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Birmingham top market for Week 1 of College Football

ESPN released its numbers for Week 1 of the college football season. It showed strong ratings for both the Alabama-Virgina Tech game and the Auburn-WSU game. Also, Birmingham was the hottest market for college football during Week 1 of the college football season. According to ESPN press release, “Birmingham, the highest-rated metered market for ESPN’s […]

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Paul Finebaum returns to WJOX

Friday means the end of the work week, and Paul Finebaum returns to WJOX. It is a triumphant return for Finebaum in a guest spot on the Roundtable. According to twitter, Paul Finebaum will be on WJOX at 2:30 p.m., and the segment will include phone calls. It is can’t miss radio. You know Jonna […]

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SEC Network launch date announced, signs new distribution deal

SEC Media Days 2013 provided more details about the launch of the SEC Network. August 21, 2014 at 6 p.m. central is the official launch of the SEC Network, according to ESPN VP Justin Connolly. The SEC Network is a partnership between the SEC and ESPN and will feature live events including a triple-headers on […]

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NCAA Football 2014 last to carry NCAA name, logo

The NCAA football video game from EA Sports will no longer be produced bearing the NCAA license, according to an announcement from the NCAA. The NCAA’s contract with EA expires June 2014 and this means the NCAA Football 2014 game will be the last produced using the NCAA name and logo. What this means for […]

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Paul Finebaum SEC Network Show details; Gene Chizik coming to SiriusXM

Paul Finebaum appeared on ESPNU during the afternoon session and talked not only about SEC football, but about his new radio show on the SEC Network. The Paul Finebaum SEC Network show will be somewhat different from his traditional format for the old Finebaum. The old Finebaum show was based in Birmingham and provided a […]

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SEC Media Days: SEC TV Network Update

Mike Slive provided an SEC TV Network Update during his remarks at SEC Media Days 2013. Slive said the SEC Network “continues to take shape” as the SEC and its partner ESPN continue the planning to launch the network. Here is your SEC TV Network Update from Slive. “This week ESPN will finish its initial […]

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Q&A with Amanda Pflugrad of Total College Sports

Every summer the Capstone Report interviews journalists covering college football. This summer we have the pleasure to present a Q&A with Amanda Pflugrad. Pflugrad is one of the anchors of Total College Sports and many of you may remember her from watching Oregon football 2006-2010 when Amanda Pflugrad was an Oregon cheerleader and featured as […]

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Finebaum TV has real possibilities

Paul Finebaum could become the SEC’s king of all media if reports of television offer become a reality

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REPORT: Alabama’s national television audience larger than Notre Dame, SEC finding A&M and Mizzou strong in ratings

Nielsen the ratings and research company released its State of the Media: 2012 Year in Sports report. The report included professional, college and Olympic sports. For interest in the SEC and Alabama there were tidbits involving the conference and the Crimson Tide. According to Nielsen, “Alabama beat Notre Dame on the field and in average […]

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No offseason for the SEC Digital Network: Live feed from SEC Spring Meeting one way conference gets the story to the fans

The SEC Digital Network works closely with the SEC to promote all the sports sponsored by the conference. The network tries to provide equal coverage to all its members, a reflection of how the SEC does business. The network reaches its peak live viewership numbers during SEC Media Days with 65,000-75,000 unique viewers watching live feeds. Read the Q&A with GM Ben Godwin to find out more about the network and its live feeds.

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Getting to know SEC Today host and producer Hannah Chalker

We continue our Q&A with important voices covering college football with the SEC Digital Network’s Hannah Chalker. Chalker hosts the SEC Today webcast and works as a producer on the SEC Digital Network. In our Q&A, find out what it takes to produce content for the SEC Digital Network and how Chalker balances being a […]

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Conference expansion paid off for the ACC; What looms for the SEC?

The Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) raided the Big East in an attempt to improve its position during the conference realignment process. Today, the ACC reaped the benefits of its Machiavellian policy—a new rights deal with ESPN. Details of the new media deal with ESPN were released by ESPN and the ACC today. Of course, the […]

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Q&A: Finebaum says Alabama stands alone in college football, Auburn better off today than under Tuberville

Alabama is the top program in college football, according to talk radio host Paul Finebaum. In this Q&A, Finebaum talks about Alabama, Auburn, LSU, Florida and Tennessee football programs.

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REPORT: Kentucky’s John Calipari cheats!

Attack on Coach Calipari gives C.M. Newton a chance to defend the Kentucky basketball coach. Newton calls Cal a ‘good man’ and a ‘honest man.’

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The Roots of Clay’s Rage

Why 2011 was annus horribilis for Clay Travis: Tennessee fan and Internet douche Clay Travis attempted to hurt Alabama with scurrilous gossip, lies, and innuendo. He ended up looking like a fool. It was icing on the cake of another national title year for Alabama and Crimson Tide fans.

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ALABAMA FOOTBALL: AJC’s Carvell continues war on Nick Saban

The news that Alabama Crimson Tide football coach Nick Saban would offer four-year scholarships disappointed SEC rivals—just read Auburn fan’s weeping and gnashing of teeth over at the Bunker or turn to the Atlanta Journal Constitution. In the AJC, recruiting savant Michael Carvell composed a blog post seeking comment on Alabama’s new scholarship policy. It […]

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The Atlanta crusade against Nick Saban and Alabama

Excessively rough football. That was the one of the first volleys fired against Alabama by the Atlanta sportswriters concerned about how dominate Alabama had become in the land of Southern football. Alabama’s tough coach wasn’t up to the panty-wearing, progressive thinking of the New South’s newspaper of record and its libel-writing sports reporter Furman Bisher. […]

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RECRUITING: Alabama plans TV coverage of National Signing Day on Tide TV

The University of Alabama will use Tide TV to present coverage of Alabama’s 2012 National Signing Day. Anchoring the live coverage will be Chris Stewart and Christopher England. Unfortunately, there is no mention of Fax Girl in this year’s coverage package. There will be a stream of the updating commitment board, and that means there […]

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REVIEW: Eli Gold & Stan White provide excellent sports radio

One thing separates 97.3 The Zone’s morning show from every other morning sports talk show in Birmingham—the hosts are prepared. Eli Gold and Stan White prepare for their show and bring that prep work into the studio. They know their guests and ask interesting and informative questions. Compare that with other morning sports talk shows […]

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Erin Andrews doused by Gatorade after Baylor upsets Oklahoma

Here is video of Erin Andrews after getting showered with Gatorade as Baylor defeated Oklahoma. Andrews shared this Youtube video via her twitter (SOURCE). And she shared this image also via twitter: (SOURCE) Speaking of Erin Andrews, in case you missed the Country Music Awards here are a few images of ESPN’s sideline reporter dazzling […]

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Leaked Missouri to the SEC story raises serious ethical questions

Disintermediation has created a media environment where journalists often work for the organizations they cover

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CRAZY: Poor black people can’t afford to move, according to Sports By Brooks

Sports By Brooks has descended into lunacy. I’ve always defended the website, but the obsession with a non-story has led Brooks to reveal a disturbing element of his personality. Judge for yourself. Brooks posted a long list of documents showing that Trent Richardson’s family moved to Alabama. This move was something the Pensacola newspaper already […]

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Another day, another Auburn fan wants boycott of Paul Finebaum, Sports Illustrated and WJOX

I’m really starting to worry about Paul Finebaum’s safety. Every week there is some bad news for Auburn, and every week some Auburn fan blames Finebaum. The latest round of Auburn anger comes from Finebaum’s Sports Illustrated column, “Even after winning national title, cloud still hangs over Auburn.” Auburn fans went on the warpath. The […]

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ESPN denies responsibility for conference realignment drama; Texas was the whore, ESPN just the John

The Worldwide Leader wants everyone to know it had nothing to do with the recent round of conference realignment drama. ESPN released a statement blaming all the trouble on college presidents. ESPN’s statement according to Richard Deitsch via Twitter, “The driving force on realignment lies with the conferences and universities. The Big 12 determined in […]

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Auburn fans escalate rhetoric against Finebaum

As mentioned here yesterday, some Auburn fans on the Internet complained that Paul Finebaum was allowed press credentials to the Auburn-Mississippi State game. Not satisfied with an email campaign to ban the talk show host from campus, some Auburn fans increased their rhetoric this morning over at the Bunker (the Auburn Rivals website) to show […]

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Odds Are: Who will replace Paul Finebaum at WJOX?

If Paul Finebaum escapes WJOX, who will replace him? The afternoon sports talk slot is important to WJOX and you can bet they will go after some top names. Let’s analyze it: Clay Travis 1-1 Clay Travis has all the tools to become a successful sports talk show host in Birmingham. He is great at […]

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UPDATE: Paul Finebaum’s fight against Citadel/Cumulus

The fight between Paul Finebaum and WJOX corporate parent Citadel (soon to be Cumulus) has become a high-profile fight of on-air talent versus unpopular corporate leadership. The top radio industry columnist Jerry Del Colliano of writes about the Paul Finebaum situation in today’s column: Top Citadel Talent Refuses to Work for Cumulus. According to […]

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Alabama’s Eli Gold set for radio show on new 97.3 FM The Zone

Birmingham sports fans looking for a new sports talk show can find it starting next Wednesday on 97.3 FM The Zone. Eli Gold will fill a spot on the new Cox sports radio station. The deal to bring the Voice of the Crimson Tide back to sports talk radio was reached late Thursday evening. Gold […]

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New developments involving Paul Finebaum, Citadel and Cox Radio

There are new developments in the saga of Paul Finebaum v. Citadel and a potential new sports talk FM station in Birmingham, Alabama. The Birmingham Business Journal has asked a federal court judge to unseal the lawsuit filed by Paul Finebaum against WJOX owner Citadel. According to a Business Journal report, “The Birmingham Business Journal […]

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Finebaum leaving WJOX rumors hit radio trade publications

The rumor that talk radio star Paul Finebaum wants out of WJOX has hit the radio industry trade publications. Two radio industry websites have covered the Finebaum lawsuit against Citadel and According to Tom Taylor’s newsletter for, Paul Finebaum could be headed away from WJOX and its parent Citadel and toward Cox radio and […]

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