Another media folly

What makes the mainstream media better than some random Internet site or random blog? Every pontificating journalist tells […]

Crimson Confidential Revealed

About half of content on site to be free; ESPN Insider recruiting information part of subscription package On […]

Another newspaper post

Newspaper margins are expected to continue shrinking as ad revenue declines, Rupert Murdoch said. Newspaper revenue has slid […]

Moon: the new Phillip Marshall

Josh Moon is one of Tommy Tuberville’s media shills. Doubt it? Look at his coaches rankings. 1. Mark […]

The future of journalism

Paul Finebaum’s radio show was like a seminar in the new media on Thursday. Finebaum spent a significant […]

Newspaper’s decline

The Paul Finebaum Radio show Wednesday was fascinating as it addressed the decline of the newspaper. On Tuesday, […]

The David Neal mess

Sometimes the Roundtable on WJOX is interesting radio. Wednesday’s one o’clock hour provided great radio as David Neal […]


The Boston Herald repudiated its story which alleged the New England Patriots taped the walkthrough of Super Bowl […]

Marshall visits the Capstone Report

By‘s clever readers We’ve been truly honored over the last week with many Auburn celebrities visiting our […]

Media Review: Colin Cowherd

Colin Cowherd is clever and entertaining, but he is more akin to a standup comic than a sports […]

Media Review: Harp on Sports

What’s the worst radio show in Alabama? Harp on Sports. And big surprise, it is in Huntsville. Why […]