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SEC shuts Franklin down

By Shane from Centerpoint Well, it didn’t take him long. He hasn’t coached a down of football yet in the SEC, but Auburn’s new offensive coordinator, Tony Franklin, has already has a problem with following the rules. He is apparently upset because the commissioner’s office is making him remove his name from the title of […]

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Shane: ‘What if?’

By Shane from Centerpoint Let’s play a game of “What if?”. The topic for today’s game is the final records of both the Alabama Crimson Tide and the Auburn Tigers. How will the supporters of each university feel when the season is completed and the final records are assessed? Can one game change the perception […]

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Shane’s crystal ball

By Shane from Centerpoint Crystal Ball – Alabama / Auburn records 2008 ALABAMA: Final Record 10 – 3 (bowl game included) *Alabama vs. ClemsonCrimson Tide 31 Tigers 21 Bama takes Clemson by air in this early season shoot-out. Tommy Bowden has a good offense returning, but his defenders will be unable to stop Alabama’s senior […]

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Hot seat full of hot air

By Shane from Centerpoint Talk about trading your credibility for ratings and readers!!! The authors who brainstorm for the website known as give bloggers a bad name. Their latest ploy – to use the national media’s lynching of Alabama head football coach Nick Saban as a springboard to create the illusion that the soon-to-be […]

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Moore should pass baton to Hallman

By Shane from Centerpoint There will come a time in the not to distant future when the University of Alabama athletic program is going to need a new leader to take the Athletic Department to a higher level so the Crimson Tide can count themselves among the nation’s elite once again. I believe Gene Hallman […]

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Time to separate the men from the boys

By Shane from Centerpoint The ugly incident involving former Alabama football player Jimmy Johns – his thug lifestyle and recent arrest for peddling cocaine – provides an excellent snapshot of the very image and perception issues that head coach Nick Saban is attempting to eliminate from his program. Johns not only hurt himself – he […]

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Tide still the King

By Shane from Centerpoint Most reasonable SEC football fans would agree that the true measure of a team’s dominance over its conference foes can’t be judged accurately unless the overall record is used as the primary source. The historic records display the truth without spin. There is one team that holds a winning record over […]

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Why can’t we be friends?

By Shane from Centerpoint In consideration of the recent rift between the Auburn “Family” and yours truly, I’ve decided to bury the hatchet and reveal my true feelings toward my beloved cross-state rivals. Let me get right to the point – some of my best friends are Auburn fans. I would never intentionally try to […]

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Auburn needs new reps on PFRN

Auburn needs new representatives on the Finebaum Network By Shane from Centerpoint I know this may sound disingenuous coming from a writer whose ultimate loyalty lies with the Alabama Crimson Tide but, for the sake of quality radio, I must be honest and objective with the “football-clueless” Tiger Cubs who represent Team Auburn on the […]

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Hunter: reaction to Shane’s latest

Tubby’s a cowboy who has fired his six shots By Hunter Ford I loved Shane’s latest: Tubby’s a desperate cowboy! The column and the following commentary make me want to break out in song. “Me and Billy The Kid, we never got along…I didn’t like the way he cocked his hat and he wore his […]

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Tuberville is one desperate cowboy

The latest public relations maneuver (his high-profile trip to the Middle East) by Auburn head coach Thomas Hawley Tuberville spotlights his classless style. The trip should have been about honoring our great soldiers across the world in the Middle East. Instead, Tuberville – as he is prone to do – seized the opportunity to pull […]

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Preview: The Process Part II

2008 pre-season Alabama Crimson Tide outlook By Shane from Centerpoint It is that time of year again. This column will take a look at this year’s version of the Alabama football team and give those who are interested a little insight about what they can expect to see when the Crimson Tide takes the field. […]

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Tuberville’s mouthpiece goes underground

By Shane from Centerpoint Somebody call a doctor. Auburn head football coach Tommy Tuberville is going to need one soon. First he allows Alabama coach Nick Saban to whip him so badly on the recruiting trail that he has to invent nonsensical, idiotic reasons for not wanting to recruit the best of the best players […]

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Ranking the SEC coaches

By Shane from Centerpoint Some people might think accurately picking the best coach in the SEC is a difficult task. It goes without saying that the Southeastern Conference is chocked-full of good coaches who never say die. However, there is little doubt that this league takes no prisoners and quickly separates the men from the […]

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The advent of the new sports media

By Shane from Centerpoint There was a time when a few influential newspaper columnists and national magazine writers controlled how the general public viewed many of the issues pertaining to sports. With the increasing prominence of sports talk radio and Internet commentary their importance is fading fast. Most members of the media elite attempt to […]

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Some things to ponder

By Shane from Centerpoint Here we are, trapped in that sports void that comes around this time each year. After the recruiting season is over and the last spring game played, there is nothing left but gridiron predictions for the next season. During the next one hundred and some-odd days football fanatics can do nothing […]

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Auburn is Auburn’s own worst enemy

By Shane from Centerpoint Some things never change. In the case of Auburn University the song remains the same. For a record seventh time, the War Eagles are up to their necks in an NCAA inquiry. Isn’t it ironic that after spending the entire first quarter of 2008 accusing cross-state rival Alabama of cheating in […]

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Shane: A-Day from A to Z

By Shane from Centerpoint As I sit down to write my take on the University of Alabama’s annual A-day football game I can’t help but smile. Barring the negative opinions of clueless windbags—like Montgomery Alabama’s sports-talk, radio-hack John Longshore, and others like him who are trying to put a damper on the Crimson Tide’s chances […]

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Shane: Who’s in charge?

The Aura Of Suspicion By Shane from Centerpoint Let me take you back to last fall. It was a typical Monday on the Paul Finebaum Radio Network, with most of the discussion focused on the preceding week’s football games. Five o’clock rolled around and former Auburn head coach Pat Dye made his usual appearance for […]

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The Aura Of Suspicion

Editor’s note: Shane from Centerpoint first wrote this column for the Finebaum website May 18, 2007. The Aura Of Suspicion By Shane from Centerpoint Selena Roberts, a sports columnist for The New York Times wrote in January 2005, “As wealthy contributors gain more influence in college football, the financing behind Chette Williams Ministries illuminates the […]

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Need more Shane? posted an interview with Shane from Centerpoint. Click the link above to read more including comments like these: The Process is entering its second season. The two most important components required for success in football are team continuity, and consistency. Coach Saban’s Fourth Quarter program should begin to show on the field, with this […]

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Hypocrite: Tubby’s not as tough as touted

Editor’s note: Shane from Centerpoint first wrote this column for the Finebaum website. It was written in response to Tuberville’s assertion that the Tigers do things the right way. Shane’s research exposed Tuberville’s hypocrisy. We’ve included links to verify each of the crucial points; the most damning point was Tuberville allowing the misogynistic Clifton Robinson […]

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An open letter to Chette Williams (revisited)

Editor’s note: This column first appeared June 29, 2007. It is being republished due to Rev. Chette Williams recent appearance on the Opening Drive on WJOX. Rev. Williams appeared Feb. 27, the day after Jason Campbell appeared on Paul Finebaum’s radio program. Both interviews were conducted during turmoil over player arrests in Tuscaloosa. Second note: […]

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Pat Dye: Auburn’s savior or tarnished tiger?

By Shane from Center Point Bob Carlton, the entertainment writer for Alabama’s largest newspaper, The Birmingham News, recently began a tournament type contest pitting sixty-four of the State’s greatest sports legends (in who’s mind?) against each other so the public could vote and pick the “best of the best”. Much to the chagrin of popular […]

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