. lol



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  38. Take a look at Texas’ strength of schedule ranking.Their schedule was garbage this year. They scored 16 on OU and 13 on Nebraska. They’ll be lucky to get 10 on us. I’ll go ahead and predict a 36-10 win for Bama. This game is gonna show that the SEC is once again the strongest conference outside of the NFL.RTR

  39. C.B. Are you from Peidmont ? You sure act like it….Maybe Attalla ? Anyhow…What have you done ? Watched Bama play on the T.V. ? I doubt you even played the game.

    Turd fans like you are what the rest of the country expect. Good to see that your not letting me down turdboy. Keep up the good work.

  40. Guys don’t even give that fag breath zionsucky the satisfaction of a response. The stupid son of a bitch is so damn ignorant, he can’t fart and breathe at the same time. His opinions are ridiculously full of shit, and his predictions are always the opposite of reality. Doubtless he’s a world class massochist, or why would he continuously come on this site and make an utter fool of himself. I will say this to the ignorant bastard. I have lived half my life in Alabama and half in Texas. Texas was my first football team, and they are still my 2nd team after Bama. Don’t be quoting stats about either one of them to me you pig fart cocksucker. I’ve forgotten more about them both than you will ever know. So go suck a turd out of a dogs ass, you pussy scab! RTR!

  41. YO! “Ballplay,” thanks for the compliment. You’re an Aubie that’s ALRIGHT in my book. YO, “PATRICK!” I NEVER SAID that those games had any relevance to the upcoming contest between ‘Bama & Texas. I was merely pointing out some of the history between the 2 institutions. Unfortunately, 2 games had some controversy and we’re decades removed from all of that. ITS ONE THING to post a comment about what someone has to say about a subject, BUT ITS ANOTHER THING TO BE OBNOXIOUS ABOUT IT! I normally don’t bash my Bammer Brethren online because ALL OF US SHARE A PASSION for Crimson Tide Football and that passion tends to bring out the best and UNFORTUNATELY THE WORST at times, but in YOUR case I’ll make an exception and I’ll be nice…Shut up, Jerk.

  42. Attn Texas fans; add egghead White to the above list of Bammer Morons on this site. Egghead is rude, crude and an overly obnoxious asshole.

    Hook’em Horns; bury the dirty, Crimson Turd and shut up these inbred fools!

  43. YO, “INDIANA VOL!” You’re the TOILET INSPECTOR and you call E.G. an a-hole and refer to Bammers as “crimson turds.” Does this mean you’re a true ANAL expert? Shitty…VERY shitty.

  44. Hey Capstone….what did you think of my SEC stock report from 2 weeks ago (Nov.29)? Did you catch the part about TN? They are beginning to scratch the surface of TN recruiting, and it won’t be pretty. Grans only the first to jump ship. Looks like the boy coach ain’t so squeaky clean after all. Hell, he probably has his wife sucking D to persuade recruits. And you have to be queerer than a football bat not to be persuaded from that!!

    IndyVol, you may want to switch to Vandy.

  45. criminal egghead white if you would stop
    screwing your mammie and learn a little
    something about football you would be better off you bastard. the thugs from uat have never and wont beat texas on jan 7th. COLT 45 and his champions will beat the criminal thugs by 10 point at least.go back to bed with your momma now
    egghead white.i bet you got your momma pregnant and out drop shane.

  46. Aurox, I knew a long time ago, when Laneyboy hired that staff that problems would follow. I would bang his wife too and be suduced because she is fine. RTR

  47. Zion, you are such a toolbag dude. I bet you jack off 5 times a day to Nick Saban. You know you’re a closet Bama fan! You’ll probly paint your body crimson and white before you go to the game. Why don’t you just admit it?

  48. Oh and by the way, to all the bammers, I believe bama will DESTROY Texas in Pasadena. Wish I could say otherwise. No sour grapes here. Make the most of the opportunity Auburn didn’t get in 2004.

    And to many of the Tiger fans that post on this site, accept the situation and work to make Auburn elite once again. We’ve got the recruits coming and coaching staff in place to challenge for SEC championships within a year or two. To predict a blowout of bama in the NC game is just stupid. I, and most reasonable fans know bama has the better team by far. Have more class than that. (Problem is, their just ain’t much demand for class, and it sure as hell don’t win you too many games!!)

  49. Sux vol, your school is about to be exposed for what it is, always has been, and probably always will be. When we use the term slUT it means more than what your toilet infected brain can grasp.

    You are one sick boy, all you ever refer to Bama fans as, are crimson turds, which is not far from the truth, because I do live, eat, breathe, and shit crimson. But the only one who would know that we actually shit crimson would be a toilet inspector like yourself. The more you post the more you prove how little that pea size brain of yours can understand.

    Keep it up sux boy, because bout the time Bama brings home the Crystal, you and your team will be waking up to what you really are. Your philly boy aint there no more to sell his soul to the NCAA and sux whomever is necessary to make things go away. The true SUX VOL.

    So keep posting your mindless crap between your inspections, we’ll siimply keep winning and enjoying the path the sux vols are now headed down.

    Roll Tide Roll and up yo ass you stupid Ass Hole!!

  50. The preceeding post by Carl the Crimson Turd Moron was brought to you by the Bammer School in Tuscaloser education deptartment!!


  51. Hahahahahahahahaha,

    You sux boy and your sux school is about to find out what a loser is all about. I looked up the word slut and there I found a picture of your sux school, sux boy!

    Roll Tide Roll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. I also looked up deptartment, and found your picture, at least it was someone with their head in a toilet, and I figured it had to be you sux boy.

  53. Again Shane, you have “kept it classy.”

    Alabama dominated the game. There were a few questionable calls, like on the screen pass to Ingram, I counted about 3 clips, but it probably would not have made any difference. I agree with you on one point and one point only: Charlie Strong. His mind was in Louisville. As for the rest of your garbage, I will say that Ingram has a good shot at the Heisman, but to call him “Heisman to be” is pretty lame. The rest of your Bammer jargon is just typical. Maybe Texas will give you a game, but this is Bama’s year. You guys are losing 7 starters off of your defense though. So enjoy this year while it lasts…

  54. First and for most I pull for any SEC team that makes it to the National Championship game. So I hope Bama keeps the streak alive. But I also hope that the Bama players have a better grip on things then some of the Bama fans on here. I hope that they remember that they had multiple weeks to prepare for Utah last year. I hope that they don’t read the papers and watch ESPN telling them that there going to run away with this game. I do think Bama is the better team and has played a better schedule to prepare them for this game. So I wish them luck and will be cheering them on.

  55. So SPUAT finally won another SEC championship. Congrats on winning your first one in ten years. Bahr Bryant and the unibersity would be proud. We had one just a few years ago. Scandal Plagued university of Alabama at Tuscaloosa. West Vance correctional institute. The criminal tide will be exposed again for cheating. Jerrell and laptops. Blow jobs with old men on boats in mobile for monies. Cocaine buys under Satans window. You Bams can call 1800sukadik!

  56. Aurox, I agree with you, of course, about Bama/Texas. I don’t think Auburn will be ‘back’ next year, but in 2011, they will. They need to recruit lineman and depth on both sides to compete week in and week out and I think that will take 1 more year. I think they will thump NW in the bowl game though. RTR

  57. By the way, I thought Adams (WR) at least deserved honorable mention on SEC team. He was as good as Green, Julio, and LaFfell.

  58. Well, the Auburn schedule sets up well next year for a good W-L record. We’ll certainly need it while breaking in Rollison.


  60. Dude, nobody on this team will be arreted. This is a team on a mission and nobody is gonna fuck up now, they haven’t all year.Colt better be ready to run for his life, cause Bama will be ready. RTR


  62. hummm, hummm,hummmm……….

    Could it be.

    Looks that way to me.

    Jan. 7th just got a little sweeter!!

    Congrats to Mark and Roll Tide Roll!!!!

  63. Zion, you are a piece of gabage dude. You’re just mad because he’s better than Bo Jackson! Ingram is a classy kid. He’s too strong to break anything, except records. Roll Tide Dickface! Saban’s balls are all in your mouth!RTR

  64. Zion, you know absolutely nothing you ever say comes true. You don’t know shit about anything. Hahahahahaha Saban is your daddy!RTR

  65. Congrats to Mark Ingram for bringing home the hardware. Time to slaughter the Steers.

    Must really suck to be a cow-college fan these days.

  66. No not really. Auburn knows that the UAT is losing everything and that we are on the rise back up. We are really looking forward to next year.


  67. elephantchit your little gigaboo won the
    heisman well he will lose his man hood on
    jan 7th. did you stop screwing your momma/sister long enough to watch the thug win? ingrane is a thug his diddy is a thug his grandfather was a thug it runs in the family. you cant play for uat unless you are a thug or a faggot. texas has never lost to uat and they wont start jan 7th.

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