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A tale of two players: Auburn’s Demetruce McNeal and Bama’s Geno Smith

It always seems to happen in twos. Like the gods of football make sure there is balance between the biggest rivals on the planet. An Auburn player gets in trouble with the law, then a Bama player does the same. You had the felony four in Auburn, all dismissed and now serving jail time. Then […]

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Auburn Defensive Coordinator Ellis Johnson speaks out against the hurry up offense

Auburn defensive coordinator hates the hurry-up, no huddle offense. He said so himself. Despite the fact that he works for a coach who employs the, well, hurry-up, no huddle offense. Listen to Johnson himself: “One thing that has gotten into it that I’ve been pretty outspoken, that I really think is starting to deteriorate some […]

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Your Sunday Cup of Coffee…A Confession

I have confession and an apology to make. I really haven’t been keeping up much with Bama football the last couple of weeks. For the last few weeks I’ve been busy with summertime, family things that take a lot of your time. Things like vacation in Disney, Fourth of July events and grilling out with […]

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