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Quagmire for Arkansas-Bama game?

According to the weather forecasts, Hurricane Humberto could be a tropical depression entering central Alabama from Mississippi over the weekend. This rain event could produce….well….rain. Humberto came in as a category 1 hurricane, and the track map by 1 a.m. Saturday has it near Linden, Alabama. “But it should pack a lot of moisture statewide,” James Spann said on his weather blog.

Random fact:

LSU has won its last 15 games in the month of November. The last team to beat LSU in November? Alabama, according to the Philadelphia Daily News.

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Pac-10 vs. SEC:
Like everything else from politics to consumer behavior, the West Coast puts the cart before the horse. With only two weeks down in the season, columnists like this one (*see story below) declare the Pac-10 the best in the nation.

Yes, two weeks is more than enough time to judge the entire 12-game regular season and post-season of NCAA football.

But that’s the Pac-10. Well, that’s this who has the strongest conference debate too. People pick data sets slanted to their viewpoint. Like Benjamin Disraeli and Mark Twain said: “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies and statistics.”

And there are no bigger lies than college football fans monkeying around with statistics to prove who has the strongest conference.

For example, this column cites Arkansas record against BCS out-of-conference opponents. The Razorbacks are just 2-6 during this arbitrary time period. However, the stats don’t explain the truth. The Hogs are a mid-tier SEC team who lost twice to USC, the best team in the Pac-10, during this time frame. Selecting a middle-of-the pack or worse team and using that number to attack the SEC is laughable.

I believe the SEC is down this season. But that’s because of how strong the league was last season—it would be hard to be as good again. The Pac-10 is probably better than it was last year, but most likely its teams will not win the national championship because Oklahoma and LSU are both better teams.

If Les Miles wasn’t a dumbass, maybe we could focus on football instead of debating who has the strongest conference.

Here’s the column from the Seattle Times on the Pac-10 vs. SEC:

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