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A deal may be close to play the 2010 Alabama-Duke game at the Georiga Dome. The Atlanta Sports Council will hold a conference call July 31 about holding the game in Atlanta. According to Tony Barnhart, the Atlanta Sports Council is also close to a deal for FSU to host a non-conference game in 2008 at the Georgia Dome. Who FSU would play in 2008 is yet to be determined, according to the AJC report.

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Other sports news:
The NBA ref who allegedly fixed games has also received death threats, according to published reports. The NBA commissioner will hold a press conference Tuesday to talk about the issue. This is a serious black mark on all of sports. Stories about refs fixing games and steroid-fueld baseball players breaking records do nothing but depress us—we enjoy sports because it is a place where our best qualities are on display, but too often these days our worst qualities are on display.

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