By Shane from Centerpoint

I’ve got to give the Auburn “family” a great deal of credit. The coaches, the players, and the fans invested every ounce of their hearts trying to upset their ultimate rival Alabama. I have no doubt that Pat Dye – Auburn’s former head coach and current top spokesman – is proud of his boys.

For roughly three and a half quarters Auburn hung with one of the very best football teams in America – had them on the ropes. However, the last half of the final stanza (when it really counted) was a disaster of titanic proportions for all that wear the orange and blue.

Chizik and his staff opened the game pulling a “Franchione” by scripting the first fifteen plays and even used Fran’s “on-side kick” maneuver on the Crimson Tide. Both plans worked well, allowing Auburn to jump out by fourteen on Bama.

This is the point where most good football teams (in their house) put the opponent away. It didn’t happen.

The Alabama team, in my opinion, was playing like it had overlooked Auburn. Anyway, it returned to form in the second quarter and tied the game before the half.

Auburn magic struck again early in the third act. The Tiger offense lit up the scoreboard with a long touchdown pass. The Auburn nation was on fire. Pandemonium reigned! Big brother Bama was just burned by the Malzahn machine and there would definitely be more to come.

No so fast my friends! After that play Alabama remembered that it does have the best defense in the nation. I don’t think Auburn came close to scoring for the last twenty-six minutes of the game.

Meanwhile, the Crimson Tide answered the Tiger touchdown with a couple of decent field–goal drives and time ticked away into the fourth quarter.

Amazingly, with ten minutes left, Auburn found itself with the advantage of having a one-point lead and possession of the ball in Alabama territory.

But by now, the Malzahn machine had lost its pilot. Senior quarterback Chris Todd had already pulled a “John Parker Wilson” by fumbling while taking a sack. He also lofted a pass directly to Tide safety Mark Barron. The results of Todd’s two turnovers were catastrophic.

With the ball sitting on Alabama’s forty-five yard line, Chizik had the world in front of his eyes. If only the offense could’ve pulled off another trick play, or maybe gotten close enough to kick a three-pointer, it would have forced the Tide to score six to win (which, by the way, Bama did).

That’s about when the Tigers’”storybook” got slammed shut by Saban and his Crimson elephants. The defense was in championship form, driving Auburn back sixteen yards in three plays. Auburn punted and the rest is history.

Then, it was gut-check time on the Plains. Auburn had the mighty Crimson Tide trapped, with seventy-nine yards of turf to protect. The collective roar of eighty-five thousand fans was pumping-up the Tiger defense for the kill.

In comes Alabama quarterback Greg McElroy. There wasn’t much pressure on him – just his team’s hopes for a national title and state bragging-rights. He also knew the game was on his back because the Tide’s running game had been shut down all day.

Would McElroy, who has never lost a game, finally taste defeat? Fifteen plays, seven minutes, and seventy-nine yards later, everybody had their answer.

McElroy completed seven-of-eight (four to a single-covered Julio) passes in route to firing a game-winning touchdown toss to Roy Upchurch with about one minute left in the game – a play that Upchurch called himself.

Auburn had one more shot at glory, but was ineffective — seemingly shell-shocked by Alabama’s last drive.

I’m not sure which was worse – Chizik’s clock-management before Alabama scored or after his offense got the ball back for the last time. Does Chizik own a watch? Bad clock-management by Chizik cheated the Auburn players and fans out of a fair shot. The entire episode reminded me of watching Les Miles coach.

In the end, most of the Auburn faithful seemed proud of the fact that their team “showed up” for the fight this time around. Normally, moral victories aren’t worth writing about. But, outsiders need to understand that the Auburn program measures its success largely on beating their obsession – the legendary Crimson Tide.

Regrettably, for Auburn fans at least, the Crimson Tide has a higher mission ahead. I don’t think the “Iron Bowl” had nearly as much impact on the Tide players this year. Truthfully, the Alabama program has been focused on Florida since the end of the fourth quarter in last year’s SEC championship.

Yes, beating Auburn helped Alabama complete its second undefeated (12-0) regular season in a row, but Tim Tebow and his Gators now dominate the Bama players’ minds. Last week’s contest with the Tigers isn’t even on their radar. “It is what it is.”

Where does Auburn go now, capping-off a late season collapse by losing to Alabama? I can’t see Tiger fans being happy with Chizik when they come down from their “Iron Bowl” high and realize that Chizik lost five of his last six SEC games. He went down to Arkansas, Kentucky, LSU, Georgia, and Alabama down the stretch, while only beating Ole Miss.

I can’t compare Chizik to Saban or Meyer, but I do know that he’d better thank the scheduler at Auburn for Louisiana Tech, Ball St., and Furman. Without those cupcakes on his dish, he might’ve finished his first (transition) year with a four-and-eight record.
—Shane writes a weekly column for the Call News and the Capstone Report.

124 thoughts on “Shane: The Iron Bowl—it is what it is”

  1. Shane,

    I don’t think it is fair to put the clock management problem on Chizik. Everyone knows that Pat Dye put Malzahn in charge of that area. Right? Malzahn and Trooper run the offense. Right?

  2. It doesn’t matter who calls the plays, Malzahn or McElwain. The QB and Head Coach have the option to change it. And the Head coach standing on the sideline in midst of all the officials can call time out any time he wants to. So what’s your point? Shane was pretty accurate except for the statement that they had us on the ropes for 3/4 of the game. Bullshit. We had them on the ropes by the end of the 1st quarter. After we scored our first TD it was obvious we would win the game. I’m a nervous and impatient person, and I had no worries that the Barns flash burn was over when Peek scored! The only thing I didn’t expect was for Rolly to misread and call a corner blitz on that fly pattern TD. Dammit. RTR.

  3. Once the Memphis mafia decides to lay the smack down on the bham listeners all we be clear. The Roundtable listeners will be attracted like moths to a flame. Excitement will come after the bell tolls. Dio has stomach cancer. Pray for him. RTR.

  4. I’m waiting for the Aubies “wait till next year” comments. It’s either that or “Florida will beat you” or “You didn’t really win all those National Championships” or “six in a row” etc.

  5. cheater u came thru when they had to.
    the lil leprechaun was standing on a ladder so he could see the winning score.
    if bammer plays texas it will be a slaughter. the way auburn passed on your pathetic defense texas will score 70 points. the gators have no recievers and they will open up the game with a TD pass. a 12-2 season for the school that has cheated more than any other school in the nation.

  6. Egg…Surely you are kidding. We had the lead and physically whooped that ass for 3 1/2 quarters. Ingram bowed out because of the ass whoopin. Ray Charles could see that with the lights off bro.

  7. There we go! The aubies pulled through. I actually forgot the “you are cheaters” line. That one is a classic!

  8. Naw bamaman….You boogers are the ones spewing the “Auburn played dirty and thats why Ingram got hurt” crap.

  9. What will your friends say when the Roundtable show skyrockets to the top of the rankings. I’m nervous. Ian is gone now. He is still pulling his strings. Ryan Hankey is a bold man. Thunder from down under.

  10. Auburn forgot about the best RB on the team, Trent Richardson. I loved the facemask Fatso Ziemba got away with on that triple reverse throwback latteral craP PLAY THEY RAN! They caught us on a corner blitz on the 3rd TD, but when the bag of tricks was empty, NOTHING! Truth is, this game meant a hell of a lot more to Aubie than it did Bama because once we clinched the west, the focus was Florida. We’re playing for a national championship folks, not braggin rights. we did what we had to to win and get to GAME WEEK. Now it’s on. It’s Tebow vs McClain part two and my money is on Bama. ROLL TIDE ROLL

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    You will get better information here .

  12. One thing is for sure. Shane is an idiot win or lose. Blah, Blah, Saban, Crimson Tide, McElroy, Blah, yada, yada, yada. Congrats the bammers have unleased the village idiot again this week. “Hey Paul, let me tell you sumpin” He’s like a broken record. War Eagle all you losers. I’m back on a mission.

  13. Prophet — I look forward to your prophecies on this board. Please continue to give information. Can you insinuate that KQPN will dominate in the mid-day? Can you say the “thunder from down under” will go somewhere else? Can you say Ian still has influence on WJOX? I want to hear more from you prophet and would love to contact you somehow. Much thanks.

  14. As an outsider looking in it looked like Auburn was more focused than Alabama. I have to agree that after Peek scored that it would be hard for Auburn to win. But Auburn did out play Alabama. Alabama offense better come with it this week though…Florida actually has a championship defense.

  15. Rebel-how can you say they out played Bama? They had 3 big momentom boost in the game. They had one double reverse, one onsides kick, and a deep pass for a td. Not taking any of that away, they did a damn fine job. After that, they had nothing. I know you will say they took our running game away, and for the most part, your right. But Bama has more than just one running back to defend, and more than just a running game. We passed the ball very well, and did what it took to win. That sir, is not being out played or out coached. That is being out tricked, maybe, but the game is not to out trick the other team, the game is to out score the other team. I think Bama did just fine at that.

  16. We don’t have a village you idiot!

    Is that a next year mission? MISSION COMPLETED as always


    You will remain an outsider with that mentality, and I mean an outsider in understanding the game. Did you watch the Iron Bowl before MS State took your egg? Two defensive breakdowns and a special teams fluke and aubarn out played BAMA.

    aubarn was more focused and FL has a great defense: two correct thoughts, but you have much to learn

  17. For Christ sake. To have outplayed someone you actually have to make more threats to win. Auburn had 1 scoring opportunity and 2 long tds from deep in their own territory, on busted defensive plays. Bama had six scoring drives and scored on five of them and missed 1 field goal. Please explain in standard football terminology and without using Barner fantasies, exactly how Auburn dominated? And Ingram had a minor bruised hip. He took himself out of the game because we have Trent, and he wanted to give the team the best chance to win on their final opportunity. By the way it took 9 of your idiots to stop Ingram and Richardson, which is exactly why you lost. Nobody can stop Julio is single coverage, and with 9 on the RB, all you could do is 1 on 1. Damn fools! RTR!

  18. Ohh, I am soooo bad! I was 3 days late, but I finally arrived at the Ugliest Villiage of the Plains this evening. I put out my 4 Bama window flags and my magnetic door emblems, and tooled around town for a while. Then with my beautifully embroiderd Crimson Tide shirt and my 12 national championships cap on, I went to Wal-mart (They actually have one). As I wandered around the store I was amused at how everyone I passed was so obvious in their efforts to pretend they didn’t see me. LOL! Finally one lady came up to me and said I’ve got to get me one of those Bama shirts. I want to pull for Bama against Florida, but everybody will say I’m two faced. I told her she would be happier if she was a Bama fan, and besides, she lives in Alabama. She smiled and said you’re right. Boy it felt good making all those Barner goobs uncomfortable. RTR!

  19. Congrats to Bammer on a big win, and in getting in position for the mythical NC game.

    I am reminded of Pat Dye’s first few teams, when we learned again to fight valiantly against teams with more weapons.

    I was not a fan initially of the Chizik hire but I must say he’s winning me over. This year I think we had one of those teams that, as Dye told the Bear, “will get after your ass.” And the next year. And the next. As Dye told his team “there are going to be times when you lay your guts on the line and come away without a damned thing to show for it. But if you keep giving the kind of effort I saw today, we can build something we can live a long time off of at Auburn.”

    I think the best years of this rivalry were when BOTH teams gave it the effort that was due… Bammer didn’t for six years. We didn’t last year. We aren’t going anywhere, and we are going to get after your ass next year. Should be fun.

  20. EG,
    Congrats on the victory man. Your last post about going to Walmart in Auburn to gloat is hilarious…do you get someone to write this stuff for you or are you really that much of an idiot. Only a Bammer would think Walmart is the sign your town has made it.

    All jokes aside though, great Iron Bowl, you guys came back when the going got tough. I am proud of the Tigers though.

  21. Well as is typical with the Alabama Faithful they try and belittle the Tigers of Auburn. I know many that were there wearing the Crimson and White and they were bitting their nails for 58 minutes of the ballgame. It took that long to go ahead.

    Now come the mighty Gators. Winners of two out of three nationals titles over the last three years. If the Alabama Team that showed up in Auburn shows up in Atlanta they will be playing TCU in a bowl somehere.

    Call Vegas and see how many of the money guys are betting againts Mr. Tebow.

  22. Hey mikey, You might want to take a good look at Timmy boy’s facial expressions the first time he tries to pull his Doofus @$$ quarterback draw and Rolando smacks him into next week. It will be the old ‘Lucky Charms’ look. You know the one, dazed potential 3rd round NFL draft choice watching funny shaped marshmellow pieces buzz around his head. Remember, their magically delicious.

  23. YO! “GURU,” I agree with you to a certain extent about the “best years of this rivalry” being when “BOTH teams gave it the effort that was due.” 1981-1986 were CLASSIC years for this rivalry. Each team won 3 during that 6-year stretch and ALL were great games. 28-17, 22-23, 20-23, 17-15, 25-23 and 17-21 but let us RETURN to the present. Congrats, Aubies. Your team fought their arses off but the TIDE WAS TOO HIGH. YO, “PROPHET!” YOU HAVEN’T ANSWERED MY QUESTION FROM A WEEK AGO! I will ask it again. Are you the guy that used to call Finebaum’s show a few years ago that called himself “Michael the Prophet” and referred to Mike Shula as “an offensive genius?” ANSWER THE QUESTION, DUDE!

  24. M. Evans, if the Florida team that shows up in Atlanta is the same one that showed up against Arkansas, we’ll stomp that ass so bad they won’t even let em anywhere near the Sugar Bowl to play TCU! Still want to compare scores tard? We can do this all day if you want. Miss St., So Carolina, etc. We had two close games, Tennessee and Auburn, our most hated rivals. I’ll take that any day over being pushed around by Miss St, So Carolina, and needing the officials to give you the game after Arkansas beat you! Bring on the Gayturds! RTR!

  25. booger eater egghead white are you drunk kid? have you ever told the truth in your pathetic life? the tigers put a
    scare into the criminal terds season last friday. this saturday florida will beat the bammers by double digits. meyer is a better coach than the LEPRECHAUN. TEBOW is the greatest college football player of all time. another 12-2 season for the terds.

  26. Well said hippy! We should meet up sometime and have a few coldies. Maybe a cage match, me and you against eggwhite and the prophet. My sources tell me they are one in the same anyway so it should be an easy match. war eagle.

  27. Yes Crimsonblood81 I see you understand. Kqpn yes. The thunder doesn’t know that it’s about to rain. And that is sad but the metro does not gel and Hankey has heard the cries. Thanks for appreciating my works. They are risky. But I feel you should all know what the little man who can’t smoke well is planning. Also hearing Sexton has told ND no for CNS. Same source told me 3 days b4 CNS was announced that as he put it “saban is ours”. I didn’t. Believe it. Believe me my friend, when the Prophet speaks. God Bless. 777.

  28. Sorry I didn’t answer. No I am not Michael the Prophet. He was entertaining, but an Auburn guy. I’m more of a prophet with a local flavor. I’m missing you all. Loy of hating going on

  29. Can anyone give me a hell yeah? I mean the Tide has been back and established dominance again. Yes, I have a ring, but I wanT these boys to feel what I have felt. Winners win, that what we do. Do any of you feel like this will diminish the 92 championship if we win in pasedena? I mean will people stop talking about it as much? May not diminish but it will fade a little. I mean we rarely talk about the one before the 92. Regardless let’s pull the Tide to victory. Tebow must be dealt with. Rammer Jammer yeller hammer give them hades alabammer!

  30. Ok. What do y’all use an iMac or a Windows? Was sitting at Gionis tidY getting some chow and started wondering whAt y’all word process to this forum. I hear the iMacs are good for videos while the pc is easier to support. I want to Make a 92 video on you tube. I also want to give props to Mike Shula for many of these good recruits he gave us the last 2 years. Javy, peek’ Andre etc. Wo his recruits we’d be in. Dang pickle. Rtr.

  31. Who the hell is this Whizenhunt guy. I googled the name and he evidently played for the NC team in 92. Mystery to me. I’ve been following the team for years and never heard of him. Surely he can’t be legit with all of this craziness he’s putting on here.

  32. Hey Crimsonite, most people at Walmart that come across a severely handicapped child, a really bad burn victim, whatever catastrophic deformity you can think of, don’t really wants to pay attention but they still want to get a peek at the “freak” (in this case). I pretty sure that’s why you made everyone uncomfortable, it’s no everyday (in Auburn) that they get to see a freak like you. The lady that approached you was probably just trying to make you feel better about yourself, especially since you had the Bama garb on. Thank you though for the heart-breaking story of your feelings about being the Elephant Man. Now go %$*& yourself!

  33. the reports came in this morning. DCH HOSPITAL in ttown reports they had 10 times more wife beatings than usually.
    this was on friday during the auburn/uat game.bammers beat their wives when uat is losing and shoot their kids when they lose. the ER in ttown and bbham hospitals have told their employees they will be working long hours on saturday. after the gators beat uat watch out.

  34. What Crimsonite posted: M. Evans, if the Florida team that shows up in Atlanta is the same one that showed up against Arkansas, we’ll stomp that ass so bad they won’t even let em anywhere near the Sugar Bowl to play TCU!

    What he means in his heart: M. Evans, if the Bama team that shows up in Atlanta is the same one that showed up against AUBURN, the Gators will stomp our behinds so bad they won’t even let us play in the Sugar Bowl…especially after last years humiliating loss to Utah! Darn it Auburn, why couldn’t ya’ll just lay down like you did last year. Thank GOD (and Bear) that Sen’Derick and them other defensive stars left Auburn early to start in the NFL or we’d of lost that game. Dang it, if we LOSE to Florida and LOSE the Sugar Bowl…AGAIN…I’m going to kill someone. GOD (& Bear), I wish all that screamin’ and yellin’ I did when Mr. Chizik first got off that jet in Auburn would have run him off like i planned…he’s buildin’ sumpen special down there on the Ugliest (chuckle, chuckle) Village on the Plain!

  35. Wow, I have rock star status already! As Elvis would say – Thank You, Thank You, Thank You! As for CNS. Forget it. The Golden Gnomers are negotiating with Stoops. He made an offer that they turned down because he wanted control of recruit qualifications and a few other things that the administration fucks up at Nostra Damus. They are counter offering as we speak.

  36. What Crimsonite posted: Wow, I have rock star status already! As Elvis would say – Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

    What Crimsonite means in his heart: I know I can be like Shane…I know I can be like Shane! Please GOD (& Bear), Let me be like Shane!!! Ok, now I’ll pretend like I know something about the replacement of the coach at Nostra (chuckle, chuckle) Damus…just like Shane pretends he knows what goes own inside the Alabama and/ore Auburn coaches and players. Please GOD (& Bear) let me be THE NEXT SHANE!

  37. Wow Saban and Bama has got to be the luckiest team in the country…or maybe not!

    Florida looses its best defensive player the week of the Alabama game! How lucky is Alabama! Other than losing Tebow this is the worst person Florida could afford to lose. How lucky is Alabama! I’m sure most, not all, Alabama fans are rejoicing in this news that they will get to play a Florida team not at full strength. Those would be the same Alabama fans that claim a National Championship awarded to an Alabama team just prior to that team going out and being demolished by Notre Dame.

    But are the Bamers really lucky? Depends on how you look at it. Now, if they win the game this weekend they will never know if their team is really better than the complete Florida team.

    Who is the second most important on the Alabama team? Ingram, Areans, Julio? What if what Alabama had to play without one of those players? What would happen? Well we got a glimpse of that this past weekend when Alabama played without Ingram and they barley beat a mediocore Auburn team. Would Bama fans say Florida was the best team if Florida beat them without Julio being able to play?

    Of course Florida beat Alabama last year without Harvin. If they beat Alabama again this year, there will be no doubt who the better team and head coach is. However, if Bama wins there will always be that doubt if they could have beat the Gator team at full strength. There will be that doubt, and some will question if Bama was really the best team in the SEC this year. Will they have the trophy? Yes, but it wont be the first time Alabama has accepted a trophy when they were not the best team.

    Now if Bama wins, it will be a tainted victory. It wont be their fault, but it will still be tainted none the less. On second thought maybe Alabama isn’t so lucky after all!

  38. We are going to beat Florida. What are you gonna do then Hippo? Are you gonna beat your husband, or just beat your meat, again? RTR

  39. Carlos Dunlap has officially become the 25th Florida Gator arrested during Urban Meyer’s tenure as head coach at the University of Florida. Suspended from the team,,,,I was completely caught off guard by the suspension. I thought Urban would just suspend Dunlap from pregame warm ups…

  40. Is anybody besides us Bama fans picking Bama? I haven’t seen anyone. This is very simular to when CNS was at LSU and nobody had them beating Tennessee or Oklahoma. I hope we not only beat them, but HURT Tim Tebow in the process. I don’t care if that sounds bad, I am sick of him. I hope Darius and Cody crush him and the rest of his gay buddies too! RTR

  41. hey elephantdung the gators will beat
    the criminal terds without dunlap. leroy
    mcelroy will be sacked several times by the best defense in the sec. the gators will score at least 5 touchdowns. uat will score v1 touchdown and 3 field goals. fla 38 terds 16

  42. elephantchit so you want tebow to get hurt bad. thats not going to happen chitface. the faggot ncelroy will be hurt and ingram will leave the game again. you are a scumbag,sob,bastard.

  43. Can I get a damn he’ll yeah? Roll damn tide. Fkn Bear Bryant and the funky bunch! Know what Im saying. This could b the year fellers. John Sullim would love to Line up with these Gayturds. My girl wants to party all the time party all the time party all the time. Did y’all see where the mom off family ties is clitoris smoocher? Interesting to say the least. Let’s have fun out here. No hating hoss boss. It’s time to win championships. Get rude dudes! Dance in the streets. Get yo drink on! Wanna meat me at Oteys? Wanna drink a Mojito with my atheletic arse?? The calimorie is OUTSTANDING. Not a bad place to dance like you are dancing with wolves! Cheerio bloody beans! ;-P

  44. When your on top, everyone hates you. Alabama has taken thier rightful place again. I love being hated.

  45. Uh, you were hated when you went 3-8 about 10 years ago. Your record has nothing to do with how bad people dislike you. Everyone hates Bama.

  46. But why does everyone hate us? It’s because for most of college football history, we have been one of the greatest in history. Sure, we have had our down years, even down decades, but everyone knows, when you think of college football, you think of Alabama, Penn St., Texas, USC, not Auburn.

    So again I will say, I love being hated!

  47. Hey Viagra….I thought the exact same thing when I read about Eggy’s excursion through the Auburn Walmart. It’s kind of like when you walk up on a severely deformed person or retard… kind of concentrate on not staring. That’s what Egg experienced. I know that’s what I do when I walk up on the fully decked out crimson neck, with the crimson hat with writing and dates and figures written all over it, with the crimson sweatshirt on and some game T’shirt from 8 years ago. I know, I live in Auburn, and you always see a few out from time to time. They think they’re pissing us off……they don’t know everyone is laughing at them once they walk by!! I especially get a kick out of the ones who drive burgundy cars with about 8 Bammer stickers on the back, including the houndstooth hat and the Got Saban? sticker. Classic. Speaking of classic, their was a bammer at the game with a burgundy color bama “Sugar Bowl Champion” shirt on from last year!!!! Can you believe that? Must have been severely marked down!!

  48. Oh, and RTR, I was hating y’all when bama could barely win 5 games a year. Ain’t got shit to do with y’all finally returning to respectability…..on the field that is.

  49. We’re 12-0 and playing for the National Championship aka the SEC Championship for the 2nd straight year. We’ve won 24/26. It’s only gonna get worse. Ya’ll better hope the world ends in 2012, because Bama is at the beginning of a dynasty, and maybe their best ever. I love being a Bama fan and CNS. We will beat Florida this time. They have too many distractions, Bama has the revenge factor, and we are the better team RTR

  50. Reality Check,

    Did you find an excuse for the upcoming Florida loss? We have been without our most talented linebacker since the Arkansas game.

    Have you heard any excuses from BAMA on Donta’s absence?

    Go get real with yourself, or find some other excuse for the Florida loss.

    Before the game is played, Really?

    It sux to be an aubarn tiger!

  51. Can I get a damn hell yeah? Tide is gonna roll. We will be dancing in the streets. Why even worry about Auburn. They were dealt with last week it’s time for Bear Bryant an the funky bunch university to do their thang cousins. the crusade will continue. Next victim Little Timmy Teabag. Hell yes! RMFknTR!

  52. to uat053
    the reason people hate the criminal tide
    is because you have cheated for the last 51 years. every championship that has been won by the terds since 1958 is bogus. they were bought and paid for. BTW when you uat come into the 21st century and get some decent looking uniforms.those uniforms went out of style
    right after WW11.ROTFFLMFAO

  53. Zion, we have the best uni’s in ALL of sports. Alabama isn’t cheating anymore than everybody else. I’ll take all those “bogus” championships and the one’s we’re gonna win this year. Both of those #1 recruiting classes started their careers at Bama 12-0. Better get used to it or just quit watching. ROLL TIDE BEEEEEEEEEEEEYAAAAAAAAAAATCH!

  54. “We don’t have a village you idiot!”

    That is because the entire Bammer Moron Nation is made up of idiots!

  55. Your right for once Shane,


    Bama was exposed at the AU game and lucky to get out with an win. I wouldn,t be making any hotel reservations for the Natl Championship game, as won,t happen this year.

  56. hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

    You awebeen suxs and that sux vol need your own comedy show.


  57. Walk of Champions or Tiger Walk? You decide. Is that place still called the Jungle? Can I get a HELL yeah boyz?

  58. Yeah Shane… Brilliant dramatics there. Bama won the football game, but Auburn kicked Bama’s ass everywhere except the scoreboard. Unfortunately, that is what counts. I really thought that the SEC championship game would be close, but not after the Iron Bowl. Auburn exposed Alabama. We shut down your running game, but our depth in the secondary is what sealed our fate. Neiko Thorpe, who played basically the entire game, was covering Julio and Julio was catching everything. You will not be so fortunate against Florida. Ingram couldn’t sniff 50 yards on our front 7 and Florida’s front 7 is much better than ours, even without Carlos Dunlap. Florida also has MUCH more depth in the secondary. It’s going to be a long day for the Tide and I am going to enjoy every minute of it.

    Also, I hope that you Bammers have enjoyed this year because you are losing everything off of your defense. The rest of the SEC being down has definitely benefitted you too. But the rest of the league won’t be down forever so enjoy it while you can…


  59. BamaBorn you say “get real” or “find some other excuse for the Florida loss”?
    Did they play the game already and I missed it? Florida hasn’t lost anything yet. You’re an idiot just like RTR053, counting your victory before it happens!

    RTR053 what are you back on top of? Just like last year, Alabama hasn’t won anything yet. Alabama is in the same place it was last year before it crashed and burned. You would think you Bamers would learn your lessons about mouthing off before you actually accomplish anything. Go find the archives and read your comments before last years SEC championship game.

  60. It’s amazing that these bammers were stating before the UA-AU game that bama would win by 30 and when they squeak by it doesn’t matter.I got news for you boys: Charlie Strong saw what Auburn did and you can expect another 30 yard showing by Ingram and you won’t have Richardson picking up the slack. Also Julio will look like her did in the 1st 4 games against this secondary

  61. How is Auburn gonna fair this week? Oh yeah, THET DON’T FUCKING PLAY! They got 80% of their offense on 3 plays, had a week off, and Bama had the biggest game in college football this season the next week, and we got lucky? Outside of 3 plays, they didn’t do shit and we scored on 5/11 posessions and missed a fg. When the game had to be won, we won it. Auburn didn’t have the balls to stop us. Face it, we were looking ahead and we still beat you. Now, sit back and watch us beat Florida this weekend and just keep telling yourselves that you beat that teams ass for 3 1/2 qtrs, but you couldn,t finish. You people are so pathetic. ROLL FUCKING TIDE

  62. Very well said Mr. Gallagher. Us Butterworth’s are true Bammer haters and I am not ashamed of it. We totally shut down their asses and they are scared to death of Lord Tebow and the Gators. Little Napoleon will not take this battle. Those boyz are gonna go home in body bags. War eagle fly down the field, Alabama sux and they can kcil ym tun kcas!

  63. Ok EStomp,that’s the sign of bad coaching when you can’t get your team to focus on the game at hand. So is not getting a team ready to play after a losing a big game LIKE LAST YEARS SUGAR BOWL. Your teams playing this week, but if and it was a big if, they got that ass beat last week all this weekend would be so anticlimatic JUST LIKE LAST YEARS SUGAR BOWL, you’d probably play JUST LIKE LAST YEARS SUGAR BOWL. Look just admit that you couldn’t have driven a nail up your ass until they iron bowl was over, cause you were gripping all damn day. WE ALL KNOW THAT’S THE CASE, NOW JUST ADMIT IT TO YOURSELF AND IT WILL CALM YOU DOWN. JEEZ… I hate to see your post here after you take that beat down Saturday, you’ll be spewing venom everywhere.

  64. Mike G.

    You sound like a real classy person.
    And again I will point out, it’s even more obvious now that all the haters are trying to blow up the Bama site, I LOVE BEING HATED! It means we are doing it right.

  65. Mike are you kidding? Estomp wont be posting on here if they take a beat down Saturday. Just like last year, Bamers like her (I’m assuming Estomp’s a female based on the knowledge level of his posts) like to brag a lot before they actually accomplish anything. If they lose like they did last year you wont see them saying much next week just like last year. Then they will sulk all the way through the bowl game and then according to the great little CNS that will be the cause for Alabamer losing the bowl game, because it couldn’t possibly be his fault for not getting his team ready to play.

  66. Reality check- I’m an idiot? Ok, I can live with that, I’ve been called worse by much better people. But just to let you know, I’m not counting victories before they happen, Florida will be our toughest game of the year, but I like our team’s chances this week better than your team’s chances this week.

  67. Hey RTR053, At least I don’t hide behind some lame nom de plume, that’s a fake name for you bammer’s. I also am an avid college football fan and read varoius websites. I never said that Bama wasn’t good, I just stated that they were lucky yes lucky to get out of Auburn with a win.I have disliked bama since I was a kid and will always, I hate Kentucky basketball also so you’re not exclusive.You bama fans act like you invented college football and seem to have amnesia regarding where your program was a short 3 years ago.Saban has pulled your ass out of the fire and now you just need to be realistic and realize that the sun doesn’t rise and set on your team or your coach.Everything in college football is cyclic so when the worm turns just be prepared.By the way, I could careless if some twatbucket thinks I’m not classy. If I worry about some travel trailer living, backwoods hooch brewing sister dating guy who goes by RTR of all things opinion of me I should just hang myself now

  68. I can’t wait for the Crimson nation wide meltdown on Saturday after the beatdown. The state troopers better have every bridge covered cuz folks will be trying to jump off in droves

  69. RTR053 Bama is hated because of delusional fans like you who make comments like you did earlier – “When your on top, everyone hates you. Alabama has taken thier rightful place again.”

    What “rightfull” place have you taken exactly? You STILL haven’t won an SEC Championship in over 10 years much less a National Championship! You’ve never won a BCS bowl game. I will give you credit you have won an Independence bowl since CNS has taken over the program. So again tell us what “rightfull” place have you taken. And why is it “rightfull”? You haven’t beaten the undefeated Current SEC Champion Florida Gators yet (except in you dreams)! So as of your postings they are still on top of the SEC and College football, and your comment just makes you look like a jelous pompas ass.

    So when you say “When your on top, everyone hates you”, We can only guess you mean your boyfriends or anything else that will let you on top of them.

  70. Wow, such angst. Been a while since you got layed or something? I mean, geez, just cause a man is happy about the state of the program he pulls for. Anyway, I love pissing you off, just makes me so happy that people think they can hurt me, make me cry, make me run and hide by making homosexual referances, or making redneck jokes. Maybe I should just come out of the closet, then shut myself in my single-wide trailer, and end it all with my huntin rifle. Give me a break, you pethetic bitches.

    And I go by a “screen name” because that is what people do, how do I know for sure you are who you say you are? But if it makes you feel better, you can call me Jeff, instead of RTR.

    Other than that, go fuck yourselves.

  71. Well Jeff or RTR, you say “I’m not counting victories before they happen, Florida will be our toughest game of the year” yet you also say “When your on top, everyone hates you. Alabama has taken thier rightful place again” well if your not counting victories before they happen what are you on top of that is your rightfull place?

  72. Reality chick,

    You made an excuse for a Florida loss. No one claimed victory.

    What is real about an excuse for something that might happen?

    As for all you BAMA haters, we LOVE what we own!

    As for all you barneys, to make you feel better, I admit the following:

    I thought we would stomp a mud hole in your butt.

    I hoped you would not score, but I thought you most likely would be able to because of all the razzle dazzle. It is confusing and players will get lost .

    The only time I thought you had a chance
    was when we jumped off twice inside our own five. That was a critical time in the game for a mistake, and our offense appeared shaken.

    You do not admit or understand the following:

    The barn scored twice from outside 65 yards, and once from a short drive after an on side kick.

    The aubarn offense is confusing to itself. An offense of this type will always be inconsistent which makes it a perfect match for the barn.

    The barn had a all or nothing plan and it worked for the first quarter. Well almost. BAMA started a drive at end of the first that ended with 7 in the second. Other than the 72 yard pass, BAMA’s will was imposed.

    It was great effort from the aubarn football team, but

    it sux to be aubarn tiger!

  73. Not that I would have to explain this to most people, but since you are obviously a bit slow, I will try, I will also try to not use big words, as that will only confuse you further.

    1st We are west champs for the second year in a row.
    2nd We just finished our second undefeted regular season in a row.
    3rd We have one of the best defences in the nation.
    4th We have two of the best running backs in the nation.
    5th We have one of the greatest recievers in the nation (even when his catches are not up to par, everything else he brings is top notch).
    6th We have one of the best coaches in the nation.
    7th Our recruiting is tops in the nation (top classes mean things will only get better).

    GMAC is cool and collected, he is not been rattled all season. I would not trade him for anyone, not even St. Timmy, would have loved for him to be at Bama, but he is not. Now he is the enemy.

    We are tough, physical, and determined.
    You hate us, we love it.
    We are back where we belong, with the elite, on top of college football.

    I really didn’t feel the need to defend myself to you, but you asked. So now I ask you to tell me how we are not back. And don’t say the same crap about how we haven’t beatin the almighty fighting tebows, I know that, do you realize that the game hasn’t been played yet? You all act like we have a snowballs chance in hell against them, but if you look, all season we have been right there with them in almost every way.

    I say we have as good a shot as any to come away with a win, but win or lose, face it, we are back as a top program in the nation.

  74. I had faith the whole time on Friday. I knew we would win that game, just like I had faith we would block another UT field goal. CNS is playing for his 2nd championship in 3 years and has won 29 games in the same time. I’ll be here after the game, no matter what, but you people really must not be a fan of anyone, just Bama haters. You have to bring up last years bowl game to talk about our last loss. You’re not gonna piss me off by doing that. we’re 12-0 AGAIN and will win this game, so suck my big ol elephant balls and enjoy! RTR

  75. Yea Elephantstomp-ed on, and CUM is playing for his 3rd SEC championship in 3 years of which he has won TWO and will more than likely, according to the pros in Vegas who make a living on picking who is going to win the game, be playing for a 3rd National Championship in 3 years. So why don’t you shut up until ALABAMA’s have actually won ONE with CNS, THEN YOU CAN BRAG. Until then your just last years losers.

  76. National Rankings
    12th Total Offense 40th
    1st Total Defense 3rd
    10th Scoring Offense 25th
    1st Scoring Defense 2nd
    6th Rushing Offense 13th
    8th Run Defense 2nd
    64th Passing Offense 89th
    1st Passing Defense 5th
    17th Turnover Margin 5th

    CFN Prediction: Florida 23
    Alabama 16
    Line: Florida -5.5

  77. What will happen: Tebow will struggle. Conventional wisdom dictates that Florida will win because Tebow is better than McElroy, but watch out for the Tide to get to him and beat him up before he can deliver punishment of his own. But the defense will bail him out. McElroy will have problems with the warp-speed of the Gator back seven, will make a few costly early mistakes, won’t take any big chances over the last 40 minutes, and the Tide offense will sputter. And yes, Tebow will be a bit better than McElroy, while the Florida D will be a bit better than the Bama D

  78. Hunter-If you are going to spew facts, atleast get all you info right. This will be his third in FOUR years on both sec and national champs. Look it up, LSU won in 2007. So if you are going to give Florida the game due to what has happened in the past, at least get your info right dumbass. Other than that, if you want stats, look up common team they played. It’s in favor of Bama, but still just as useless as the stats you gave.

  79. And the “pros” in Vegas get games wrong all the time. How many ‘dogs have won games this year that the “pros” had the line wrong on? More than you can name or count if you were allowed to use your fingers and toes. The line in Vegas serves only one purpose, to get an equal number of people betting on each team so that the house can take the money from the losers and pay the winners, that’s it. That is why the line moves during the week, if more people are betting on Florida, the line goes up to try and make more people bet on Alabama. Since the line on this game has not moved much, that means that equal numbers of people are betting in both teams, not that Florida is going to win by 5.5 or more. Now stop being a dumbass.

  80. I have a nc ring bitches. So give me a old fashioned hell yeah! Inthink our D is suspect at times. Offense always. But cns will take care of it. Coaching will take care of it. Cns will get TeabAg. Hell yes. Oh hell yes.

  81. RTR your right they get games wrong all the time, because there so damn many of them, but they get a lot more right than they get wrong. And you contradict your self in your own post. You say the pros get games wrong all the time the you say the line in Vegas serves only one purpose, to get an equal number of people betting on each team so that the house can take the money from the losers and pay the winners, well if thats the case they never get it wrong. But just because they move the line to get more people to bet Alabama it does not mean an equal number of people are betting that Alabama is going to win, a lot of those people that are putting money on Alabama are still betting that Florida may win, but just that they will win by less than 5 1/2 points. Now whos the dumbass you dumbass!

  82. Ok RTR I stand corrected its 3 out of 4 for CUM instead of 3 out of 3, but the point I was trying to make to Elephantstomp is that Florida and CUM have won two recently so they have a right to brag. Alabama hasn’t won anything yet so his boasting that “CNS is playing for his 2nd championship in 3 years and has won 29 games” is meaningless and that maybe he and other Bamer fans like him should wait until CNS and Alabama have actually won something more meaningfull than the western division or the independence bowl before they shoot off at the mouth about being back on top. Florida is the defending champion and HAVE been on top ranked No. 1 all year long. So just like last year until Alabama beats Florida they are just another want-a-be like several other teams that finished ahead of Alabamer at the end of last season.

  83. And since you took the time to correct me let me take the time to technically correct Elephantstomp, CNS is playing for his 1st championship in 3 years. Unlike CUM, CNS played for one last year and lost. So technically this year he and his Alabama team are playing for their 1st championship in three years if they win.

  84. ELEPHANTCHIT,EGGHEAD WHITE,UAT053 AND ALL YOU BAMMERS OUT THERE PLEASE DON’T BEAT YOUR WIVES/GIRLFRIENDS AFTER THE GATORS BEAT THE CRIMINAL TIDE SATURDAY. DON’T SHOOT YOUR KIDS BECAUSE LEROY MCELROY,LEROY JONES,LEROY INGRAM LOSE BY 14 POINTS. THE GATORS WILL WIN BY THE SCORE OF 31-16. leprechaun saban loses once again to a better coach. lil leprechaun saban had a special stool made for him to stand up high enough to see the game on the field. that 4ft ladder got to be to much trouble. the stool is 2ft high.ROTFFLMFAO

  85. I love the hypocracy of bammer’s; when Auburn or anyone claimed a “west division championship” the bammers ridiculed them, but now since the thugs from t town have done it, it becomes legit. Just like all those Nat’l Championships from 2 guys and a truck, dunkin doughnuts etc…Go to the NCAA books and look up recognized championships, you’ll see the true ones. By the way how many BCS/Conference titles has bama won this decade?

  86. By the way, Ingrim was pounded and took himself out of the game last week, and by doing so he took himself out of the Heisman also. Oh well maybe next year.

  87. The sux vol, aka indiana vol, Who shook your chain dip shit? Get your head back in that toilet boy, you don’t have time to be on a Bama site.

    And no you can’t put it up mine, i never knew you were that kind of guy, a man lover? Boy smelling all those toilet bowls has really got you messed up.

    Hope you enjoy the game on Saturday, or do you get tv coverage where you’re at?
    Oh that’s right y’all don’t play on Saturday do you? And I know you wouldn’t be able to watch the tebow have his ass handed to him.

    Congrats on the great season your sux vols just had, you can look forward to many more just like it.

    Another great year for Bama while your sux vols wallow around in lame kidding world. Y’all have got exactly what you deserve.

    Now go stick it up yours or put your head back in the toilet, I don’t have time for jerks like you, I have a possible National Championship Team to keep up with.


  88. Carl whats with all the sexual refrences, can’t you talk football without all of that? Are you that perverted, or frustrated or is that your only points of refrence. Can you post anything intellectual on a sports blog without perverted sexual comments or is that just how your mama raised you?

  89. Hey Elephant Nut-You are a delusional, google seacrching, stat munching, WJOX wannabe. You talk about winning something that actually means something. Give me a break. Are you gonna actually take up our valuable time and make us believe that a 12-0 regular season in the SEC isn’t something to be proud of. I find it amusing that Aubies think there undefeated season while on probation was the greatest season in history. Get real, technically, as you like to put it. It really meant nothing.

  90. Hey 12 Nights of Christmas and Counting-
    What did 12-0 in the regular season in the SEC get you last year? No SEC championships, No national championship and no BCS bowl victory! It didn’t even get you ranked in the top 5 in the final rankings. I never said it wasn’t a nice season and someting to be proud of, but I was disagreeing with one of your dellusional fans statements that said Alabama was back “on top” in their “rightfull” place. 12-0 turned into 12-2 and which didn’t put Alabama on top of anything. Not the college football rankings, not the SEC not even on top of the Mountain West Champions Utes. Say whatever you want about the Aubies, I don’t care. I’m not an Auburn fan. What I do know that the Aubies and their 5-19 coach that you Bamers made fun of pushed your CNS coached 12-0 Alabama team to the very end last week!

  91. Hey 12 nc( actually 5 nc’s and quit counting the 2 men and a truck championship along with the Dunkin doughnut’s one)I thought this a bama site, so why are you talking about auburn. your Hypocracy knows no bounds

  92. Carl, you really have a serious issue, what a short memory you have in that tiny little brain of yours, you were s sorry program just 3-4 years ago and now you act like your team has actually won a BCS game let alone any kind of championship in the last 7 yrs. Get a does of reality, you have yet to accomplish anything since your 4 million $$$ coach got there, you ended his 1st season with the same record as Shula and last yr you ended on a 2 game losing streak. SO WHY THE HELL ARE YOU THUMPING YOUR CHEST????? DO SOMETHING FIRST, THEN TALK ABOUT HOW GREAT YOU ARE. At least then you won’t look like a jackass on every post

  93. All I see is a bunch of haters with penis envy. You come on our site and try to bash us, as if anything you have to say will change our thoughts. Get over yourselves. It’s our site, our team, and our right to feel about our program how we want. We are one of the greatest programs of all time. When you are one if the big dogs, you just get picked on by everyone. We have our eyes on something bigger though, we can sit here and talk shit about each other all day if you want, but at the end of the day, unless your team is Florida, and you are not just jumping on thier bandwagon because you hate Alabama, your team is in the rearview mirror.

  94. The ALABAMA Crimson Tide is the most real thing you will ever see in college football.

    We own all of you haters period. History is history.

    I guess college football did not exist until 1998. Who won the 1996 Championship?

    Did Florida have a football team prior to Steve Spurrier?

    If history doesn’t matter, you would be a door mat. I am not sure when Florida hired Spurrier, but before he arrived you were nothing.

    You act like what you are. Someone who has not be here enough to know how to act.

    Keep the hate coming. You are only proving your jealousy of our heritage.

    We understand your immaturity to being champions. It has only happened three times, and your elders could not have taught you how to respond to success.

    We also know you see the writing on the wall. No Tebow and Saban at BAMA. This is your last chance in this era at a championship. Fear the SABAN.

    You live in Florida. Does the Tide not always rise?

    It sux to be an aubarn tiger and anything that resembles one.

  95. Trunk hunter I wasn’t the one who started the sexual crap, it was the guy that inspects toilets for a living, you dip shit. I was simply responding to him, the imfamious sux vol, at least imfamious in his toilet infected brain.

    You say Bama hasn’t accomplished anything, well what have your kitty cats done. NOTHING! Thats what, and while you are adding wins and loses to your chezze dip coach, don’t forget to chalk one up for last Friday, because the university of awebeen, or has always wanted to be, LOST!
    Put the L in the column. As of this moment Bama is 12-0, what is your team?

    Y’all don’t know how to be winners, have zero respect, see the 2004 season, and now that things are back to normal, you never will be. Count or discount all the NC’s you like, the fact is that everyone in the sports world accepts the fact that Bama has twelve, and the awebeens have ONE, that by the way was won while they were on probabtion.

    You’re always blowing off about the NCAA sanctions that Bama has, when in FACT, awebeen is the most penilized school in NCAA history.

    You and sux vol should try to ply your reasoning with someone that don’t know any difference, but on the site my little man you are dealing with fans that know their Bama history. Until you have some history to talk about why don’t you just STFU!



  96. While 12-0 didn’t amount to any real hardware last year, it did put an L on the sux vols and the tegirs, and again this year. But unlike u wanna bes that don’t satisfy Bama fans. One thing I am fairly certain of is that Bama will have another NC before y’all. Bama averages one about every 10 years, the university of awebeen averages 1, one, about every 100 years. Now that is something to be really proud of, if you throw toilet paper in trees. Now who really needs a reality check?

    Y’all spokeperson from reeltown is the perfect example of awebeen folks. One you all should be real proud of.

    Lets resume this dialogue bout 7 p.m. tomorrow. I can’t wait to see how you idiots will down play the win against the gators.


  97. You played a good game and you won. You can’t take that and be happy. You have to run down your opponent. Here is something for you:
    Yes AU runs some ‘trick’ plays, but is it a trick if it is run every game? UA is the only team that allowed the ‘trick’ play score.
    When Ingram ran the wildcat and passed to Junes, was that not a ‘trick’ play? UA had not done that all year.
    The pass play to Upchurch was run twice this year, bith times in that game. Was that a trick play?
    You won the game. Shut your pie hole and move on. Don’t you have another game to worry about. AU will be fine. No need for you to worry about them, which many of you do.

  98. wtc, very typical barn response. Yeah we run your team down. You guys are the ones that come on an Alabama blog and talk your crap about Bama, knowing that you haven’t, can’t and never will be Bama’s equal. Why don’t you losers stay on your own blog and we wouldn’t have anything to come back at you with. I for one have never and will never visit and awebeen site or a sux vol site. It is y’all stirring the pot, we are simply replying. Or do y’all not have a site? That is something you could enlighten us own, not something about our own team. I don’t expect you to understand this either, so I believe in the future I will just refer to you all as Charles’.

  99. And as far as worrying about a game, I never worry about a game, I simply expect to win them all and in the last 22 out of 24 those expections were correct. Enjoy tomorrow.

  100. Ezekiel 20:29: Then I said to them: What is this high place you go to?’ ” (It is called Bamah [a] to this day.)

  101. “More determined than ever the elephants they came and they clapped and they shouted and called them by name! Now Cody, now Mark, now GMac and Ro. On Tiffin, on Javy, on Trent and Julio! To the top of the conference, to the top of the poll ! Rammer Jammer Alabama and Roll Tide Roll!

  102. Bama was dominating. In every phase of the game. As usual, the SEC Champion should win it all in Pasadena. Nothing compares to the SEC!!

    FYI…..I still believe Arenas is y’alls best player. He seems to always be where something good happens on the field. He should be the Heisman candidate.

  103. Aurox, thanks for being a football fan and not just a hater. Everybody else, just let us enjoy this. It’s been a long time. I agree with you about Arenas, he is awesome and I hate we’re losing him. Even when teams don’tkick to him, he finds other ways to make his presence known. Later yall and ROLL TIDE

  104. Well Look at this!!!!
    All you BAMA haters seem to have disappeared in sniff of Tebow’s jockstrap.

    Oh Well, Good luck to you punks playing for the scraps!!

    By the way, if you are going to use the cliche, use it correctly: It is “I couldn’t care less” not “I could care less.”

    Using the later is the same as saying, ‘That’s about as funny as a screen door on a battleship.’

  105. AuRox those were some kind words. I have known all along that you, omni, and bp all are class guys, and all of you know and love your football. The stones, (words) thrown on this site is all in fun, AND to be a part of helping your team win one is special. It’s part of what makes the series sooooo special. You have heard the same thing I have that some of the out of state players don’t really appreciate the importance until they were on the the team for 2 years. You have to either have grown up in it or participatied in it to know. That is why it is NO WAY that a fan from another state, any state, can understand the
    “Iron Bowl.” Regardless of what any of us say in the heat of bebate, it is best for everyone in The Great State of Alabama that both Alabama and Auburn play at their very best.

    It has been agreat year for SEC football and especially Alabama. To win a National Championship a lot of things have to happen, with luck being a big part, along with health, playing at your personal best, and hoping everyone else is doing the same, keeping all your players nose clean, win a couple you lost on the field, any many, many more things. I like what I heard Saban say today on ESPN that you play yourself into a position that allows you to play in these games, thats when special things happen, in special games.

    Now, as in every year, is the time to pull for the SEC. We have talked about this before. The only team I will never wish to win is………’the SUX vols.” I will admit that even at this time of year it is still hard for me to pull for Auburn, I try, sometimes I can, sometimes not. But that is how it has been as far back as I can remember, again its part of being in this Great State, that only Alabama and Auburn people understand.

    You know I don’t know what happened to the “sux vol”, did he really grow up in Alabama, is he really a toilet inspector, does he live in Indiana, did he or did he not gadgeuate from slUT. He has said he is all this and all that and I’m not sure. This I do know he is a SUX VOL and nutin else needs said.

    In summing up the season, I’d say, Auburn had a better year than I would have thought, vols as well, but I believe Auburn is further along than the vols. Auburn is going to be a force to be dealt with if they continue, but it is a process. As far as the suxs vols they have just what they deserve, after 3-5 years of kidding themselves, they will have to start again, and I LOVE IT!!! cause not only do they SUX VOLS, they swallow as well!

    So my hat is tipped to Auburn, it is TAKEN off to Alabama. This is already a special year, and it can be a very special year.


  106. Hey Shane…… I have been thinking about Tim Tebow coming back to Florida to work on his pro game. I really don’t know if he he intended to go pro in the first place but their were a few rumors, I wonder if Meyer talked him into coming back another year. I know that coach Meyer was worried about loosing players and how the team would perform. During the first part of the season he took a few snaps under center. The Gators struggled and he fell back into the shot gun. I haven’t seen a lot of checking off and changing the play at the line of scrimmage. At the line of scrimmage he might change a play but it will be to the same ole stuff. Are you wondering if Meyer has prepared Tebow to play at the next level, because his tech,. hasn’t changed at all and it’s not very good. I wonder how soon Tebow will realized that he hasn’t been prepared to play at the next level,,,,basically he’s screwed,,,,and it’s by his head coach….

  107. uat finally won a big game. the lil
    leprechaun was walking tall saturday nite
    about 5ft 2 inches.the long horns will
    beat uat 2 touchdowns.uat fans get ready
    for a horrible title game. between now and the game uat will lose 3 star players
    you can count on that. the heisman trophy winner colt mccoy will destroy the uat’s defense.

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