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Jones: Moore owes Saban a BIG one

Sports In Paradise By Dale Jones If I were Mal Moore, I would think long and hard before selecting Nick Saban’s Christmas gift this year. Thanks to Saban and Saban alone, Mal Moore is now enjoying the monetary benefits of a Championship athletic program. On Wednesday, the University of Alabama trustees offered Moore a three-year […]

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Jones: Football checklist 2010

Sports In Paradise By Dale Jones Okay guys, it is July 3rd. We are only two short months away from kickoff. So, in preparation for the upcoming football season, let’s quickly run down our preparedness checklist: __ Renew subscription to Sports Illustrated, Sporting News and Sunday NFL package from satellite network provider. Check! __ Set […]

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Jones: Here’s an idea – Ultimate NASCAR

Sports In Paradise By Dale Jones Race fans are, well, fanatical. There’s no doubt about it. Last year, I received more comments from an article I wrote about NASCAR than from all of my football, baseball or basketball columns combined. The theme of the column was that NASCAR (Non Athletic Sport Centered Around Rednecks) really […]

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Jones: Celebration Outlawed!

Sports In Paradise By Dale Jones Celebration Outlawed! You can score a touchdown, but don’t be happy about it On a daily basis, bad decisions are made all across this great country. Decisions such as adding Ellen DeGeneres as a judge on American Idol, passing the Obama Healthcare Plan, and closing down Milo’s in Foley. […]

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Jones: Tide and Tigers play bean ball

Sports In Paradise By Dale Jones Did you hear the one about the Alabama pitcher who intentionally threw a ball at an Auburn batter and was tossed from the game, along with his coach? …And then the Auburn pitcher intentionally threw a ball at a Bama batter and he and his coach were tossed as […]

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Jones: Parents actions can make or break a Little League season

Sports In Paradise By Dale Jones Coach Jones called little Johnny in from center field during a Little League game for a quick talk. “Listen Johnny,” said the coach, “you know the principles of good sportsmanship that the Little League practices. You also know we don’t tolerate temper tantrums, shouting at the umpire, or abusive […]

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Jones: Hopefully the ‘Obama jinx’ won’t rub off

Hopefully the “Obama jinx” won’t rub off on the Tide Sports In Paradise By Dale Jones There is probably not an Alabama fan reading this who is not welling up inside with pride from the comments made by President Barack Obama on Monday morning when the Crimson Tide football team visited the East Wing room […]

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Jones: A sincere apology? I guess we will see

Sports In Paradise By Dale Jones The whole world came to a standstill last week when, for the first time in three months, Tiger Woods stepped to the microphone to give us his “apology.” All of the major television networks carried the 13-minute address, as did cable networks such as ESPN, Golf Channel, MSNBC, CNN, […]

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Jones: They couldn’t beat the Bucs!

Sports In Paradise By Dale Jones The Saints lost to the Buccaneers. Remember? It happened just two days after Christmas. The Cowboys had ruined New Orleans’ perfect season just a week before when Romo and company visited the Superdome to beat Drew and his gang 24-17. Then, just one week later, the beloved Saints lost […]

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Jones: Tiger should take Hume’s advice

Sports In Paradise By Dale Jones How interesting is it that Brit Hume is taking more heat over his comments regarding Tiger Woods and Christianity than Tiger Woods is for the numerous acts of infidelity he has obviously committed. There is probably no bigger sports figure on the face of the earth than Tiger Woods. […]

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Jones: Leach will land on his feet

Sports In Paradise By Dale Jones Where do I begin? I guess by saying that I have never been a huge Mike Leach fan. As a football coach, I think he is talented and somewhat innovative, but as a person, well, I never really felt like he had it all together. Leach, who won three […]

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Jones: Listening to the heartbeat of Urban Meyer

Sports In Paradise By Dale Jones It is official. Doctors did listen to Coach Urban Meyer’s heart and it sounded something like this…Tebow…Tebow…Tebow. Thinking there might be some mistake, the coach got a second opinion, but once again…Tebow…Tebow…Tebow. Crazy, huh? College football fans, and more importantly, Florida Gator fans, were stunned last Saturday when Coach […]

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